Disclaimer: All character belong to Cassandra Clare.

Summary: Jace has a nightmare in which Clary is killed by Valentine. Inspired by Jace's nightmare in City of Fallen Angels!

Bold: Nightmare

Characters: Clary/Jace

Time: City of Fallen Angels

Genre: Drama, Romance, and Horror

Date Finished: August 1, 2011

Nightmare: a traumatic, very upsetting, or extremely difficult and troublesome experience or situation. (Webster's)

"Clary," Jace breathes as he opens the door.

She is standing there dressed in a un-Clary like way. She's wearing an outfit that's low-cut and skin tight. It reminds him of something that Isabelle would be wear. He isn't sure if he likes it or not.

She leans against the doorframe. "I just couldn't wait until morning to see you!" She leans in to kiss him.

Jace kisses her back. He's glad that she's here, but also a little concerned. What would her mother think? Why was she acting this way?

Something's not right.

Jace looks at her. "Is everything alright?"

Clary gently slaps him on the arm. "Of course it is, silly. I just wanted to see you. Is that a crime?"

Jace doesn't answer. He's completing on rather or not she's drunk. He looks into her eyes. She looks sober enough.

He looks at her. She's tracing the Marks on his arm. She looks so innocent. Apart from the clothes ad strange beaviour, she's still Clary.

She takes his shirt off and begins kissing him again. Man, this is great!

He's starting to touché he when he sees the blood. No, not again!

Clary's mouth is frozen in a silent "oh."

Jace looks up into the eyes of his dead father. "Did you think that I was going to let you two be happy?" Valentine inquires as he removes the blade.

Jace glares at him.

"No one gets a happy ending," Valentine says as he disappears.

Jace looks at Clary's dead body. He's stunned, numbed.

Clary's dead body turns toward him. "This is your nightmare."

Jace wakes up twisted in his sheets. He rolls over and falls out of bed. Breathing hard, he stands up.

Same nightmare….

Same nightmare every night…

Tonight is no different…

Nor would tomorrow night…