-cough- OK, so this is my first APH fic, and also my first Cannibalism fic I will probably ever have wrote- But of course, I didn't do it by myself... The lovely ~MelanieVimpula on Deviantart helped me, in fact she co-written it with me. Yes, this fiction is indeed over there too. I'm Elkkun on deviantart, feel free to search me. Hey, this is also my first M-rated...

WARNING: This fiction contains (and may end up containing), Violence, Blood, Mentions of the Mafia, incest, Cannibalism, knives... and all that good stuff.

Have fun.

It's not often that I'll go for cannibalism, but sometimes the flesh just seems so inviting~ Like a pasta bowl but with a different red sauce- and I'm not talking about tomatoes~ The more blood the better after all.

How pitiful, a grown man crying... I'm just doing nothing more than biting him, sinking my teeth deep in his flesh, chewing down and tasting the coppery taste of his blood oozing in my mouth... Those gasps and sobs, cries of agony... They're just infuriating me more! But oh how beautiful his scream was when I pulled back, ripping off a mouthful of his flesh.. I chewed on the torn off piece for a bit watching his eyes go wider, slowly I swallowed it before resuming to suckle the red liquid dripping down his abdomen. He would die soon- lack of blood, it would be a shame really, I preferred my meals alive~ Since they were warm. I guess it would have to do for now, best savour him whilst he's still alive.

I bit down once more, just beside the other part of torn flesh. Another broken scream echoed into the night. I'd have to be careful not to get any blood on me, which was also a shame because I normally loved being covered in the warm blood of my victims. But fratellone was coming home tonight, so I'd have to keep him away from the basement. He whimpered pathetically, gasping and sobbing. At least he wasn't pleading for his life any more, he couldn't even get a word out of his trembling lips. I smirked and tore off the another bite of the flesh. His scream of agony was so thrilling to hear! He sobbed and coughed up blood again. A single drop of blood dared to spill on my shirt. Such a shame, this meal didn't know how to behave... I stuck my fingers in his wounds, scratching with my sharp nails. Oh how he wriggled and screamed so delightfully in pain!

I chewed on the piece, savouring the taste with my eyes shut. Finally I gulped it down and opened my eyes. My victim was barely conscious, the blood flowed from his wounds. I sucked my fingers clean, dried blood is so hard to clean from under your nails... I glanced upon my bleeding-to-death victim. Really, such a waste to spill that good blood... I leaned down and lapped up the blood on his stomach, going up to the wounds. I noticed that the blood was streaming out slower, guess he was close to dying already... So I bit down hungrily to enjoy the last minutes, no seconds of his pitiful life... I was getting a little bored of his slow death, especially since fratello would be home any moment. I sunk my teeth into the front of his neck, tearing yet again at the flesh. The person gurgled before finally going still. I lapped the blood off his neck, loving how the warm liquid slid down my throat. I checked his eyes for any sign of life, before proceeding to rip off larger chunks of flesh.

I quickly swallowed them down, before checking my watch, brother should be home in a minute. I stood up, and walked out of the basement. Locking the door I ran upstairs and changed into less dirty clothes, and washed my face and hands. Padding back downstairs I entered the kitchen to make some pasta, as I stepped in the kitchen, my gaze fixated to the knife rack right away. It was a habit, I walked to the knife rack and pulled out the biggest bread knife. It glistened so beautifully in the cold light of the kitchen lamp, I just love knives. I ran my finger up the blade, oh how delightful that cold and metallic touch was... I winced slightly as I felt sharp pain, the blade had slit open one of my fingertips. Oh well...

I brought the finger to my lips and licked off the blood which slowly oozed from the fresh cut. The heavy coppery taste filled my mouth yet again, this is why I love knives! I sucked on the finger, drinking the red and hot liquid of life in my throat. Bleeding stopped soon and I pulled the finger out of my mouth. The cut tingled painfully, it probably needed a band-aid. I licked the small stain of blood off the knife and slid it back to it's place in the knife rack.

I placed a band-aid on the wound, I'd make an excuse later. My fratello soon walked in, placed his bag on the floor near the door, and wandered into the kitchen. He let out a small groan,

"I'm starving" I chuckled and told him it would only be a few moments more before the pasta was done, I told him to set the table and wait.

The hardest part of serving the pasta was the sauce, because it reminded me of my other favourite red substance, it made me want to lap it all up- but mio fratello would probably complain if I did that. Speaking of fratello, I began to wonder what his blood tasted like. I licked my lips in thought before my brother's complaining snapped me back to reality. I guess I'd have to wait~

I placed the plate of pasta in front of mio fratello, he just mumbled something and began to eat. And that mumble wasn't even a simple "grazie". Oh how rude he is, but it's okay, I'm already used to it. I sat next to him and watched him eating. He was sucking a fine string of pasta in his mouth, how delicious his lips looked like, so delicious I could eat them up! I giggled at the thought. A little drop of sauce on the corner of his mouth caught my attention, I wanted to lick it up so bad...

"What the hell are you staring at?" Fratello asked, looking very irritated. I just giggled and said that he has sauce in the corner of his mouth and that he looked funny when he ate. "Hmph... And why you have to watch me while I eat, it's fucking annoying, you know?" Fratello growled and wiped his mouth with his sleeve. The red sauce stain on the white shirt made me almost to go crazy. Fortunately Fratello's rather loud cursing snapped me back from my bloody and delicious thoughts. After he stopped cursing at his shirt he looked at me and asked the question I was afraid of. "By the way, Feli... Why aren't you eating?"

I gave a grin to him quickly thinking of a counter,

"Ve~! fratello called me Feli!" he seemed taken aback and then mumbled something about me being 'fucking stupid' and to eat my 'goddamned pasta already'. I gave an inward sigh of relief that he never carried it on. I began to eat my pasta, imagining that is was mio fratello instead. I always did sort of imagine that fratello's blood would taste like tomatoes, especially with how much he ate.

We ate in silence after that.

Once we had finished I took the plates out and began to wash the dishes, once done with the dishes I found him sat on the couch looking through some papers. He'd been out with the mafia again obviously, I wanted to join but they said I was too weak and kicked me out before I could even show them what I could do, I let out a low growl at the thought.

I shouldn't think about it more than that, it made me aggressive. Instead I decided to think about mio fratello. So I walked behind him silently and just watched him working.
Fratello's attention was completely fixated to the papers and he looked down. I licked my lips, he had such a beautiful neck... I felt huge urge to bite down on it, sink my teeth so deep I could draw out the blood... I leaned a little closer, I wanted to breathe his sweet scent even a little. I thought what that scent would be like mixed with the coppery scent of blood... I smiled slightly and buried my face in his neck, fortunately I didn't bite down yet, it would've been harder to explain...

I managed to scare fratello. I said I just wanted fratello's attention. He snapped at me and slapped me hard on cheek... He told me I shouldn't spy over his shoulders, seek for his attention and definitely I should not touch his 'fucking' neck. Such a shame, his neck is beautiful... I felt the painful tingling of the tears of shame, but I didn't feel sad, I was angry. Why did fratellothink he could hit me! He didn't even apologize, he just continued checking on his stupid papers. I suddenly felt really furious.

Without thinking I grabbed the papers and tossed them to the floor, at first he began to yell but my hand was already around his throat, effectively silencing him. I held just enough to make him shut up, but also enough to allow him to breathe, I didn't want to kill him after all. I leaned in to his ear and whispered

"Don't you ever slap me again Fratello or there will be hell to pay." I bit just under his ear and tore a little skin off, I came back to see his face- eyes wide with shock, and slight fear. Fratello's eyes also had a glint of pain, he whimpered as he desperately tried to get my hands off his throat. I swallowed the piece of skin and began to lap the blood up. Once it had stopped bleeding for my liking, I whispered again. "Speak of this to no-one, brother... Or I'll make sure you regret it..."

Getting off his lap and standing, I walked back into the kitchen and got the first aid kit, I placed it beside him and tended to the wound. He was still too shocked to say anything, so I cleaned it up in silence. I added the finishing touches before heading back into the kitchen, calling

"Fratellooo~" I heard him jump slightly, mumbling a curse word he replied shakily,

"What is it F-Fratellino?" I emerged from the kitchen with some ice-cream, "Dessert?"

He looked slightly surprised and shook his head, answering with a slightly trembling voice "Uh... No thanks, I'm not hungry any more..." How disappointing. I glared slightly at him, he looked a little more scared now. Those hazel green eyes wide open in fear, breath hitching slightly and mouth tightly shut, I'm pretty sure he was biting on his lip. It was such a delightful expression, it made me shiver. That kind of expression made me want to do terrible things to him... But not to get too carried away, I switched to the innocent smile and whined stubbornly: "Come on, fratello~~ It's cioccolato, your favourite~~!" He gulped down nervously and mumbled quietly: "Alright..." I smiled and went back to the kitchen, placing the ice-cream box on the table. Then I searched the cabinets for two bowls, I wanted Ice-cream as well, though it's such a shame to spoil the wonderful taste of my fratello's blood in my mouth. It had a slight tint of tomato indeed, which was new and different. That kind of blood made me want more and more of it. I comforted myself with the thought I could get it more later if I wanted to.

Fratello stumbled to the kitchen and sat down on his seat. I took and ice cream scoop and sat next to him. I drifted into my own thoughts for a moment when I remembered what I had done with it just a couple of days ago... Scooping off eyeballs sure gives a wondrous scream... ...And more than that, they're a nice little scrunching snack~ I was dragged back to reality by a careful tap on my shoulder. Fratello had calmed down slightly and he glared at me just like he used to before. "Hello? Stop daydreaming and serve the fucking ice-cream already, okay!" I smiled slightly and said with a low tone. "Alright, alright... You don't have to yell at me..."Fratello flinched slightly, but that's probably the first time I wasn't talking with him with the high pitched voice, so it's understandable... I opened the box and scooped some ice-cream for the both of us.

Once again we ate in silence, seriously, what's with that...?

I had fun with just looking at fratello's eating, the spoon disappearing behind those full lips... I just wanted to bruise them up and make them bleed. And at the same time I was wishing that the cold spoon would stick to his tongue and he had to rip it off... It would be one delicious sight. When the ice-cream was finished I was going to stand up, but fratello grabbed my arm,not letting me to go. Looked like he wanted to say something important, so I waited. Finally fratello opened his mouth and mumbled with a quiet voice: "I'm... ...sorry, fratellino, that I slapped you... Forgive me, per favore..."

I looked at him surprised, I honestly never expected it since fratello never apologised for anything. I gently smiled at him, "Don't worry fratellone I've already forgiven you~" I gently brushed my lips over his, he was taken a bit aback but never said anything, and settled to nod and murmur a 'grazie'. I picked up the bowls and took them to the sink, now that mio fratello knew what I was capable of I guess there was no point in hiding my... Interesting ways to him.

He stood up and told me he needed to get his work done, otherwise he'd get brutally murdered by the mafia bosses. Not the only thing he'd get brutally murdered by... but since I wanted to stay low for now with the outside world, I said OK and let him get on with it- then again, if they dared touch my fratello in anything other than praise, you could count they'd be hanging in a noose made with their own intestines, along with the many chunks of flesh ripped out along with burns and the like... Hopefully they'd still be conscious- at least, mildly conscious...Alive but not quite dead yet; how I like them.

Once I had finished with the dishes I began to play with one of the more medium-sized knives, I enjoyed the small knives the most when cutting people, just small wounds to get the blood flow going, Medium-sized knives were more for carving my prey- hehe prey I like that word- and the large knives were to cut ligaments off~ Sometimes I would store them downstairs, for a snack later on when I couldn't catch anything live.

Fratellone came into the kitchen again, he took a look at the knife and flinched a little.

"Fratellino I don't think playing with a sharp knife is such a wise idea, I mean you could hurt yourself..."

Don't worry, I don't mind hurting myself...~" I answered, not really thinking about my answer. I just continued sliding my fingers on the blade. Fratello didn't seem very happy of what I was doing. Suddenly he flinched and took a grip of my wrist, pulling my hand in front of his face. "It can't be... These band-aids, are these all from your playing with knives, fratellino!" He yelled at me. I was taken by surprise, now when I though about it, yes. All of my fingers were full of little scars and band-aids. I couldn't lie about them to mio fratello forever. But for some reason I couldn't say anything, he looked so angry... "Goddamn it, Feliciano! Can't you play something more safe! I'm taking these knives away." He tried to grab my knife hand as well, but I was quicker, I stabbed the knife in his shoulder. His eyes widened and small gasp escaped from his lips as the sticky crimson liquid stained his shirt. I breathed the sweet coppery scent of his blood with a smirk on my lips and let go of the knife. "No one, no fucking one can take my knives away. Not even you, my dear fratello." I whispered to him, almost wanting to sink my teeth in his shoulder right away.

Fratello whimpered softly in pain and little tears were forming into his beautiful eyes, but for my surprise he let go of my other hand and brought it on the handle of the knife, pulling it out and throwing it on the side. Impressive, he sure was very resistant to pain, that must've hurt like hell. Fratello's eyes were full of determination as he grinded his teeth in pain and fury. "Feliciano... WHAT THE FUCK! YOU STABBED ME, YOU FUCKER! SERIOUSLY, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!" I flinched at the sudden yelling, I don't like when fratello yells at me, I always panic and can't answer him...

Suddenly I found myself being pushed on the counter top and being choked. Damn me, I forgot about fratello's temperament... I desperately tried to gasp for air and kick him off me, I guess he wanted me to fall unconscious that he could think what to do to his violent fratellino and a stabbed shoulder... I tried to pull his hands off my throat, but I couldn't, the oxygen loss already made me dizzy and the blood flowing down his arm made the wrists slippery. As my last try I dug my nails deep in his hands, drawing out his delicious blood.

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