What If Bobby and Ren skated with each other. This will most likely be edited to be longer once I see reviews and work on other what if moments! Please read and review!

"You owe me a skate." Was the last few words Bobby told me before I went to help Nelson. I was burning with disappointment that I didn't get to have a chance to skate with him. Since here I was, sitting with Nelson talking about random stuff, it felt good knowing I was doing the right thing but my mind wasn't -

"REN!" Nelson screamed with annoyance.

What? I said startled from losing my train of thoughts.

"Go, Bobby is still here I'll be fine besides I'd like to talk to you when your mentally here as well, though after you skate with Bobby I doubt you would still listen but –

I hug Nelson from his rambles "THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!" I scream with glee!

"No worries Boo Boo but don't go gushing to me over him."

"Will do, I promise after this and our grounding we will watch a movie"

"Awesome, now what are you waiting for, GO!"

So after one more hug I left Nelson, the glee I have contained is out of this world. I step onto the ice looking around in search of Bobby. Our eyes are connecting so I decide to skate over to him.

'Play this cool Ren' I say to myself.

"Hey Bobby"

"Hi Ren, didn't expect to see you so soon."

"Well what can I say, looks like things cleared up for me." I say with a smile.

I continue "So I owed this guy a skate since I bailed on him for a friend."

Bobby smiles playing along, "Oh really what do you think about him?"

I get a little nervous but decided to be blunt. "Well he is a really cute guy who I have been pinning for a while. So I missed a chance but want to make up for it."

Bobby chuckled a bit. "So what are you waiting for?"

What are you waiting for? Seems to be the phrase of the day.

"You tell me, I am on the ice after all come on let's skate."

Bobby and I skated for a while discussing random things. We held hands throughout the night. At that point I didn't care about being grounded, getting to know Bobby was totally worth it. We finished skating and Bobby and I were heading out he still held my hands!

"So Ren I can't believe how easy it was to talk to you."

"What do you mean?" I was confused and I also wanted to hear his opinions on me.

"Well our paths have crossed in the past but I was nervous about what you thought of me."

Oh my god, he wanted to make an impression! "Bobby, honestly I have admired you from a far for a while."

"Well then looks like we have been waiting for too long."

I smile because this is true but I am glad we did because everything and everyone that pushed us to where we are right now made it worth the wait.

With that we walked home and vowed to have another date in hopes it would lead to something bigger!

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