The small scout ship was stored away alongside the Kodiak in the Normandy's bay, and Shepard made her way past various crew into CIC, Velarn close behind.
Garrus was standing in front of the galaxy map, regarding her calmly. "Really, Commander. I know that your shopping trips tend to end in disaster, but that's extreme even for you."

"You know how it is." she answered easily, coming to stand beside him. She suppressed a smile.

"I know. We were a bit worried, though."

She brushed her hand against his for a moment, which was all the reassurance she could give at this time and in this place, but he understood perfectly anyway.

Garrus lifted his head and gave Velarn an appraising look, then settled for a polite nod. He didn't show any surprise at seeing the Councillor in armour.
"Councillor. The Destiny Ascension has made it safely through the relay. Your fellow Council members are unharmed."

Shepard reached for the controls, changing the display to display a holographic projection of the immediate area around them. The mass relay was active, and ships were coming through in rapid succession.

Velarn regarded the display, giving an alarmed growl, but Shepard shook her head. "No. It's fine. They're on our side."

"I see. You made alliances." He watched the display some more, then added. "Several alliances."

Shepard nodded. "So I did. Now, this will take a while, and we need to do some planning, so let's take this to the comm room. "

Garrus went without hesitation, but Velarn was watching her with a distinctly distrustful expression. He seemed to be waiting for something.

She kept her face absolutely straight as she brushed past him and said in a low voice. "Oh, I almost forgot: 'I told you so.'"

He growled, a perfectly insulted sound, but she had heard the real thing from him often enough, and that wasn't it. "What, no public declaration in front of your whole crew?" he replied in the same low voice, falling into step beside her.

She quirked her lips. "I'm vengeful, Councillor, not petty. Now, let's go. We need to figure out how to fix this mess."