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I slowly felt myself to slip off from the heaviness of the sleep. The first thing I felt was something soft and warm against my skin, it was breathing. Fratellone! It was mio fratello snuggling against me! I felt happy and snuggled closer in his arms. He had wrapped his arm around my waist and his leg was between my legs. His other hand was on the back of my head and his jaw was on top of my head. He had pressed my forehead against his chest so I heard his heartbeat, it was soothing~ But a little bit weird, we normally didn't cuddle this close... What happened last night?

I thought through the last night when I suddenly felt fratello shift a little, he was seemingly waking up as well. I slowly lifted my hand on my shoulder and examined a bit, there was no bite mark or wound any more. Sleep sure is the best cure~ I felt a small kiss on top of my head and my eyes fluttered open finally. I lifted my face to look up at fratello. He shifted slightly and looked down at me with those little sleepy hazel green eyes, cheeks slightly blushed and a smirk on those beautiful lips, which weren't even bruised anymore. "Buongiorno, fratellino..." He chuckled softly and pulled me up for a soft kiss. I kissed back eagerly, such a sweet gesture from him~ When we parted I mumbled back with a little sleepy voice. "Buongiorno, fratellone~...You were quite a slut last night." He flushed deep scarlet right away and hit his forehead hard against mine. "Fucking idiot! You were the one to start it in the first place!" He yelled at me, but it weren't aggressive kind of yell, so it didn't scare me.

I giggled and slipped my leg a little further between his legs and he silenced instantly, breathing a little heavier than a moment earlier. "Yeah, I sure did and it was fun, now wasn't it~? And I liked your behaviour, it was kinda cute~" I leaned to kiss on his neck. "Does the wound hurt still?" I asked while nibbling softly on the sensitive skin. "M-Mmh... I don't know... I just woke up and I'm overall a bit sore..." He answered, moaning softly. "What about you? Are you alright?"

I nodded in agreement, "yeah, I'm fine." He rolled on top of me, surprising me a little and causing a faint blush to appear on my cheeks. Lovinino's eyes scanned my torso, and his hands began to wander, I arched so he could get under my back. After a few minutes he nodded and got off me, seemingly content. "What was that about?" he turned to me after putting his shirt over his head.

"Just checking to see if I bit you is all, anyway, I'm starving let's get breakfast." I blinked a little before pouting and getting dressed. Fratellone seemed happier than usual- not that I was complaining, but normally he would rather spend an extra hour in bed than immediately get up. As I walked into the kitchen something hit me, not literally, but I figured I'd have to teach mio fratellone how to hunt, and reel in prey.

"You look like you're deep in thought fratellino, what's wrong?" He placed a worried hand on my shoulder, so I grabbed his arm and pulled him towards me, crashing our lips into a kiss. I abruptly pulled away and he looked a little lost- I giggled. "Buongiorno, fratello" He smiled a little and pulled me back into a kiss, it was soft and sweet- a little unexpected from him, but he licked his lips afterwards.

"Now what's actually wrong?" I blinked surprised, trying to remember what I actually needed to tell him, after a few moments of thought it clicked again "I need to teach you how to hunt fratello". Lovino stopped in his tracks and turned to me, the bag of pasta he was holding almost falling out of his grip. "W-what do you mean... by hunt?" He placed the bag on the counter top. I sighed.

"Fratello once we run out of meat on one person, we're going to need to reel in another person, si?" He grimaced a little but nodded for me to continue, "so, if that is the case, then you'll need to know how to hunt as well, I'll bring them in, but you have to make sure they are comfortable, otherwise they will leave, are you with me so far?" he nodded again, "so, I'll need to teach you how to hunt, now that there are two of us I'm sure this could either get more easy, or even harder." He nodded again.

"A-Alright then fratellino," he stuttered "I'll let you teach me... B-But... After breakfast, okay?" I smiled at him,

"Sure." I agreed.

Fratello boiled the pasta; he was humming softly our national anthem. He sure seemed to be in a better mood than never before. I chuckled softly, getting laid makes even my aggressive fratellone happy and gentle~ It was entertaining to look at Lovinino while he was preparing the breakfast, he skipped around so lightly and seemed very energetic~ Especially I liked watching his perfect ass! He was most of the time back towards me, so I had a nice view~
Suddenly, I felt the familiar crave for flesh. Aww damn...

"Lovinino~ I'll be back in a minute~!" I giggled and walked out of the kitchen, to the door of the basement. Quickly I unlocked it, stepped in and locked it behind me again. I didn't even hear what fratello answered, but that didn't matter now... The smell of decay hit my face as I walked down the stairs to the bloodstained basement. I glanced at the wall, empty. Good, I think I can remember cleaning up my latest meal from there~ And talking about that meal, I had some of him left still, stored in a cooler I had there. Smiling I opened the door of the cooler. The cool, a bit stale, flesh smelling air was quite nice, I think~ there was hanging an arm and a leg on a rope from the ceiling of the cooler. There was also some other bodyparts I liked, like a little plastic box full of eyeballs, pair of hands and a foot. I thought I should bring Lovinino a limb. But I had hard time deciding which one I should take, the leg or the arm. I ended up taking the arm; it looked so freaky in a nice way~

I returned to the upstairs with the arm, carefully locking the door of the basement behind me before heading back to the kitchen. "I'm back, fratello~ and since you were working so hard, I thought I should bring something good aswell~" I said cheerily, slamming the arm on the table. I was lucky that Lovinino didn't hold anything in his hands at that moment; otherwise he might've dropped them in his shock.

"W-what the fuck! I-is that an a-arm! O-oh god..." Lovinino stuttered with a shocked face. I just smiled at him and answered. "Indeed, it's an arm~ before we start hunting, I need to train you to eat flesh in a bit larger amounts that you're used to eat~" Lovinino looked still shocked, but nodded softly. "Alright... Can I try to eat that with the pasta and the sauce though...?" He asked carefully, looking a bit curiously at the arm.

"Yeah, that's what I intended to do, I can't force you to eat it without any side dish right away." I grinned at him and tilted my head cutely. "Shall we eat now, fratellone~?"

He nodded at me but asked me to cut up the meat and things, whilst he looked after the sauce, and so that's what I did. We then put the chunks of flesh into the sauce and began to mix, Lovinino flinched a little at the distribution of the sauce, and my inner cook also flinched because the sauce was smooth as the chucks were sticking out a little oddly- my stomach told me it would be good though.

We sat down once again at the table to eat, at first Lovinino was a little weary of eating, but curled it around the spaghetti took a cautious bite and obviously surprised himself. He began to shovel it like any normal pasta, so I laughed and started to eat my own. To my own surprise Lovino had actually finished his as was waiting for me to finish so he could take the plates out, I purposely slurped the noodles up in an attempt to be seductive- the blush creeping up my fratello's face was enough to say it had worked.

Once I had finished my own bowl we took the cutlery out and washed up, I dried because I had a tendency of cutting myself on hidden knives, and Lovinino insisted that he would be the only one to make me bleed- which was admittedly a bit of a turn-on. I guess that was payback for the spaghetti. After we finished washing the dishes I began to think; what would be a good place to take Lovinino to hunt his first prey~? I bet I looked a bit too thoughtful since he wrapped his arms around my waist from behind and asked with a curious tone.

"Is everything alright, caro? I haven't seen that kind of expression on your pretty face for a long time..." His lips travelled on my earlobe, biting down lightly. I shivered and blushed a bit as he continued nipping down my neck. No fair, it was my turn to make fratello to blush in that adorable shade of red! ...But it did feel good and it's quite thrilling to let a person, who you know can bite off large chunks of flesh, to let bite on your neck~

"N-ngh... S-sì, everything's alright~ I was just thinking a good place for you to lure in your first prey~ Do you know how you have to do it~? And what kind of prey you want?" I asked grinning and lifted my hand to ruffle fratello's dark chocolate coloured hair. He smiled at me, but it was a different kind of smile- a hungry one, like he already had in mind who he wanted to go for. He purred two names in my ear, and his voice sounded ever so sweet- and yet, so horribly deadly... I'm not sure if I influenced him, or if it was the other way around.

"Fratello~" is the first word that vibrated sweetly into my ear, "There's always that potato bastard..." he chuckled, "... Or there's always the tomato bastard as well," he spits the names like they're bad pasta, and I couldn't blame him- their very existence annoyed me and I felt a certain joy knowing that the other wasn't fond of them either.

"You want them to be your first?" I giggled, a smile creeping onto my face as he nodded. "Of course," he replied simply, "but, in all honesty, I don't know who to go for first…" he added, his eyes diverting as though he was in thought- so I decided to finish it for him.

"We could always go for the easiest to lure…" I said, before he looked at me a little stupidly, which made me realise that they were both at our beck and call- Spain would come along if I asked and so would Germany… Everyone would notice if Germany had disappeared though- then again, everyone was always arguing at World meetings, so maybe nobody would notice… "We could go for Spain first?" Lovino suggested, and to be honest it wasn't a bad idea. "Nobody would notice the bastard gone, and it would give us a little more time to think about how to get rid of potato-balls."

That certainly was a good idea, I nodded. That was the plan then- all that needed to be thought of, was how to lure him into the house. We sat at the table again, and devised a plan- what we would do is we would phone Spain and tell him to come over, we usually never needed a reason but if we did we could say "for dinner"- after all, it was true except he wouldn't be having any dinner. Then we would chloroform him and tie him to the table, strip him and when he woke up… Well, then we'd just do whatever we felt like to him.

We smiled at each other and mio fratello pulled me into a surprise kiss, it was chaste- but nice. At least we had dinner sorted for tomorrow. Which reminds me- I really need to clean the basement.

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