Love Me

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Chapter One

The twins stepped out of the limo, arms already linked together as they pranced to the front door of Haruhi's home.

"Haruhi!" Hikaru drawled out, knocking thrice on the door. A man with long blonde hair and lipstick opened the door, smiling when he saw the boys.

"Oh thank you so much for taking my little girl to school! I'm sorry if it caused you too much trouble! It would have been such a hassle for her to walk to school with that broken leg!" he exclaimed in a sing-song voice.

Kaoru grinned. "It's no problem!" he reassured.

"Kaoru's right! Besides, it'll be more fun with someone else to talk to on the way to Ouran!" Hikaru finished for his brother, a similar grin wide on his lips.

Though the phrase was simple, Kaoru felt hurt by it. Was he not enough to keep Hikaru entertained? Was he boring to his twin brother? The ginger boy looked down, a small frown on his lips.

"Why the long face, Kaoru sempai?" a voice called from inside the house. His head shot up to the noise. Haruhi was standing on the stairs, her eyebrows knitted together in concern.

He faked a grin, not wanting anyone to see him worked up over a small incident. "What do you mean?" he asked, chuckling nervously. Hikaru cast him a quick glance, eyebrows furrowed.

"You know what I mean! You were frowning, just a few seconds ago!" she explained, a small hint of annoyance in her tone. Kaoru inwardly sighed, so now he was getting on peoples nerves as well? Super.

Trying to keep up the façade, he rolled his eyes and popped out a hip. "Don't be so overly observant, Haruhi. I was just thinking about the math test we had today!" He laughed, a small hint of hysterics in the tone. Hopefully Hikaru wouldn't point out that the test was yesterday, and that they had already taken it and passed with excellent scores.

He went to Haruhi and grabbed her book bag, flashing her what he hoped looked like a cocky grin. "Come on, we don't want to be late, cripple." With that he flew to the car, and once his back was facing the two of them, he slouched, a moody expression returning back to his face. Hikaru and Haruhi exchanged confused glances.

Kaoru was silent the whole car ride to Ouran. This wasn't exactly by choice; his brother had taken to speaking to Haruhi and Haruhi alone, not giving time for Kaoru to chide in a comment or two. He didn't want to admit it, but it made Kaoru feel like a needy, clingy piece of shit, being ignored. Instead of looking like a pitiful puppy dog, Kaoru took to staring out the window until they reached the school.

When the car doors opened, Kaoru grabbed Haruhi's bag again and practically slammed the door shut as he got out. Hikaru took no notice, completely absorbed in his conversation with Haruhi. But, the petite brunette did take notice, and pointed at the younger twin before he could walk away. Hikaru followed her finger and frowned. He walked over to Kaoru, who was currently stalking away with Haruhi's book bag and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"What's wrong?" Hikaru asked him. The younger twin sneered. Not like Hikaru actually cared.

"Nothing," he spat out, the eldest wincing at his tone. He slung the satchel off his shoulder and handed it to Hikaru. "I'm going to class. See you when the bell rings," he muttered before walking off in the direction of the entrance hall.

Hikaru turned back to Haruhi, the frown deepening across his lips.

In art class they were assigned to do portraits. The students were allowed to sit wherever they wanted, so naturally Kaoru had gone to sit next to his brother. However, when he got there, Haruhi had filled his spot and was chatting excitedly away with the older twin. Kaoru grit his teeth and settled for a spot one table down, where he irritably mashed his wet paintbrush against the wood of the table.

Forty-five minutes into class, and the only words Hikaru had spoken to Kaoru was to ask to borrow his orange paint. Kaoru's canvas was completely blank, and his paints were mostly untouched.

The art teacher walked by his table, giving him a disapproving glare. "Kaoru, get to work. You only have thirty minutes of class time left." Kaoru rolled his eyes, and still did nothing.

Hikaru glanced over at his brother. "Are you feeling alright? You seem off today," he said slowly, unsure if he should speak. Every time he had tried to converse with his brother that day, he got snapped at. Obviously, this time was no different, because when he saw Kaoru's glare, he knew a rude remark was coming his way.

"Why does it matter, Hikaru?" he spat out his name, an angry blush rising to his cheeks. He didn't know why his brother kept trying to act like he gave a shit about him—his lack of interest had been oh so preset the past few days. "Just leave me alone."

(**Translation: You're making me really mad right now but if you do as I ask I will get even more upset.**)

Hikaru bit back a retort, replacing it with a forlorn sigh. "Whatever, Kaoru," he said before returning back to his canvas, messily painting with colors of orange and peach.

Kaoru stared at his brother a moment longer, before turning to glare at the ground again. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Hikaru shrug and make a loop with a finger around his ear. He heard him scoff, and say quietly to Haruhi: "I don't know what's gotten into him. He's such a drama queen."

That was the breaking point for Kaoru. He stood quickly from his chair, which made a loud shrieking noise as it scraped against the tile.

"I need to use the restroom," he said in a low voice before stalking out of the room angrily, trying to hide the fact that his eyes were brimming with tears. He heard the teacher call out after him, but he didn't listen. Instead, he headed to the bathroom so he could sit in a stall until the day was over, hopefully avoiding all interactions with Hikaru, and possibly the entirety of the human race, for the rest of the period.

Sadly, his dreams were crushed when the bathroom door opened, and a voice called out his name. It wasn't as masculine as Hikaru's but it was slightly deeper than the girls at his school. It was Haruhi.

Instead of chiding her for going into the men's bathroom, he scoffed loudly. "Go away," he said sharply, but his voice cracked. A few tears spilled over his eyes and fell down his angry red cheeks.

"Kaoru, please, tell me what's wrong," she asked before sitting outside of the stall the youngest Hitachiin had locked himself in.

Kaoru sniffled, and wiped his running nose on his blazer sleeve. He didn't want to tell Haruhi, she was part of the problem itself. But, he really just wanted to get it all off his chest, for the foreign sense of anger building up inside him was truly far too much to handle. He took a deep breath, and mumbled out the beginning of his problems.

"It's about Hikaru."