Hey it's Charlie! I know I know I usually write NCIS stories but I also love Teen Titans! So I decided it was time to write one. First off Typing Monkey will also be typing this I just had the time to do it for now. Jeez, Calleigh is gonna kill me cuz my grammar sucks, she usually fixes it for me but she is not here right now. Oh BTW my Typing Monkey (Calleigh Logan) is going to be writing a Warehouse 13 fanfiction you should check it out.

I want to point out that when my story is in third person its with the Titans. When it is in first person it is with Robin. I will stop talking now and get on with my story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Titans.

Chapter 1: lost and found

Starfire paced back and forth in front of a clock that read 11:30. Robin was not up yet and that was extremely odd, considering he always started training at exactly 5:15 in the morning.

Robin where are you? She thought.

Raven sighed and put her book down, she couldn't concentrate with all the mixed emotions coming off of Starfire, worry, sadness, fear. It was driving her crazy.

"Starfire if you're really that worried about Robin,just go and check on him," Raven said irritated.

"Oh what a glorious idea Friend Raven!" she beamed.

Starfire zipped down the hall to Robin's room and hesitantly knocked.

"Friend Robin? May I have your permission to enter your sleeping chambers?"

No reply.

"Robin are you still angry because we were not victorious in our battle with Slade?


Starfire was about to open the door when she thought better of it. She did not want a repeat of last time.

Robin does have very nice motor of the cycle undergarments she thought to herself.

"Friend Robin, I am coming in," she announced.

The door opened to an empty room.


I was harshly thrown into a wall, black stars danced across my eyes. When they cleared up a taunting black and orange mask was in my line o vision.

"Slade," I hissed through gritted teeth.

I got up and placed myself in a fighting stance, I threw myself at Slade, a punch aimed at his face. He caught my fist and painfully twisted it behind my back, and forced me onto my knees.

"What would your friends say if they saw you like this?"

I yanked my arm free and turned viciously attacking him, mindlessly punching not even caring if any of the blows landed. Slade wrapped his arm around my neck and pulled me into his chest cutting off my oxygen.

"Join me Robin," Slade said venomously.

"N- Never," I croaked

He pulled me tighter, I really needed to breathe.

"You see Robin you will join me," Slade said in my ear. "If you don't your friends will die,"

I went slack then. All efforts of escaping abandoned. "What do you want?"

"The next time we meet you will see,"

A green flash filled the room and Slade grunted in pain and dropped me. I was about to call out to my team when he kicked me hard in the ribs and I felt one break. He wrapped his hand around my throat and lifted me off the ground.

"Slade let go," I begged.

My vision clouded over and the last thing I saw was Slade's mask.

"Robin!" Starfire cried out terrified.

The team skidded to stop when they saw Robin hanging lifelessly in Slade's grip. Cyborg fired his sonic cannon the hit caused him to drop Robin and stumble back a few steps then he threw down a couple smoke and was gone.

Starfire flew forward and picked Robin up and held him to her chest and sobbed. Beast Boy hesitantly walked up behind her and patted her shoulder.

"He's gonna be ok Star," He said. I hope he added silently.

"Friend Beast Boy does he need the attention of medical?" She sniffled.

Cyborg scanned Robin and a smile graced his face. "BB take him to the tower. Just put him in his room. He's gonna be ok, just out cold and a broken rib."

"Oh Friend Cyborg that is joyous news!" Starfire squealed with delight.


The next few weeks went smoothly with no sign of Slade. My team was worried about me, I hadn't told them of my talk with the madman. I didn't want to worry them further.

I entered my bedroom and and a cold sense of dread washed over me. Someone other than me had been in there. I found a folded piece paper on my bureau with my name on it. I picked it up and carefully unfolded it inside it said:

The time draws near.


That's all it took to send an icy shiver down my spine.

Slade was coming for me.