Let Love Lie

Chapter 1 – Introduction


I'm Isabella Marie Swan: English teacher. I'm twenty-five years old and the youngest from the family of five. I'm sorry, six. Here's the deal with that:

My mother and father, Charlie and Renee Swan, were married in March of 1980. Two years later, they conceived a baby boy whom they named Emmett McCarty Swan. He was named after my grandpa, Emmett McCarty.

They started out only wanting one perfect child, until Renee decided she wanted a daughter to go along with their son. So, after another two years of trying to conceive a child, they were blessed with another son, Jasper Whitlock Swan. Although it wasn't the daughter they wanted, they couldn't be happier.

Renee grew up with an older sister, Charlotte McCarty while Charlie grew up with a younger brother, Harry. So, to say in the least they were okay with a big family seeing as they came from small ones.

Still wanting a daughter, Charlie and Renee decided to try one more time. It took them another two years of trying until they conceived again. Their luck was with them. On September 15, 1986 they gave birth to a daughter, me.

Unlike Emmett and Jasper's blue eyes, mine are brown and dull. Jasper has brown hair; Emmett and I have dark brown. Emmett has curly hair; Jasper and I have wavy hair.

Now, let's skip over these next several years to when I was in high school. Junior year to be exact.

I was on the cheerleading squad while my brothers were football players. I wasn't the typical airhead girly-girl stereotype everyone made cheerleaders out to be. I was actually more into football than I was cheerleading. Growing up with two brothers what would you expect?

So, anyway, I was on the squad as a flyer. My best friend, Rosalie Anne Hale, was the captain. And she just so happened to be the girlfriend of the captain of the football team – AKA Emmett.

Rosalie's dad was a drunk and her mother wasn't in the picture. She ditched when Rose was four.

In our junior year, Rose's dad went to rehab after receiving three DUIs. Court ordered, of course. He didn't think he had a problem.

With Rose's mom MIA she had nowhere to go. Having the loving parents I do, with some persuasion from Emmett and I, Rose was welcomed into our home.

So that's the deal with our family of six.

Now all four of us are moved out of Charlie and Renee's.

Emmett and Rosalie are living together a few blocks away from Jasper and me. I just recently moved in with Jasper. After my boyfriend and I split, I was rendered homeless. Jasper happily took me in.

Although, I can't really say I live with Jasper right now. It's just me living in the house at the moment. Jasper is deployed in Afghanistan and has been for almost a year.

Emmett is a children's physical therapist. He enjoys working with kids and they love him.

Rosalie is the high school counselor/psychiatrist along with being the coach of the cheerleading squad.

Then there's me. The English teacher for juniors. I'm one of the youngest teachers on the board.

So yeah, my life in a nutshell.

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