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Words have meanings and names have power

(Author Unknown)

The strings of her corset cut into my palms as I pull another time, forcing her already delicate waist to narrow about two inches more. A low gasp escapes her mouth and I lean forward to kiss the bare skin on her shoulder.

"Are you sure, it's not too tight? You can barely breathe with how tight I laced you."

"I shall be fine, Alice." she whispers turning her head so that she can touch her soft lips against mine. Warmth spreads through me and when I deepen the kiss by pushing my tongue into the sweet heat of her mouth I'm in heaven.

"I'm sorry, we can't. Mr. Crowley will be here any minute to pick me up. Can you help me put my dress on now, the yellow one?"

"The brown one would be better, Miss."

"It makes me look like a nun and please stop calling me, Miss. It makes me feel like you are angry at me."

"I'm sorry," I mutter, grabbing the yellow silk dress from the Closet. With quick movements I close the buttons on her back before carefully flattening the hem with my fingertips. She looks beautiful tonight and the thing is I don't want her to. Not tonight.

She cups my face between her hands to make me look up at her again.

"Alice? You are not seriously jealous of that man again. Please, he's just a friend."

A friend who wants to get his paws underneath her petticoats, I think, forcing my mouth into a half faced smile.

"Hey, you know that I love you, you and only you. It makes me sad that you don't seem to trust me."

"I do trust you. I don't trust that Yankee. He has designs on you."

"He is helping me to raise money for the school and we really need some more of it."

"You could write Mister Edward to send us some more."

"I can't do that again. We need start dealing with things by ourselves. It has been two years now."

"I'm sure he wouldn't mind."

"Yes, most likely, he wouldn't mind but still, I don't want his help."

"It's better Mister Edward helping us than the Yankee." I snarl through my teeth, helping her step inside her white leather boots.

"Alice, I warn you. When Mr. Crowley comes here and you'll be rude to him again…,"

"You can't tell me to be nice to anyone. I'm not your slave anymore."

"Sweetheart, please, let's not fight again. I'm tired of it. I love you. I shall never love anyone as much as I love you. I'm not planning of ever re-marrying again and Mr. Crowley knows of that."

"What he knows and what he hopes for are two different things."

The doorbell downstairs goes and I plant another kiss on her mouth, enjoying the blush that covers her cheekbones a heartbeat later.

"Evening, Mr. Crowley," I greet him coldly, crossing my arms in front of my chest.

"Evening, Pix…oh I'm sorry, I tend to forget that you prefer to be called Alice now. Is Mrs. King ready to go?"

"I have a feeling she's close to come down with a sudden indisposition. Maybe it would be better if she stayed home tonight."

Isabella walks down the stairs and unfortunately she doesn't look one tiny bit sickish.

"It's a pleasure to see you, Mrs. King."

"Thank you, Mr. Crowley."

"Oh please, I've asked you so often to call me Tyler now."

"And she has told you almost as often that it is not appropriate."

He chuckles and I taste a bit of vomit in my mouth that I have to swallow back my dry throat.

"It's so amusing how your maid is trying to defend your honor, Mrs. King."

Isabella sighs and I wrap her coat around her shoulders, before adjusting my own.

"That's her way of showing that she cares about me."

"A lot of people care about you, my dear Mrs. King. If you'd just open your heart a bit more, you could be so happy."

I'm starting to wonder how difficult it can be to secretly murder this sleaze ball in his sleep. I hate the way he keeps drooling over her cleavage whenever he thinks she's not watching him.

But I get it that she can't just spend every moment alone with me. We need more money for the school and I wished it wouldn't be so difficult for me to find a job that would bring in some extra money.

I don't know why they called the Yankees nigger friends back home. No one wants us here. They say we're taking away jobs from white people but that's probably because we're willing to work for less. I would work for free from morning to night if it would help my Isabella to keep the school running. She has set her heart on this and we would most likely make enough if she wouldn't have this tendency to take in children whose parents can't bring up the school fees. She is too soft-hearted but that's why I love her so very much.

She gave me my freedom, gave me a new name and most of all she gave me her heart. That alone is more than I could ever have asked for.

"Are you planning on taking the nigger-girl with you tonight?"

"I don't wish for you to call her that. Alice needs to come with me. I can't even sit down on my own while wearing this dress."

"Well, we could find you a white maid to help you. I'm sure Miss Mallory wouldn't mind sharing her Molly with you for tonight."

I count from one to ten in my head in order to calm down again but the anger is still burning inside me so much that I feel close to exploding. My hands grab the vase next to me and when I drop it to the ground a bit of the water splatters over Crowley's trousers.

"You stupid thing," he hisses through his teeth, grabbing me roughly on my arm. "You did that on purpose. Mrs. King, I expect you to punish her for this impossible behavior. I expect you to fire her! I expect to—"

"Leave. Now." Isabella's voice is sharp like a knife but I can see how her glove covered hands are trembling. She's not going to faint now, is she?

"You are putting that nigger girl above our friendship. I can't believe that you are so stupid to do such a thing."

"I asked you to leave."

"Fine, if that's what you want but don't forget I'm a man with influence. No good family will send their daughters here so that you can ruin them."


When he's out of the house, Isabella collapses on the stairs, pulling on the back of her dress while she's gasping for air like a fish on water.

"Let me help you."


I rip the buttons open, making several of them roll all over the floor, before I try to loosen the corset underneath it. When my fingers finally manage to fumble it open, blood trickles down my palm.

"Better now?" I whisper huskily, waiting for her hectically breathing to slow down again.

"Much better, I'm just so glad you didn't throw that vase at his head."

"Because you are worried about him getting hurt or anything?"

"You are the one I'm worried about and you'll always come first, always."

She notices the blood on my hand and although I try to protest she pulls me with her into the kitchen and grabs the alcohol from the shelf. I cringe when she starts cleaning the small wound but she holds my hand so tightly in hers that I can't pull it back.

"I hate the way he talked about you, like you weren't even a real person. Things were supposed to be different here."

"I know. I'm sorry, I lost it like that."

"I know why you did it. Look, I know that the situation we're in is difficult for both of us. You need to be a bit more careful how you act when others can see us together. Nobody can know how close we are. It would be fatal if anyone should find out."

"Our secret is safe with me. You can stop worrying about it."

"Your jealousy towards every man who enters this house will get us in trouble."

I nod my head and stand up from the kitchen chair again, wrapping my arms around her shoulders from behind to kiss the sensitive spot right underneath her earlobe.

"Let's go upstairs. You are going to get cold."

My arms help her to keep her balance when we walk up the stairs to the bedroom. Officially of course, I sleep down in the kitchen like a good maid should do it. I hate that we have to keep up that façade even inside these walls that are supposed to be our home.

"I will never let anyone hurt you." she whispers, kissing my face so feather lightly that her touch feels like the caress of a butterfly's wings on my skin.

"Tell me you love me, tell me I'm the one, the only one."

I push her skirts up and circle my fingertips over the inside of her thighs, teasing her for few moments before I lower my head and start moving my tongue against her most intimate body parts. She lifts her hips, trying to get my mouth even closer to her and I enjoy how her entrance starts producing more of her sweetly essence as I swirl the tip of my tongue around the little nub above her entrance. I love pleasuring her like this, it's almost as good having her touch me.

"Not yet," she mumbles and when she pulls me back up to kiss me on my lips, I can feel her moan into my mouth.

Her hand moves under my dress and I whimper when she starts massaging my breasts through the thin cotton of my chemise. I slip two of my fingers deep inside her and start thrusting them back and forth, in and out. I guide her free hand towards my throbbing sex and when she rubs my outer lips between her fingers I can feel the beginning of my release building from deep within me. Isabella's inner muscles clamp around my fingers and a heartbeat later, the gentle caress of her fingers pushes me over the edge of my lust. I groan, pulling us around until I am right above her, wrapping my thighs around her hips.

"We'll always be together. Will we?"

"Forever, I'm yours forever. I want you to think about that the next time you are about to do something stupid. If they took you away…if something bad would ever happen to you, it would kill me."

I don't know what to answer her and so, I pull her closer against my chest, burying my nose into the silky curls of her long hair.

"You should write to Mister Edward and ask him for more money. He has enough now that the Master is dead."

"He will need his money himself now that so many slaves are running away from Twilight."

"Texas believes there'll be a war."

"Texas is not right in his head and I wished you wouldn't talk to him all the time. He's surrounding himself with people that are creepy."

"Are you the one who's jealous now?"

"I'm worried about your safety. That's not the same as being jealous."

I stroke her hair and wrap the blankets over us. When we are together like this it feels like she and I are the only two people in the world and honestly, I don't want to have it any other way.