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Here's the thing. I have been to the edge and back again. I have seen things you and your precious little civilian eyes and all their innocence could not dream of seeing. I have fought secret wars, I have been cast out of secret circles like Lucifer out of heaven, I have broken the law to save you and that sorry-ass McDonald's you cherish down the street too many times to count. I have been standing, one man, alone, betrayed by the country he loves, forced into the secret confines of my mother's deli's basement to hide the truth.

Who am I?

I…one man, alone….I, betrayed by the country I love…am a patriot.

I am your guiding light.

Your voice of truth in the darkness of common civilian ignorance.

I…am Robowarrior.

The truth is out, people, despite what our prestigious government says.

Are you ready?

You better be.

Because Shanghai…Rome…Venezuela…

They may say they're all terrorist attacks, gas leaks, even 'construction accidents.'

I say, 'Bull crap.'

It's not an accident.

It's not even human.

It's a conspiracy.

So ignore the truth if you want to. Live in bliss while you can. You can't hide forever. HUMANITY CAN'T HIDE FOREVER. We unite, or we're screwed. Because the signs are clear. The stars are aligned.

We're not alone on this planet anymore.

They're back.