"I'm excited to meet these mutants," Charles said.

"Yes it is odd though that so many of them have gathered at one place," Erik said tapping his foot against the cab door.

"Indeed," Charles' hand brushed against Erik's as he brought it up to nose to ponder. He pinched the bridge as he did often when he reached out for a new mind. He threw a large wave out and searched for the several mutants who had showed up on Cerebro.

"Where are they?" Erik asked looking concurned as Charles' eyes tightened. "Charles," Erik took his hand away from his nose breaking his concentration. Charles looked up at him confused. "You ok there?"

"Hm, oh ya I'm fine thank you," Charles smiled sweetly up Erik.

"You're stop," the cab driver said.

"How curious," Charles said getting out in front of the high school. "This isn't where I expected to come."

"That makes two of us," Erik agreed.

"We're going to be late!" a voice hissed from the side of the two men. "Come on!" the girl yelled.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" a young male said jogging up beside her. "I had to grab someone her coffee," he held her out a cup.

"Yay," she said and leaned up kissing his lips softly.

"Those are two of the people I saw," Charles said pointing excitedly at the couple.

"Great," Erik said "hey you two," he called.

"What!" the girl snapped obviously agitated about being broken from her kiss.

"We need to talk to you," Erik glowered.

"What if I don't want to talk?" the girl snapped walking towards him and even though she came up about half a foot shorter than Erik she held her ground.

"That's just too stinking bad because I've listened to this guy talk about you two all the way here. And we've been traveling for ten hours," his teeth were gritted and his voice was dangerous.

"I don't have to do anything I don't want to," the girl bit towards Erik.

"Jade," the boy next to her said in a warning tone. He grabbed her arms and pulled her towards him.

"Erik please be nice to our new students," Charles said taking Erik's arm gently. Erik grumbled as did Jade. "I'm Charles Xavier," Charles held his hand out.

"Beck Oliver," the boy said shaking his hand. "I don't mean to be rude but we're already running late for our improve class."

"Oh you two are actors? Erik that makes perfect sense for her mutation," Charles excitedly pulled on Erik's turtle neck.

"Yes, yes I'm sure it does," Erik said.

"Mutation?" Jade asked turning back around "you'd better not be talking about me," she snarled.

"No, no it isn't meant offensive at all," Charles said. "Erik and I are mutants too," he smiled happily. Jade looked at him confused "I can read people's minds and Erik can manipulate metal. There are other people like you guys too." Charles relayed the last piece of information telepathically and Erik begrudgingly took one of Jade's necklaces of by the metal clasp.

"Guys as in Beck and myself?" Jade asked.

"Yes, haven't either of you noticed?" The teens looked at each other before shaking their heads no. "Well Jade," Charles started. "You're power is to project your feelings onto other people. You feel emotions much more intensly than other people naturally do. The reason, I suspect, that your acting career is so spectacular is because when you walk onto the stage and perform you project the joy you get from performing to your audience."

Jade looked at Beck "look I might believe you if I was the star at this school but I'm not. I used to be but perfect prissy Tori Vega gets all the parts now-a-days." Jade shrugged.

"But you're still the best actress," Beck said kissing her forehead. Jade snorted but leaned into his arms anyways.

"Why don't we accompany you two to class, we're looking for another few people here anyways." Charles offered and the teens looked at each other before nodding.

"So what do I do?" Beck asked curiously as they led the older men to Sikowitz's class.

"Cerebro showed a male with the ability to defuse high pressure and danger situations."

Beck looked at Jade "ya that sounds right," he said kissing her before she could snap at him.

"Beck Jade you two are late!" Sikowitz snapped.

"I found two losers standing outside and they wanted to watch our improve," Jade shrugged and took a seat on Beck's lap. He made a grunt but wrapped his arms around her.

"Then Beck, Jade, Cat, Andre, and Sinjin come up here and perform for our guests." Sikowitz walked from the stage quickly shook both Erik and Charles's hands before letting the group perform. "Tori pick the scenario," Sikowitz called.

Charles' head snapped towards the girl remembering that Jade had mentioned her. Tori smirked evilly at Jade and Erik rolled his eyes already feeling distaste. "Jade and Sinjin are a happy couple on a double date with Beck and Cat and Andre is a creepy carnival worker."

"Thank you Tori!" Sinjin screamed walking stocker like to Jade. Erik found some metal on the floor and discretely tripped the boy who fell flat on his face.

"Oops he's unconscious," Jade said kicking him off stage "I'll have to be on a double date with Cat and Andre oh well that's improve for you." Jade quickly latched onto Beck and before Tori, Sikowitz, or Sinjin could protest the group launched into their scene.

AN: Ok so I already know that Cat, Andre, and Sinjin are also going to be mutants I was thinking of making Tori and Robbie mutants as well. I have a surprise mutant and I'd like it if you guys could give me some feedback if you think Tori and Robbie would make good mutants. Also it would be nice to get some reviews and suggestions for other people who could be mutants. I'm also releasing several other stories because tomorrow I'm leaving for a week so ya ^.^