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TheSmartOne; Dis Be ridiculous! I be suing dis place! Who did it, eh?

TheHotOne; I with you, bro. Whoever did dis is SCRAP!

Trip848; WTP? What are you two talking about?

Springer_Hide; GLITCHING about.

QuickSilver13; I switched their accounts.

Wrench_Master; of course it all comes down to YOU.

Chevy_Cam'09; Why, QS?

QuickSilver13; I thought it was ironic.

Chevy_Cam'09;… oh hahaha I get it. Funny.

Springer_Hide; this sense of irony is lost on me.

Springer_Hide; I see you typing, doc. don't tell ME what irony is.

Wrench_Master; very well, springer.

Trip848; He means it's ironic that anyone would think the original "Smart One" is hot, or that the original "Hot One" is smart. I think.

QuickSilver13; and I was bored.

Springer_Hide; who thinks that their original user names fit them anyways?

QuickSilver13; BWAHAHA!

TheSmartOne; All o' you is punks!

TheHotOne; yeah, were be the RESPECT around hea?

Springer_Hide; come to town right now, boys, and I'll teach you a thing or two about respect.

QuickSilver13; Count me in.


Big_Boy'07; I thought we established that I get dibs every time.

Chevy_Cam'09; hey '07! Nice of you to join us.

Big_Boy'07; Jolt and I just returned from patrol. All clear.

QuickSilver13; of course it is. Nothing ever happens out here. EVER.

Big_Boy'07; a small price to pay considering the alternative, QS.

Springer_Hide; you weren't here to see Mission City. I could live without another invasion on this planet for a thousand years.

WrenchMaster; which is exactly why I'm not letting you two bring twin-apocalypto down on our slagging heads.

Springer_Hide; frag.

Trip848; Have any updates with the website, Cam?

Chevy_Cam'07; not since I checked this morning. Hey, guys, what should I do for the boy and girl's anniversary? They both keep asking me for ideas, but I want to do something special, too.

Springer_Hide; Just kidnap them and drag them to that tree like you did last time.

Trip848; You're so unromantic, Hide.

QuickSilver13; compared to what some humans to as romantic gestures, that actually doesn't sound like a bad idea.

Trip848; frag you.

QuickSilver13; Yes ma'am.

TheHotOne; awwww, give da boy n gurl our luv, Chevy!

TheSmartOne; yeaaa, why don you give 'em a pic of us and tell 'em who da best bots are?

TheHotOne; no present gonna be betta than that!

Chevy_Cam'09; Primus help me.

QuickSilver13; and here I thought your stupidity truly knew no bounds, kids. You've outdone yourselves. Seriously Cam, just get them some flowers and be done with it.

Trip848; you wouldn't know what a flower was if the twins stuffed every viable surface in your body with them while you were in recharge.

BigBoy'07; perhaps just a card or a payed for dinner, Cam. Your argument seems to be rousing more conflict here than across the Pacific.

Chevy_Cam'07; No kidding.

Lightning_Jolt; Blog-alert. Psycho just updated again.

Springer_Hide; Uh-oh.

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Now the doofuses over at therealeffingdeal(.)com think these images are of a giant alien bot sucking on a POWER PLANT. You idiots! How could you be so WRONG? That, my friends, is a TRANSFORMER STATION, not a power plant! OMG. Get your electrical grid facts straight, you bunch of pambies!

Fassinator; You little… listen up, Robo-Warrior, what the hell else would a giant effing robot be doing in a power plant! Haven't you seen any movies! Of COURSE it's sucking our power!

Robo-Warrior; Amateur, as soon as I figure out how to manage this freaking site, you're the second one I'm kicking off here.

QuickSilver13; OMG?

Robo-Warrior; and you're the first.

QuickSilver13; you did NOT say OMG.

Trip848; What exactly do you think a robot would want with a transformer station, sir?

Robo-Warrior; uh…it's complicated.

Checy_Cam'09; dude, whatever it is, I think we can handle it.

Fassinator; hey... Long time, no see.

QuickSilver13; more like never see.

Chevy_Cam'09; ?

Robo-Warrior; don't ask, kid. Anyways, these are TRANSFORMER robots. This one, at the time, was attacking taking out a grid system, thereby incapacitating a power plant in a psycho alien siege.

QuickSilver13; and you know this how…?

Robo-Warrior; classified, punk.

QuickSilver13; roger that, sir.

Mr. J; that thing looks familiar…its not from Mission City, is it?

Robo-Warrior; don't even get me started.

Paxtin; I can't see anything but a blurry mess. I cant believe you people waste your lives on pixilated crap like that. Get a life, man.

Agent Zephyr; to quote a certain FBI poster; I want to believe.

Pryex; On Holiday me and my friend and rents were in the middle of that battle. We hid in the back of an alley and that thing came flying out of the sky. They called it "Starscream" in plain old English.

Robo-Warrior; middle of the battle, huh? Yeah, that definitely sounds like that alleyway you were hiding in.

Chevy_Cam'09; well YOU sure as hell weren't there.

Robo-Warrior; excuse me?

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BigBoy'07; this is very bad.

WrenchMaster; You didn't honestly believe they wouldn't have seen us, '07? It was obvious. Also, Hide doesn't exactly have the quietest of bellows.

Springer_Hide; I saved EVERYONE'S slagging aft, and I don't feel a damn slight sorry about it. But I'm surprised they'd remember a detail so minor.

QuickSilver13; don't call him SIR next time, Trip. You really through him for a loop there. And not the good kind.

Lightning_Jolt; Cam seemed to do the best blending in, despite blowing up at the end there.

Chevy_Cam'09; he WASN'T there. I don't give a slag if Mr. Let's-see-what-happens-when-we-poke-the-bodyguard-with-this gets his feelings hurt. We lost one of our own in that battle. I got my legs ripped off. '07 nearly DIED, and so did the boy. He wasn't there.

Big_Boy'07; Easy, Cam. Easy.

Chevy_Cam'09; Sorry, 07.

Lightning_Jolt; well, at least this site is getting more popular. That last post had a lot more comments on it than the ones before.

WrenchMaster; And clearly, some people do believe we're here to do some good on this slagging planet.

Springer_Hide; bout time they did.

TheHotOne; EH! IM BACK, EH?

TheSmartOne; MES TO, BRO!

QuickSilver13; Slag.

Trip848; they may not be the smartest, but they're still Cybertronians, QS. Don't try to throw them a technology loop on this planet.

TheHotOne; so what we do now, fools!

QuickSilver13; we wait for another post, fool.

Big_Boy'07; Affirmative. Concentrate more on the civilians.

Springer_Hide; and leave the crazies to rant by themselves.

WrenchMaster; he's obviously a difficult person to live with. 07, maybe you alone could stand a conversation with him without trying to strangle him through cyberspace.

Big_Boy'07; We shall see.

Chevy_Cam'09; Guys, any ideas for the whole anniversary thing?

Trip848; According to http (:/)thenest(.)com (ironically) several good date ideas for under 20$ include bowling, a picnic, roller skating, or seeing a drive-in movie.

Chevy_Cam'09; Hey! That actually gives me an idea. Thanks, Trip!

Trip848; Any time, Bee.

Lightning_Jolt; DELETE!

Trip848; Sorry!

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