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A light filled every corner of my mind and body. It tingled every pore in my skin. It felt warm and peaceful.

'No!' I scolded myself. 'Don't go into the light!'

But the light was dark and light at the same time, if that even made sense. And it was cold and warm. A figure cloaked in blue appeared before me.

"Raven?" I asked.

"Robin, you need to wake up." she said sharply. "You're scaring Starfire out of her wits."

"Where am I?"

"You are a prisoner of your own mind." Raven explained. "But your body is in the tower's Medbay."

I nodded to myself. I remember how I got this way.

"I only have twenty-four hours to live." I told Raven.

"It's been three days."

I was shocked. I should've been dead.

"Robin." A soft, sweet voice said.

I cracked open my eyes to see Starfire sitting beside my bed.

"Starfire, I-"

"Oh, Friend Robin! It is glorious you are the O of the K!" she cried.

I smiled at her. "Are you ok?"

"Oh yes, we are all unharmed." she hesitated.

"What is it, Star?"

"Slade has gotten away." she said sadly.

"It doesn't matter." I told her.

She was shocked, but didn't say anything. I then became aware of how tired I really was. My eyelids drooped and as I was about to nod off.

"Robin, may we do the sharing of feelings now?" I heard Starfire ask.

I smiled. She remembered.

THE END! And I can't really think of anything else to say...probably because I'm watching NCIS right now...:)

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