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Chapter 2: Meet the gang



"So why didn't you stay around to train with Vince and Gus?" Spinelli asked TJ curiously as they were walking home.

"Just couldn't be doing with it today, Vince and Gus are always competitive, but with Gus's weekend plans the pair of them will be unbearable, and of course, Gus will be filling us in on the details of one of his latest pieces of meat" (A/N: Gus is a womanizer! lol the thought of this makes me giggle!) replied TJ as they rounded the corner onto their street "Plus Mikey was acting really odd, if im honest it kinda freaked me out" Spinelli was just about to ask what Mikey had done, when TJ stopped dead, looking ahead "What on earth?"

Ahead they could see a police van in the driveway of Spinelli's house, and a police car behind that, a police officer emerged from her front door, carrying a clear bag marked 'evidence'. TJ and Spinelli ran the remaining distance to her home, only to be stopped by the police officer.

"Excuse me, but this is a crime scene! you can't just come running through here!"

"Crime scene?" snapped Spinelli "This is my home!"

"Ah" he replied "Well madam, that leaves us in a difficult situation, as I've said, this is a crime scene, and will be for a few days, therefore you're not going to be able to enter the property until further notice"

"Crime scene for what? Where the hell am I supposed to stay? Can I even get some clothes and crap?" asked Spinelli angrily.

"I'm very sorry, all I can tell you is that your neighbour reported a disturbance, I'm not at liberty to divulge any more information at present, and when we do, it will need to be to the home owners. Being a crime scene, we cannot remove anything from the property, I'm very sorry"

"It's ok Spin, I'm sure you can stay with me" replied TJ, placing a comforting arm around her shoulders "like I said, Mum hates you being alone anyway"

"Thanks Teej" she replied with a smile, before rounding on the police officer "As for you, thanks for nothing! And the home owners? They're away in business! Now if you'll excuse me, I have to see if I have somewhere to stay or not!"

TJ hurried after Spinelli, who had marched off, fists clenched and looking furious, TJ knew that Spinelli would have desired nothing more at that moment, than to punch the police officer in the eye. They reached TJ's front door, and he opened it, calling out "MUM? YOU HERE?"

"Yes Theodore. I am. Where else would I be? And must I remind you not to shout!" Mrs Detweiler emerged from the kitchen, looking irritatable, but her expression softened when she saw Spinelli "Oh hello dear, are you ok?"

"Have you not seen what's going on outside? The Police seem to be searching Spinelli's house, apparently there's been a disturbance-"

"-they've told me it's a crime scene, and that I'm unable to enter my house until further notice, if it's not too much trouble could I please stay here?" Spinelli cut in.

"Corse you can dear, you're always welcome" replied Mrs Detweiler "But you'll have to stay in TJ's room, we're renovating Becky's old bedroom and the moment, I'm making into a craft studio!"

"Come on, I'll take you up so you can out your bag down" said TJ, steering Spinelli upstairs so they could avoid a long story from his mother "Thanks Mum!"

"When was the last time I stayed over your house?" asked Spinelli in a slightly amused tone, kicking off her shoes and flopping herself down on TJs bed.

"Oh that's right!" he remarked "Make yourself right at home why don't you? Oh, and it was in the summer of 6th grade"

"Oh don't worry will!" replied Spinelli, stretching pointedly "This is my room too now! So none of the funny business till I've moved out again!"

"Funny business?" said TJ sitting on the bed, and looking down and Spinelli with an amused expression on his face "Whatever do you mean by that?"

"I don't even want to know! Just no 'TJ private time' you have a lady present!"

"A lady? Really?" exclaimed TJ, looking around in mock surprise "Well you better make yourself scarce, I don't think she'd appreciate you being here"

Spinelli responded by smacking TJ around the head with a pillow.


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