Chapter 3- Backlashes

*Headquarters of Unknown Agency*

"Both subjects have escaped, Sir erm Ma'am" stated a small agent in an unemotional tone hoping, in vain, that his boss would react in the same way,

"What? Last I heard they had both been captured successfully and were heading to separate holding facilities. Who could be incompetent enough to lose not only one but both of the subjects?"

The lesser agent tried not to wince at his boss's lack of professionalism when it came to these targets. "The mercenaries that you yourself hired, Ma'am. You said"

"I don't care what I said", interrupted the Leader stood in front of a large tough screen showing the profiles of Lucy Diamond and Amy Bradshaw, "Fire them and black list them make sure everyone knows of their incompetence! I had basically passed these two, wrapped, into their hands! Did they at least place trackers on the girls, like I asked?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"Then what the hell are you doing here? Get tracking them, don't come and see me until you have good news for me!"

The agent scurried out as the Leader sunk into the plush chair behind her, tapping the picture of Lucy Diamond on the screen in front of her. She was surprisingly young to be in control of a large sophisticated agency but then, so had Lucy Diamond. She knew everything about Lucy Diamond's past yet she was sure that Lucy would not have even known about her existence. A smile cracked through the stern look on her face, Diamond would soon come face to face with the final product of her families past and the Leader was determined it'd ruin her future.

*Somewhere on the outskirts of Barcelona*

Lucy just kept walking, it was helping her think, she hadn't noticed the looks she was getting from the people she was passing by. She looked, well, like she'd be beaten then chucked out of a speeding vehicle. The dark jeans she was wearing had been ripped and smeared with dust and gravel from her rough landing, one of the sleeves of her shirt was hanging on by a thread and it too was smeared with grit and dust. Lucy sighed as much as the walking was helping her think, she could feel the strength being sapped from her legs as the adrenaline from the encounter left her system, the stinging from the cuts and scrapes was becoming worse. She stuck into an alcove between a couple of the tightly packed buildings, not quite as subtly as she would like but there was only so much her body could do at the moment.

Lucy sank to the ground, instantly feeling more secure in the shadows away from staring eyes. "Think! You were a criminal mastermind, you've got to know a way out of this, you've got to find Amy" Lucy felt the prick of tears behind her eyes, she shut them tightly to lock the tears in, she hadn't cried since she'd had to say goodbye to the last of her family to that bloody feud. For the first time since then she felt hopeless, she had nothing not, she couldn't buy her way into safety and then make contact with her criminal past, without money, she couldn't even get into an internet café. That'd be a stupid idea anyway, those computers were so unsecure the people who were after her would most likely track her before she'd cracked the encoding Scud will have used to hide himself.

Lucy was unconsciously rubbing her raw wrists as her mind ran though possibilities. She had no idea who was after her, the people she'd seen had been in blank uniforms so it hadn't been DEBS, CIA or any of the major American agencies. Yet the woman who'd given the key order of keeping Lucy and Amy separate had clearly been American. She had nothing to go on, no clues to trace due to the speed of her escape. She'd been stupid staying for so long in one place and her security had failed in even alerting her to an open window, she'd failed Amy and now she didn't even know how to make things right and find her love.

Lucy opened her eyes and looked up into the darkening stripe of sky she could see directly above her, she'd been out of their grasp for hours, and if Amy hadn't escaped she'd have been in their hands for almost a full day, Lucy smacked the ground in frustration, instantly regretting it as her wrists throbbed with pain. If she hadn't have instantly, selfishly thought of escape she could have known who was after her by now, judging by where she'd been placed in that car they would have made another mistake that would have made escape possible but she'd have more knowledge of her enemy and so more power against her enemy. "How could you have been so stupid?" her mind screamed at her.

Lucy had no choice. Lucy knew what would get her closer to stopping whatever this threat to her new life was. Lucy would have to let herself get caught again, she grimaced, and it went against everything in the proud thief's body to simply submit to her enemy, she was Lucy Diamond, renowned criminal but there was now something more important to her than the unbeatable reputation and it was Amy.

*A Service Station somewhere*

Amy was glad that it was hot in Barcelona, or at least the surrounding area, seeing as she was still in her pyjamas, a now somewhat dirty white t-shirt and blue shorts. She was lent against the car which she'd stolen of her kidnappers, it was out of petrol, but she had no money to fill it and keep using the car to get back to her and Lucy's house in order to use their sophisticated communication system, although that'd be exactly what her enemies would expect her to do. She glanced into the car, the small pistol she'd taken was on the seat, still in its holster, it'd bring too much attention to her to have it on her person, after all she had nowhere to hide it in her pyjamas.

Amy had to get in touch with Max and the team, at least to try and get some information. Amy sighed and pushed off the car and headed into the service station grimacing at the feel of the dirt on her bare feet. Amy approached the cashier who was looking at her slim body rather attentively, she smirked, Lucy would have tried to knock his block off but Amy would use it and her perfect ability to lie in order to get access to the telephone she could see behind him.

"Hiya, I'm afraid I've forgotten my purse, would you mind if I ring my friend on your phone?" she pointed to the object behind him, seeing he was struggling with the English, she batted her eyelashes at him, "I'd be very thankful" lowering her voice into and undeniably sultry tone. He simply nodded quickly and passed the phone to her, not even trying to hide his gaze which was directly on her chest. She rolled her eyes and dialled the number for the house, praying that whoever was after her wasn't too good at tracking phones.

It rang seven times, each ring made Amy's chest tighter until Max's voice boomed down the phone, "Look it's pretty late here who's"

"Max, it's me." Amy interrupted and she heard a sharp intake of breath on the other end of the line.

"What are you doing ringing on an unsecure line? Do you know how dangerous it is?" Max's voice had lowered to a sharp whisper.

"Well I wouldn't have if I hadn't had been taken from my home by some" Amy saw the cashier frown, clearly eavesdropping, "look I can't go into details, where is a meet up point in Barcelona and when can you get here? I wouldn't ask unless I needed to Max." she stated

"It's only been 3 months, how have you, ahh, nevermind. Look, the La Boqueria is a big public place, you never know who you will run into there, say 2 days, exact. How covert is this?" That was Max straight into DEBS mission mode.

"As much as possible, I'll fill you in when you get here" Well she would if she had any more information by the time she got to La Boqueria. There wasn't even a goodbye, just the flat sound of a closed line. Amy was sorry for risking her old team, but then again there wasn't anything she would risk to find Lucy again. After all Lucy had always driven her to do brave things. Now she simply had to get to La Boqueria, it wasn't far, she'd seen signs, but she really hated hitchhiking . Amy sighed, handed the phone back and went outside, grabbed the gun from the car, holstering it to her waist, it made for an odd lump under her t-shirt but it wasn't immediately obvious it was a gun. She headed out onto the road and held her hand out in the universal sign for a lift, dreading the journey to La Boqueria. But once she got there and found Max and the team, she'd be able to get her and Lucy's dream back on track, one way or another.

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