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I moved my feet slowly but with purpose. I was in no great hurry to reach my destination, seeing as it felt more like an execution than a lunch date. Lunch date. Well, that certainly sounded better than what I knew this really was. It was a meeting, a discussion, hell, a notification at best.

The sidewalk was busy and the people that moved around me had far more determination to get to where they wanted to go than I did. I picked up my pace and took a deep breath as I saw the cafe sign just ahead. My stomach felt hollow but as if there were a cyclone going crazy in there. I hated the nerves that were shooting through me. I pulled open the door and scanned the littered seats until I saw the bronze colored mess I was looking for.

God, just his hair took my breath away. It's no wonder I was in the mess I was in. My stomach rolled again at the conversation we were about to have. I had a pretty fair idea of how he would react when he found out I was pregnant, but knowing didn't make it any better, it made it worse. Expecting pain and still welcoming it was sometimes worse than not knowing at all. I wished I hadn't known.

"Hey" I offered weakly when I reached the table. Edward gave me a lazy grin and a hello in return as I took my seat. I wasn't expecting much in the way of public display of affection; he never really gave me much but a one armed hug at most when we were among people or crowds. All the same though, it hurt like hell.

"Thanks for meeting me today; I know you're busy..." I watched him as he shrugged and nonchalantly perused the menu instead of acknowledging me anymore. I took a deep breath and grabbed for a menu myself. I wasn't hungry in the least, in fact I was sick with worry, but I needed to avert my attention to something before I let the pain of his blasé attitude toward me sink in.

"You're shaking, Bella. What's the matter?" Now he decides to pay attention to me? Really? Why did I even doing this in person? I should have just called him. As he watched me with a curious expression, I tried to compose myself so I could blame it on a draft. Luck was not with me and words never made their way from my lips. Instead I sat there looking like a mute idiot as the seconds turned into minutes.

"Bella, just say what's bothering you." He sounded annoyed with me, and it did nothing for my nerves. He sighed once and sat back in his booth seat and went back to the menu while shaking his head slightly. My stomach sank once more and I couldn't stop the tears from making their way down my cheeks. I leaned forward and said all that was really left to say.

"I'm pregnant, Edward." I could hear the choppy way the words left my mouth and I had no idea if he heard me completely or not, but then I looked up and saw the horrified look he was wearing. Yes, he had heard me just fine.

I sat there sniffling and Edward continued to look at me as if I had three heads. That certainly did nothing for my nerves but I knew that he would more than likely continue on that way. The waitress came and dropped off some water for us and quickly asked if we were ready. That must have pulled Edward from his horrible place and he quickly gave her a no. She left with sad smile my way as she noticed my tears and went away. No doubt thinking he had broken up with me... well, sorry to disappoint, but we weren't even really dating. Well, he wasn't dating me...I on the other hand saw him and only him. That was as exclusive as we had gotten... I knew he wasn't going to commit to me, I knew he dated other women, but that didn't change the way I wanted him. I made myself believe that as long as he wanted me in some way, I would take what he would give me. Well, Bella, look what it got you.

"Bella, I think we both know that were not ready for a baby... this can't happen." he stated simply. It wasn't the words that he said that had surprised me, no; it was the manner in which he said them to me. No nerves, stuttering or even fear. It was factual, as if what he stated was golden and unquestionable. That pissed me off.

"I hate to break it to you, Edward, but it already did happen." He looked at me like I slapped him but quickly recovered and gave another cold answer.

"I'll give you money to undo it."

With that, I sat back and controlled my quivering lip and took a deep breath. I didn't realize a laugh had escaped my lips, but it did. It was sarcastic, but it startled even me. I shook my head gently from side to side and gathered my things and made to leave, but before I did, I looked him in the eye and saw what I believed to be relief flooding his features. I wondered for the briefest second if he was relieved because he thought I would have the abortion, or because he knew I wouldn't.

"Thank you, Edward." He finally put his mask of indifference back on as I continued, "I can imagine you have things to do and people to see, so I'll leave you alone now. I don't want anything and I promise you won't hear from me anymore. I'd appreciate it if you just forgot about me all together. Take care."

With that I made my way out of the cafe and didn't turn back. I climbed in the first cab and gave my address then let the tears fall as we drove away. I knew he wouldn't come after me, knew he wouldn't call, but that didn't stop me from looking back out of the cab window or from checking my phone. Sure enough, both glances came up empty and I coward back into my seat as I waited to just get home and cry in peace.