iOMG it is Another Universe

By OneHorseShay

Rating: T

Disclaimer: Don't own, don't sue. For God sakes, don't sue.

Summary: The many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics suggests that all possible alternative histories and futures are real; this is just one of those possible worlds: Freddie and Carly have been friends just like the world we're all familiar with, but in this one, he has never once said 'I love you' to Carly, along with some other surprise changes.

Freddie was sitting outside the school on some steps with his back against a wall nursing his bottled water. He was annoyed, irritated and embarrassed all at the same time by Carly's sincere attempt in helping him with his love life by randomly calling up Cat Valentine after being convinced that the mood reader app was accurately reading him 'being in love'. The thought that he could sit out here just added to his irritation, not much of a lock in if I can just walk out without anyone noticing. He was wrong in that no one noticed him gone. The door that he used to exit the school slightly opened and a pretty brunette peered around the door to look at the brown haired teenager.

"Hey," she greeted him hesitantly as if she was for a lost for what to say.

He gave her a slight nod and returned the greeting flippantly, "Hey."

Carly lowered her head as she exited the school and leaned against the wall beside the door.

Freddie sighed. "That wasn't cool Carly. You shouldn't have called her."

The brunette took a deep breath and looked to one of her best friends with a look of regret. "I'm sorry. I just wanted you to have your chance at love."

Freddie growled out in annoyance. "I'm not in love with Cat. It is just a stupid app and it gave a false positive."

Carly pushed off the wall and approached him. "You can't fool me Freddie; we've known each other too long. I know you like Cat. You fell for that adorable redhead. I saw how well you two got along and you've been different ever since we got back from L.A. You miss her and you've just been… off."

Freddie sighed and shook his head. He put down his half drank bottled water and stood up to face her. He walked to her for the pair to meet just a foot or two separating them. "Cat's a sweet and beautiful girl, but I am not in love with her."

"Freddie," she began and he just eyed her with a strange mix of annoyance and fear. "You don't have to pretend with me. I know it can be scary. The possible rejection after telling that person you care about them… them cheating on you," Carly finished sadly remembering what happened with Steven and Tori.

Freddie clenched his jaw pushing down his anger once again of wanting to pound Steven into the ground for cheating on Carly. He was still surprised on how Carly had convinced Sam not to teach Steven a painful lesson. He even spared some sympathy for Tori because she was a nice girl and just as an innocent party to the whole affair.

Carly lowered her gaze and shook her head. "But you'll never know if it could work unless you take your chance—"

He cut her off by taking a step forward to close the distance between them and gently cupped her cheeks and leaned his head forward for their lips to meet. His mind screamed to pour his heart and soul into the kiss, so he did, in the gentlest and tender way possible to kiss someone.

Carly's eyes shot open from the contact, but quickly closed from the gentleness of their lips melding. Before she could pull back or return it, Freddie pulled away and still holding her cheeks. His fearful eyes met her stunned eyes for a moment before he dropped his hands and looked down to the ground.

Carly looked to him in utter shock and took a few slow breaths.

Freddie continued to look at the ground as he whispered, "You just guessed wrong about who has my heart."