The Forgotten Demigod

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Strong, tan hands gripped the crisp, white sheets that surrounded the black haired teen tightly. Green eyes narrowed as the palace shook once more. Perseus shifted his attention over to Zeus who by now stood outside the room. His electric blue eyes held a fierce light and his grip on the golden handle of the door was tight.

"Remember, stay inside unless absolutely necessary!" The door was quickly slammed shut.

"Father?" Percy questioned, glancing over at Hades. The god of the dead turned his head slightly; just enough to get a good look at his adopted son. His smoldering, nearly black eyes gave the teen slight comfort for they held confidence and victory.

"I said later, for now we must strategize. You are in no condition to fight and my brother seems determined." He paused as another explosion rocked the palace. Larger marble chunks fell from the ceiling and the medical supplies that were once neatly stacked fell out the cupboards, the glass shattering and spilling onto the marble floor. "I suppose it's a good thing you still have impenetrable skin. We don't have to worry about you cutting your feet on the glass."

Percy clenched his teeth but against his better judgment, a chuckle escaped him. He froze then, his heart skipping a beat as he glanced over at Hades. A man he knew to never make such comments in these kinds of situations. He scampered to the edge of the bed, the corner furthest from the god.

"Too much huh?" Hades turned to look at him, a smirk tugging on his lips. His dark flowing robes shifted as he sat up straighter.

"Who are you!?" Percy demanded as he rose from the bed, paying no mind to the glass that shattered under his feet. The imposter grinned, his coal black eyes changing to brilliant green. And to Percy's horror, the imposter's hair shortened and his features changed. In no time, the immortal demigod was looking at a mirror image of himself.

"I am a trickster Perseus, I've had thousands of years to master the art. But to think I could even trick the mighty god Zeus, how…" He paused, thinking of a word.

"Rewarding." Percy fumbled around as he grabbed wildly, looking for his trusty sword.

"Looking for something?" The demigod paused and swiftly glanced up. There, in his double's hand was Riptide. A growl of frustration left the demigod as he crouched low into a fighting stance. Unfortunately in lieu of being intimidated, the copy just laughed.

"Did you not hear me before!? You are weak right now Perseus!" The demigod tensed but held his stance. He wouldn't be going down without a fight. And as if the fates were listening and wanted to contradict his words, the palace shook more then it ever did. The floor under Percy's feet cracked separated into large chunks, a few of them completely giving way. The piece of marble he stood on dipped to the left and slanted, almost at a 90 degree slop. He lost his footing and cursed as he tried to grip at anything to keep himself from sliding. His hand found purchase on the edge of the marble floor that had been lifted up, and just as he was about to pat himself on his back he froze.

Green eyes traveled up until they hit the heavy marble ceiling that was close to collapsing. Cracks lined the entire ceiling; the decorative carvings that had adorned it were ruined as pieces continued to rain down. Another string of curses left Perseus. He glanced down, wondering how long the fall to the next floor was.

"You've gotta be fucking kidding me." He muttered out. His eyes trailed down and down and down. The next few floors were gone. Only loose chunks of marble clung to the walls. They wouldn't be enough to support him, even if he could manage to swing that far. The only thing supporting the remains of the room he was in was the four walls that looked as flimsy as cardboard instead of the strong marble he knew they were. The tower of the castle he was in was now hollowed out. If he lost his grip there would be no other floor. And if there was, it wouldn't matter, considering he couldn't even see the bottom. He just had to be on the last fucking floor. A sudden thought struck him; he wasn't the only one in the room. Perseus tilted his head around as far as he could go until he caught sight of his arrogant looking copy smirking down at him from the safety of a cloud.

"Having fun?" Before Percy had a chance to come up with a smart reply, the marble he had been holding on to gave way. His green eyes widened as he felt himself plummet down.

"Let's see if they save the real one! Shall we?" He heard his imposter scream above the roaring winds. His double dove off the cloud, diving down until he was slightly below Percy. Green eyes clashed with green, a frown marred one face while a smirk was adorned on the other.

"Either way I live, for you, not so sure. Do you think you can survive this fall? Even with that invulnerability of yours? After all, we're not just falling from a tower on Olympus," he paused and suddenly shifted his face into a fearful mask that echoed Percy's own.

"Zeus!" His copy bellowed out. Just then, Percy was able to see the god of the sky dash forward only to be intercepted by a minor god. That's when it dawned on him, Zeus was going for his imposter!

"Like I was saying," his double continued while the god was distracted. "We're not just falling from the tower, we're falling from Olympus." Maybe he could add this to his list of 'things I can live from' list. That is of course, if he lives. Percy swallowed and took in a shaky breath. They were still falling, just exactly how high up were they? Better yet, how were they even falling from Olympus? Shouldn't there have been a ground somewhere?

"PERSEUS!" His train of thought was shattered by the voice that bellowed above him. Glancing up, his eye met electric blue. Zeus was falling with them, a controlled fall it seemed. His face was contorted in frustration as he glanced at the two copies.

"Over here!" His impostor yelled. "He tricked me into thinking he was Hades!" He finished, pointing at him for emphasis.

"What!? NO! Zeus! Come on it's me!" Percy pleaded. Zeus narrowed his eyes and cursed himself, glancing over at his mangled arm. If he hadn't been careless he could have had use of both his arms. Now he could only choose one. Just as he was about to call for Artemis he cut himself off. The busy streets of New York were approaching. There was no time. Quickly he dove down and picked the one on his right, praying that his choice was the right one.

"No…" Percy breathed out as he watched Zeus take his copy. It was already too late. He could see the skyscrapers rush past him as he fell. His ink black hair fluttered around him as horrified cries of mortals reached his ears. His outstretched hand grasped at nothing, and not a moment later he felt it. The noise that echoed in his ears was nothing but a constant ring. His vision blacked out yet he was still conscience.

Even with the dip in the river Styx, he could still feel everything. The way the concrete scratched at his skin yet never pierced it. The odd angles his limbs spread out in yet never broke. The sheer agony from the fall was overbearing. Percy found himself struggling to take in a breath, his chest simply not rising to meet his demands. A choked out cough left him as dust and debris settled along his body. He couldn't even move. Perhaps, there was a limit to invulnerability after all.

Zeus hovered above the crash site, taking it all in. The dust had just started to settle and he was able to see the large crater that had been made. He had landed on a street corner, the cracks traveled up and spread across the nearest building. Mortals ran from the sight, a few taking cautious steps forward. On his right side he could feel the weight of the body that he prayed was Percy. As if reading his mind, he got his response.

"Wrong choice, Zeus." In an instant Zeus dropped the body of the boy he thought he had been saving. Instead of plummeting the impostor landed on a cloud that appeared before his feet. His ink black hair grew longer and turned an ashen blond. The only part of him that stayed remotely the same was the green eyes that only darkened slightly.

"Hello Zeus! Long time no see!"

"Doblus!" Zeus bellowed as he readied his master bolt that had appeared in his hand seconds before.

"I'd be more worried for the boy down there Zeus, don't you think?" Said god froze and withdrew his bolt, ready to depart.

"Hurry up, he doesn't seem to be moving..."

"You pathetic spirit! You shall pay for this! I've had enough of your trickery!" Zeus bellowed out.

"Me or the boy Zeus!?" The spirit crackled out. Without another word Zeus thrust his hand out, all five of his fingers pointing directly at the spirit.

"You have reign over the sky no more!" No sooner then he said it, the spirit plummeted. Zeus turned around and swiftly dove, his electric blue eyes fierce with determination as he approached the body of the immortal demigod.

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