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Shizuo has crossed Izaya one too many times. Izaya is determined to ruin him, but he knows the best way is indirect - through his beloved little brother. Should have non-con and mindfuck, with Izaya finding the tiny cracks in Kasuka's shell and trying to break him down. Bonus points if he delivers the final product direct to Shizuo. Double bonus points for references to Shizuo/Kasuka brother complex issues.

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There are ways of dying that don't end in funerals.

- Haruki Murakami



Lately Izaya had been feeling out of his game. It had started with a terribly difficult case three months ago, and things had gone down from there, what with disappearing people and assets and a few mystery murders along the way. Nothing he couldn't solve, but during his time in California, a hot and overrated mess of everything American, a freak earthquake had occurred. 8.5 on the Richer scale.

Natural phenomena had always terrified him somewhat, and though he was the farthest thing from religious he'd remembered gritting his teeth under shaky tables and thinking, This is karma. Even some time afterwards he'd taken it as a bad omen. And he was right. A heavy chunk of ceiling had fallen straight on his left leg, shattering his femur and delaying his observations for a while.

After that he'd stayed in an expensive hospital for a few weeks. Despite the fact that the Pacific Ocean was mere miles away no restaurants seemed to have ootoro in stock, and Izaya was forced to subsist on lame fusion meals. Of course he'd made advance preparations in case of emergencies but his streaming video feeds and chat logs were not very useful in this case, which required him to chase tail of a call girl whose name was unknown and only leads were a photograph of her ear and her voicemail message. Izaya rued the day he accepted this bizarre request because it had only brought him trouble.

And now, he had some time to kill before his flight to Japan. Yawning, Izaya flung his fur coat over his shoulder as he walked out of the hospital, the first time after what felt to be many months. Strolling along the path with nothing in particular to do, a poster caught his eyes. A large glossy blowout with an attractive man winking: 'Hanejima Yuuhei and the Vampire Slayer! Out In Theatres July 22'.

Izaya curled his lips as he stopped, examining the man. What was so good about that flea's brother, he didn't understand. Sure, he was a decent actress and Izaya supposed he had the looks. If he were to be honest to himself he knew that his annoyance stemmed from his sisters' obsession. Word was it that Mairu would push him in front of a truck to meet the man. It also had some part to due with his relation to the flea. Izaya huffed and sat down on a bench next to the poster. A bus belched by but Izaya paid it no mind.

Shizuo and him had a tacit agreement – siblings were off limits. No matter how much killing tension was between the two, neither would touch family. But since when did Izaya Orihara play fair anyway, he mused. It wasn't like Izaya actually wanted Shizuo dead, it would only take a click on a keyboard for his body to be found washed up on Tokyo Bay the next morning. Shizuo was special because of how fun he was. It was the most amusing thing next to 4chan to see him filled with rage and unable to do a thing to Izaya. And Shizuo was also a case study of nature versus nurture. Izaya had always wondered at his sibling relationship and how much of Shizuo's personality was determined from Kasuka's. Or the other way around.

He stood up, the threads of a plan coming together in his mind. He'd considered toying with Kasuka many times in the past but his conscience would always give a brief twinge of something – an emotion he couldn't really quantify. But he had been unimaginably bored the past few weeks and he longed to feel the familiar rush of executing a perfectly plotted plan. Craved to be back manipulating people stronger than the average Kidas or Sakis of the world.

It was at these times when he was reminded of his love for humans. Kasuka had a drab, emotionless exterior but Izaya suspected dark things lurking underneath. Perverted fantasies, a suicide wish, secret mental instability… Izaya was the undisputed master at coaxing out the dark side of people.

Anyway, even if Kasuka did turn out to be a little humdrum, Izaya knew all about the deep bond between him and his older brother. And bonds only existed to be exploited. Stock market ones included.

Whistling a nameless tune, Izaya grinned and skipped up, twirling his coat around before stashing it into his bag. He took out his highly customized and unidentifiable cellphone to search for the nearest theater. The real personality of someone like Kasuka did not show through even during his off hours, so Izaya did not hope to gain any insight on him by watching the movie. But it would be good conversation fodder. Luckily it was only two minutes away and Izaya bought a ticket, merrily skipping to the air conditioned area and sitting in one of the back rows.

Teenage girls quickly filled up the space with incessant chatter and diet sodas. Izaya ignored all of them and soon enough the movie began.

It was average mind numbing fluff. Kasuka played the role of a handsome yuppie teacher who was cheating on his girlfriend. Predictable plot twists ensued and Izaya longed for a cellphone to stamp on. He'd forgotten how utterly boring movies were, especially American ones.

Izaya decided that he had more than enough conversation lubricant so he made to stand up. He brushed off possibly imaginary lint from his coat and was about to walk out when something on the screen caught his attention.

Kasuka was with his illicit lover, stroking her naked back. The cameras zoomed in on her – and one ear peeked out from a fringe of hair. Izaya's widened and he almost stumbled over a chair. He sat back on the chair expectantly and quickly fished out his trusty binoculars, watching intently as the female main character opened the door and gasped in shock. After her departure, the call girl sat up and asked, "What was that all about?"

There was no doubt. She was the woman Izaya had been looking for. He lowered the binoculars and then put them back into his bag. When information searches involved another person, it was customary of him to surround himself with this person's presence, that is, to pin up posters of their faces and to repeat their spoken dialogue on loudspeakers. This was how he familiarized himself with whoever was missing. Granted it was not very orthodox but Izaya was not the average information broker after all.

Izaya didn't bother to hide a giggle as he stood up and left the theatre halfway throughout the movie. He dialed his client's number and was not really surprised to hear he'd already seen 'Vampire Slayer'.

"Thank you so much," the client gushed as Izaya exited the theatre. "It's funny, because I wasn't even going to see the movie, but Yuuhei is an old friend of mine. And I wanted – "

Izaya stopped walking. Now here was a source of potential information. While Izaya could and would sleuth out every recorded fact on Kasuka's childhood, nothing beat someone with prior personal interaction. Knowing the hard cold facts about a person's situation was only half the battle. The other half was much more interpretive. It was about knowing their emotions and reactions to past events, their ideals and motives and their dreams for the future. Tapping into the psyche would require people like the one on the other end of the phone.

"Old friend? I'm curious. I'm also an acquaintance of Kasuka's."

"Ah, so you know his real name! Well, you see, I wasn't exactly his friend, but I knew him back in elementary school."

"Mm. I happen to know him through his brother. But tell me," Izaya smoothly said, "was he just as quiet as a child?"

"Yes, it was so surprising when I saw him in the acting business. To be honest, I had my doubts at first. You know what he's like… so emotionless. But I was blown away, I tell you. People say that Yuuhei's a good actor, but when you know his real personality you see he's not a good actor but a brilliant one."

"Yes, of course. Sometimes I am worried, though. Shizu-chan – his elder brother – can be very violent at times. I think poor Kasuka may have repressed his emotions in order not to provoke Shizu-chan." This was one of the most obvious theories behind Kasuka's personality and he waited for the response while stepping into the airport.

The man said, thoughtfully, "Violent? You're right about that. But I don't think Kasuka was scared of his brother. It was more like, he knew he had to be a stable constant in order to keep his brother from flying off the handle. He probably did it out of love and not fear." This was another one of the other theories.

"That's right. Brotherly love is the best. You know, come to think of it neither have ever mentioned their parents." Izaya knew very well that their parents were divorced and rarely home when they were children. But he wanted to know how obvious this fact was to others.

"Oh, I remember. Their parents were hardly ever around. So it was very much like the two siblings fending for themselves."

"Well, thank you very much. It was nice talking to you but I have a flight to catch."

"No problem. Talking brings back the old days. And I'll wire the remaining money to your account immediately."

"Thanks. Bye bye, now!" Izaya hung up and hummed happily in the terminal, amidst the bustle of tourists. There were so many possible ways of breaking Kasuka, each as equally fun as the last and Izaya could not choose. He pondered this conundrum before deciding the only course of action now would be to finish gathering information and then make his move.

With that in mind he set aside Project Kasuka, as he termed it in his mind, for when he reached Japan. Now he was in the mood for shopping, so he walked away from the tacky gift shops and to somewhere more classy, like Bvlgari. Mmm, silver rings.