Francis was leaning against the counter of some club his buddy Antonio had dragged him to. He wasn't really in the mood for going out. For weeks now he was trying to create a whole new clothing line. He hadn't been successful, though. It seemed just like every great idea had already been used. So Antonio had decided that Francis needed a change of scene and brought him to this club.

Where Francis spent his evening watching Antonio flirt with every girl that dared to look in his direction. Shaking his head, he turned his attention back to his drink, taking a careful sip of the alcoholic beverage Antonio had ordered for him. Any other day, Francis would have joined Antonio on this, but not today. He was simply not in the mood. And that was something that made him worry a lot.

When he looked back up from his glass, he noticed that Antonio was no longer flirting with some girls but had turned his attention to a small, brown-haired boy with a weird hair curl on the left side of his head and his big, blond friend. Francis raised his eyebrows. Not, that he minded. He didn't care whether his friend went out with girls or boys. Francis himself didn't mind the gender of his partners anyway.

As he watched the three of them, they turned towards him as Antonio gestured in his direction. Francis smiled and waved. Antonio waved back and then went back at chattering with the boy. The blond man watched him a moment longer before he, too, turned his attention back at Antonio. Francis sighed. It looked like that would take some time.

He was wrong, though. Only a minute later, Antonio let the two towards him. Much to Francis' astonishment, they actually followed him. Either it was easier to find a man who was interested in another man than he'd thought or they were having fun with Antonio chattering to no end.

Antonio introduced them. For the relatively short amount of time he had to get to know them, he had a surprising big deal of information about them. They worked for some car producer in their development department, their names were Lovino and Ludwig and they both were single. Francis simply nodded as Antonio told him this and many more things. Francis would have bet that by now, Antonio could him even tell their favorite color and underwear. Not, that Francis was too eager to know. If he would have wanted to, he'd found the last one out well on his own.

Only a few moments later – or so it seemed to Francis – Antonio grabbed Lovino's hand and dragged him away in the direction of the dance floor – and ignored all the curses Lovino shouted at him for this, leaving Francis and a puzzled Ludwig behind. For some time, they stayed silent. Francis, because he wasn't in the mood to flirt and Ludwig, apparently because he was feeling too awkward to start talking. Francis noticed that he was once or twice about to say something but then closed his mouth again without speaking. He noticed how pink the cheeks of the man had turned since Antonio had left, too.

Finally, Francis started having pity with Ludwig. He started talking about Antonio and how this behavior was just typical for him. Then he went on, finding out with careful questions whether he could tell Ludwig about what Antonio was up to. Ludwig already knew that which surprised him. So Ludwig explained that almost the first thing Antonio had said was that he had fallen in love with cute Lovino at first sight. Lovino had him, Ludwig, made to come with him and Antonio to keep an eye on Antonio and so, Ludwig was now sure that Lovino would get back at him for this.

Francis was surprised how well Ludwig took it that his friend was apparently gay. He'd taken him as a much more uptight person. Suddenly, Francis found himself wondering if Ludwig was – despite his looks – also more interested in men and whether or not he would have a chance. That was stupid, he knew. He wasn't even in the right mood, he told himself.

But it became more and more apparent that Antonio and Lovino had forgotten about them. Ludwig started glancing at his watch and somehow, Francis didn't like that. Not because he thought that it was impolite but because he didn't want them to … stop talking, he realized. That was odd. And new to him. He thought about it for some time, before he asked Ludwig to come and sleep over at his place. The blond man turned pink at this and started explaining that in that case he would need to inform his parents and such though in the end, he gave in. Francis couldn't resist to smile at this cute stammering.

They left the club together, stepping out in the chilly night. As soon as they were out of earshot of the club, Ludwig actually pulled out his cell phone and called his parents, telling them with many words Francis couldn't understand that he wouldn't come home that night and was sleeping over at a friends. When he was finally done, Francis grabbed his arm, pretending he was cold and led Ludwig direct them to the nearby station.