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Chapter 18: Memories


They all sat in a horrified silence for several moments.

"What?" asked Vince, who was the first to break the silence "No! That's just crazy! She can't be, she's just off with the flu! I only spoke to her yesterday!"

Mrs Grundler continued to cry, her face buried in the tissue she was holding "I found her this morning, I went in to wake her up, but she wouldn't. She just wouldn't wake up! We called an ambulance, but it was too late. You all meant the world to Gretchen, and so I had to come and tell you all in person."

"How?" Spinelli heard herself ask, she felt numb; it was as though she was in a trance, watching the scene from the edge of the room.

"The doctors don't know, she's been taken her away to do an autopsy. All we know now is that she probably didn't have the flu" With that, Mrs Grundler gave a loud sob and hurried from the office, leaving the friends sat alone.

"She can't be... well you know..." said Vince, who was unable to actually say the word 'dead' "She can't, because I never got to tell her how a felt! I need to tell her that I'm crazy about her, and that I that I think she's the most beautiful girl on this earth. I need to tell her how I feel, and so she can't be! She just can't!"

Mikey wailed loudly and uncontrollably; he pulled Vince, who was sat shaking his head in disbelief, into a hug. TJ pulled Spinelli into a hug, as he noticed her silently crying.

"I didn't mean what I said" said Gus, causing his friends to look at him, reminding them of his presence "I didn't mean any of it; I'm sorry all of you! I was a Jerk! I was just shocked and surprised when I heard Mikey was gay; I didn't act like a friend at all, I'm sorry Mikey. Spinelli, I'm really sorry, I shouldn't have acted like such an ass, and I didn't mean what I said. And Vince, I'm sorry for what I said to Gretchen. I feel so ashamed of myself, and I know I don't deserve your forgiveness."

"We forgive you Gus" wailed Mikey even louder than before, he pulled all his friends into a group hug "We need each other, it doesn't matter what happened before, not now"

They all stood together, only Mikey's loud sobs broke the silence as he stood with his arms still around his friends. Spinelli, TJ and Vince all still remained rather resentful at Gus, but respected Mikey's wish to forgive him. Each admitting, as much as they disliked it, that Mikey was right; they all needed each other at this awful time.

Principle Smith knocked on the door "You can all stay here for as long as you need, you are excused from school for the rest of the day, and support is here if you need it. I'm going to call all the students into the sports hall, and inform them of the sad news" he crossed the room, and spoke into the microphone that he used to make announcements to the school "This is Principle Smith, could all students, staff and teachers, please leave what they're make their way to the sports all imminently, I have an announcement to make" with that he left the room closing the door behind him.

"I told her she looked like death heated up" remembered Spinelli, whose silent tears were still flowing "Why did I say that? Why would I say a thing like that?"

"You said it to cheer her up, because you're a good friend" said TJ gently "you weren't to know this would happen"

"Let's go back to mine" said Spinelli, trying to regain herself "We can't stay here. My parents are still away, so we'll have the place to ourselves. Most of it is still a mess, but we can still get some food in or something"

"Spinelli is right" agreed Gus, he seemed to be attempting to grovel to his friends "It's very nice of you to offer your home, the mess doesn't matter"

An hour later, they were all sat around Spinelli's living room; takeaway menu's spread in front of them.

"Chinese looks good" said Spinelli examining the menu.

"So does indian" said Vince, as he and TJ looked at the Indian menu.

"I'm going for a pizza, this place does buy one get one free!" said Mikey, eagerly pouring over the menu for the local pizza place. "Oh boy! They do 20 inch pizzas!"

"We could all just order what we want and get it delivered?" suggested Gus, looking over Spinelli's shoulder at the Chinese menu.

"Hey! There's a Senior Fusion marathon on!" said Spinelli as she flicked through the channels as the food they'd ordered began to arrive "We've got to watch it; it'll be like old times!"

The gang sat around, watching Senior Fusion, each thinking the room felt empty without Gretchen's presence.

"Do you remember Galileo?" asked Spinelli smiling "That thing was great, she was never without it!"

"It was great! Gretchen has always been so brilliant. What happened to it in the end?" asked Gus, who was clearly still desperately trying to make amendments with the gang.

"I think it just stopped working, but Gretchen decided to work on other projects rather than fixing it" said Vince, they all sat in silence for several moments before he continued "Do you remember when she got into yo-yoing and won that world championship?"

"I was so jealous of her then" laughed Spinelli.

Before they knew it, they we're all laughing, and sharing their fond memories of ther friend.


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