It had always been a sort of unspoken thing, that Finn would get married before Kurt. Finn could get married anywhere he wanted, and Kurt couldn't. Kurt wanted to get married in Ohio, even though he left for New York as soon as he graduated. He always wanted to go back to Ohio, if only for that ceremony, because that was where he was born and that was where he had grown up. Finn knew Kurt didn't want him to wait.

But Finn waited. Fuck the 'unspoken thing'. He waited and waited and waited. Everything he'd worked so hard on with Rachel to keep them stable and together finally fell apart when they were both twenty-eight, still together, and Finn hadn't even thought about proposing. He had told her he didn't want to get married until Kurt had the option to. Rachel was understanding to a point, but when it came to going on and on and on with just a boyfriend that she would give anything for, she couldn't take it. So she left the flat she shared with Finn and moved in with some friends she'd made in college, and Finn moved in with Kurt and Blaine when he realized he couldn't pay the rent alone.

Blaine moved out a few months later when his boyfriend of three years proposed to him, leaving just Finn and Kurt.

Their first night alone, Finn woke up at two in the morning to the sound of Kurt doing laundry.

The second night, he woke up a half hour earlier and heard why. He didn't mention it.

The third night, Finn didn't sleep.

The fourth night, Finn crawled into Kurt's bed, claiming he was cold, and stayed there while Kurt squirmed and moaned, asleep in his arms. When Kurt woke up and screamed at Finn to get out of his bed, Finn kissed him to shut him up.

They didn't leave that bed for a while.

The seven hundred and twenty-first night, Finn and Kurt stayed up watching the livestream of Ohio's gay marriage law vote. Kurt fell asleep three state senators too early. Finn slipped a ring onto Kurt's finger while he was asleep. In the morning, Kurt woke him up by screaming yes into his ear.

The eight hundred and first night, Finn thought back to the events of the day, and realized that he did get married before Kurt. Finn said "I do" first.

He pulled Kurt tighter into his arms and drifted off into sleep.