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Authors Note: First started this story on the DEBS yuku forum last year (Under the name Xenarocksmysocks), then real life got in the way and never continued with it or posted it on here! But the want to write has suddenly returned to me and I needed to carry on with these characters, maybe I'll get on with the KP unfinished fic I've got once I've finished this. :) Enjoy!

DEBS – The Honeymoon is Over

Chapter 1- Peaceful Beginnings

*Barcelona, 3 months after Endgame*

Lucy Diamond sat on the pier looking out at the sea, sipping at her ice cold bottled water. The final boat had just come in for the day and she was just about to check it over then refuel it. She'd only rented out three small boats today, Lucy shook her head, the offseason was not going to enable her to support Amy in the way that she wanted. The ex-criminal mastermind glanced over at the next pier, her dark fringe falling over one eye, she knew they had some jobs going spare, she'd speak to their boss tomorrow, after all as a child wanting to be a pirate she'd learnt an awful lot about boats, she knew the ins and outs of the engines. Lucy looked back out at the water smirking, "How appropriately butch," she thought, "Maybe I should have been a car mechanic instead." Finishing off her water, Lucy stood and went to get to work on the Blue Lagoon, the first boat she'd brought here.

*A small house, not far from the docks*

Friday afternoons were Amy's time off from art school and the blonde was stood cooking, it was an unspoken agreement between the two that Friday night was a quiet night in and Amy usually cooked. While stirring one dish Amy frowned, the blonde was worried about Lucy, she'd been so uptight that morning and though Lucy tried to play it off light-heartedly, Amy knew Lucy had been up most nights that week working on the elaborate security system she'd designed. When Amy had asked about it that morning all she'd gotten back was a harshly snapped remark about it being the only way to stay safe while they were rooted in once place because of Amy's art school. Amy knew the hurt she'd felt at the remark had shone in her eyes; she'd seen the regret in Lucy's eyes before she'd turned and walked out of the house to the docks. But tonight was going to be about relaxing and forgetting about being wanted by the American government, it was just for them, more than anything Amy wanted Lucy to relax.

After spending everyday around Lucy for 3 months, Amy knew the way to get Lucy to relax was with good food. Although they couldn't afford to go out to a restaurant where they served the best food, Amy had picked up enough of the local recipes to put together a light fresh meal of Spanish cuisine. For starters, Pa amb tomàquet, thick toasted rustic bread with tomato and garlic rubbed in on top, drizzled with olive oil then a pinch of salt sprinkled on top, easy yet delicious. Then Lucy's favourite dish for mains, Fideua a seafood based dish like paella except with thin short noodles instead of rice. Dessert, well Amy wasn't going to be cooking it, but she knew Lucy would come up with something. Amy giggled, even after all this time she couldn't help but blush at the thought, most likely due to her upbringing, or that's what Lucy teased her about anyway. Amy glanced at her watch, Lucy should be setting off anytime now, she looked out the window where she see the docks in the distance, "Hurry home, Lucy" she thought.

*The streets from the dock*

The sun was warm on Lucy's back as she walked home from the docks, grease marks from the engine work she'd been doing smeared over her cheeks where she'd swept hair back from her face without thinking, some streaked up her bare arms and her jeans. Lucy had no doubt they'd be some on her tank top as well, but the black tank top hid it well. A lopsided grin appeared on her face, she knew Amy would probably fuss over her when she got back but then it showed she cared and she always softened any berating with a kiss so it was a win-win situation in Lucy's mind. The grin slowly faded as the nagging thought she'd been having all day reappeared from the back of her mind. She was sure she'd missed something out of their security at home; Lucy couldn't muck up the security, now she has something more precious than all the diamonds she stole to look after, Amy. Lucy had always prided herself on her ability to keep out of the laws hands, she always seemed to move at the right time, a niggling feeling would wake her in the night and she'd send out the signal to her people to move out. Then, sure enough in the morning, the scouts left at the perimeters of her property would inform her of the invasion of the authorities. Many of her connections thought she had an informant within the ranks of the government, but that wasn't the case. It was just, as she saw it, pure luck. This was the feeling that had been waking her up each night for a week, but this time she couldn't run. She'd promised Amy art school in Barcelona and she was going to do everything in her power to fulfil her promise. Lucy knew she'd been getting snappy, she'd shouted at Amy for asking about the security and staying up most nights and rather than explaining why she was doing it all, she just snapped. Lucy rolled her eyes at herself, she knew Amy wasn't some helpless thing that only she could protect, their occasional sparring sessions proved that but Amy was only wanted because of her, so Lucy just couldn't bring herself to ask for help. Besides she liked still being the almost invincible Lucy Diamond in Amy's eyes. But now all Lucy could see was that little hurt look in Amy's eyes from her snapping this morning. The look she gets whenever Lucy slips up and says something without thinking, only this time, unlike the first week they were together, she hadn't managed to charm her way out of it and get a smitten kiss from the beautiful blonde.

Lucy couldn't believe they'd been in Barcelona for 3 months now, yet every morning she woke up next to Amy was amazing; it was like she'd been made whole, even though before she never would have thought of herself as incomplete. Lucy automatically turned onto their street, still thinking about that first week where she'd 'kidnapped' Amy, it was almost like it'd been a break from reality, she'd been that happy. Of course now she was living her dream, Lucy Diamond, boat renter to the tourists and Amy Bradshaw amazing artist in the making. Although both of these careers were taking up more time than she'd thought and of course now they couldn't steal away from reality whenever they wanted now. Maybe it was just the strain of having a new relationship constrained by the realities of money struggles and time issues that was making her have itchy feet or maybe the past was catching up with her and Amy. But there was nothing she could do now other than wait and watch until whatever was coming hit or passed straight over, though knowing her and Amy's luck, it was going to hit.

As Lucy turned the key in the door, she sniffed then the smiled, her favourite meal was being cooked, that meant Amy couldn't be too mad about this morning, ahhh Lucy loved Fridays.

Amy turned as Lucy strolled into the kitchen, the cocky lopsided grin plastered on her grease stained face. Amy instantly grabbed the damp cloth from the sink behind her and walked over to Lucy tutting,

"How did I know you'd come home in a state?" she asked.

Lucy at least attempted to look slightly apologetic, though the grin quickly broke through the façade, "Because you know me too well. Besides, I thought grease might be good for the complexion, see?" and she that she wiped a small amount of grease on the tip of Amy's nose.

Amy chuckled wiping the grease off her nose then off Lucy's face, drawing her closer, "What am I going to do with you?" she whispered before closing the gap between them for a sweet kiss. They broke apart still looking into each others eyes.

Lucy smiled softly, "I'll go get ready for dinner then" she said, just noticing the laid table. She then slipped out of the kitchen, footsteps silent her years of being a top class thief shining through. Amy watched her go, then turned and started serving up the meal.

The meal was a quiet affair, a comfortable silence while they ate, the table lit by the soft orange tinted light of the setting sun, casting a bronze aura around the peaceful scene.

Lucy had changed into a dark shirt and black jeans, looking every bit the master thief Amy had first encountered, her dark eyes almost smouldering in the light as she looked across the table. Amy finally cracked and blushed, making Lucy lean back and laugh, "Even after all this time you can't stop it, surely they could teach you how to hide it in the super-duper goody two shoes spy school, what if you had to be all sultry around a suspect?"

Amy shook her head, "That was Dominique's job. Although it wasn't very often we got sent in for jobs where we'd have to do that kind of thing."

"That kind of thing?" Lucy chuckled, "you mean seduce the suspect to get the information you guy's need? I'd have thought with all the pretty girls in short skirts there, that's all they were training you for"

Amy frowned, looking away, "Ms. Petrie is making a respectable spy academy for girls, why is it, everyone looks at us as pretty little things who can only get information by doing that! I mean, no one ever thinks of the CIA of doing that, so"

"Jeez, I take it back" Lucy interrupted, "Sorry for assuming, I guess" She sunk down in her seat a bit, second time today she'd said something without thinking.

Amy looked back and saw Lucy slump, "I'm sorry for over-reacting Lucy, I guess we're both just a bit sensitive today, eh?" Amy smiled hoping to bring a smile to Lucy's face.

Lucy glanced, "Yeah, I'm sorry for this morning as well. It's just, I don't know, something's keeping me awake and I can't figure it out, I can't do anything about it and I just want to"

"Shhhhh" Amy placed her finger over Lucy's lips, "It'll be alright Lucy, we're not exactly helpless, you got the security running 24/7, plus you and I are both trained in combat, besides we've not done anything to draw attention ourselves here. Okay?" She stroked Lucy's cheek and the dark eyes looked into her own.

"Okay" Lucy breathed. Amy smiled, "Good." She leant down and kissed Lucy gently, sliding onto her lap as the kiss deepened. As they broken apart Amy smirked, "Now, who say's I can't be sultry?"

Lucy Diamond burst out laughing, leaning her head on Amy's chest, feeling better than she had all week. From there they watched as the sun sunk below the horizon, darkness embracing the house.