Hey, everyone, this is for Really Big Hat's contest! Takes place during CAKED-FOUR. Here we go!

Many people gathered for the well-known river race that is Tubathon. The many children participators readied their tubes, so they wouldn't be slow like…Hoagie Gilligan and each were feeling strong and confident. The foreign first grade boy, known as Sammy, stopped puffing his tube for a bit to walk over and speak to his friend, Jessica.

"Hello, Jessica! Are you ready for the big race?"

"I'm not sure, Sammy. What if I come in last place? What if I'm too slow?"

"Well, you CERTAINLY couldn't be as slow as Hoagie Gilligan!"

"HEY!" Hoagie shouted from a distance.

"Besides, Jessica, don't you wanna win that tasty sounding cake?"

"I do, but what if I'm no good at the race? It's my first time and I might stink at it."

He placed a hand on her shoulder. "Well, even if you do, you don't think I'm going to hate you for it, right? You'll still be my best friend!"

She smiled at this. "Thanks, Sammy! And I AM going to win! And when I do, I'll share the cake with you!"

"And when I win, I'll share the cake with YOU!"

"Well, I guess it's on then!" With that, the two got to the starting line and prepared for the race.


"In all my years of tubing, I have NEVER seen something like this! A two hundred and forty-six way tie (A/N: someone please tell me the actual number if you've seen this episode.)!" reporter Nick exclaimed.

Jessica was jumping for joy, holding the trophy in her hand. "Jessica, you won!" Sammy exclaimed, running up to her.

"So did you! I guess we were both confident enough to both win!"

"Even if it was not the way we expected! So, what do you want to do now?"

Jessica just stared at the batter in her trophy. "Uh…I'm not feeling the mood for cake right now. Wanna go get some ice cream?"

"Okay!" With that, the two ditched their batter-filled trophies and went to get some ice cream.

"Hey, Sammy, check out that old man on the island!" Jessica said, pointing to Numbuh 4 in his beard on the deserted island.


"Who puts an island like that in the middle of a river anyway?" Sammy asked.

"I dunno."

And there is my contest entry. One of my now-popular strange couples, apparently. Later.