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So, I came across the song 魔女- Majo (Witch Hunt) a while ago and I've been sorely tempted to write a fanfic based on it; hence why this story is up. I had planned on making this a one-shot, but I decided to make it a two-shot instead. Oh, and you don't have to watch the video/know the song to understand it. However, I do recommend you watch it. It's a quite a sad tale; props goes out to Suzuki-P for another wonderful song.

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Why? The questioned echoed in the pinkette's mind as she stared off into the dark space before her. Her once shining cerulean oculars had grown dull since the prior day; she had been on her way to visit him as she did every afternoon and her heart had been utterly content. But not now… Not when he had-

Why am I here? Another question rang through her mind as Luka bit down on her bottom lip softly, trying to ignore the throbbing of her restrained limbs. She was currently on the floor bound by the wrists and ankles to the wall with thick shackles; it hurt to move her appendages. Hell, it hurt to even breathe now that she thought about it; her heart had been broken only half a day ago. Who knew emotional pain could hurt worse than physical? She bitterly laughed at herself for a moment.

What in the entire world had she done to deserve this treatment? She hadn't done anything wrong; to her knowledge, anyways. To make matters worse, the ones who had arrested her simply told her that she would die at sunset the following day. How and for what reason, she didn't know.

The reverberating toll of the bell immediately tore her out of her thoughts, alerting her that it was finally morning. Raising her blue eyes to the small window high above her on the opposite wall, she caught the brilliant colors that were scattered along the sky; the variety of fading shades of red, purples, and oranges mixed in beautifully with the light blue that slowly dominated the sky. A small, pained smile graced her lips as she gazed at the glimpse of the outside that she could see; this would be her last sunrise apparently.

A sudden creaking of the prison door quickly caught Luka's attention as she turned to her head to see who had come to visit her this early in the day. Her eyes landed on a finely dressed guard with a bowl of sorts in his possession which caused her to scowl at him; he had been one of the asses who had brought her here yesterday. Her scowl only deepened when she took notice of the smirk on the man's face. "And what exactly do you want with me this fine morning, sir?" she asked venomously as she watched the man draw closer to her. What had occurred next somewhat shocked her.

The guard had let out a light chuckle at her tone before he threw the contents of the bowl all over the frayed girl, his smirk deepening at the bewildered look on her face. "I brought you your breakfast, madam," he stated sarcastically as he kneeled down to her level on the ground, grasping her chin in his hand to look straight into her eyes. He half-chuckled at the fearsome glare she gave him with those angry blue hues of hers, letting go of her face. If looks could kill, he thought in amusement.

"Why am I here?" Luka questioned calmly, burning a hole in the man's skull with her gaze. It didn't surprise her at all that the question had barely fazed him. Instead of answering her question, she watched a gloved hand lightly tug on a few now short pink strands of her hair, a snort leaving the man's mouth as she attempted to bite his offending hand. "Such a shame letting a pretty woman such as you die," he spoke nonchalantly as he stood up and exited out the door with a light snicker, leaving Luka alone again.

The blue-eyed woman nearly let out a groan of exhaustion. She was tired, both physically and mentally. Her body ached from being restrained and being forced into an awkward position while her mind throbbed with burning questions that she knew the guards wouldn't answer and it pissed her off entirely. What the hell had been her crime? Why couldn't she be set free so she could curl up into a ball in the warmth of her home, regretting the day she had stepped foot in this godforsaken town? Unless…

Just then, another creak of the prison door cut Luka out of her reverie. The new visitor, however, left Luka speechless. The town priestess called Miku stood adjacent to her, the priestess that everyone so loved for her humility and goodness. She was cherished by nearly everyone for her virtues. But it was then that blue-eyes caught a slightly pained expression on the teal-haired woman's as she stepped closer to Luka, stopping right in front of her.

What the hell?, the pinkette asked herself mentally as she simply gazed at the young woman in front of her blankly, dressed in humble robes with a silver cross dangling around her neck. Miku even had a large, worn bible in her hands. What was the priestess here for anyways?

"Luka," the cyan-eyed girl began, her brows furrowed together as she knelt down in front of pinkette to look at her at eye-level. Letting out an inaudible sigh, the girl continued calmly. "Do you know why you are here?" At the question, Luka slowly shook her head side to side as her gaze never left the priestess in front of her as the younger woman continued. "Well… You have been sentenced to be burned at the stake at sunset for your crimes of consorting with magic." Luka's eyes widened slightly at this, not saying a word as the woman continued and her thoughts slowly started to swarm. How did they know she was a witch? She had never- "And you have been found guilty of placing an enchantment on the crown prince, Gakupo, so that he would fall in love with you." It was then that Luka snapped.

"I have done no such thing to the Prince!" she exclaimed in fury, ignoring the pain the shackles caused her as she tried her best to launch herself at the priestess, only to be kept back by her confines. How dare they speak such blasphemies! "I would never do such a thing to a man; much less to one that I love," she stated sternly as she somewhat glared at teal-haired girl who was simply staring at her. Then a ghost of a smile curled at Miku's lips as she stood up straight, looking down at the pink-haired woman.

"So… you admit to being a witch, do you?" Was that now a smirk on the priestess' face?

"…Yes. I am affirming that I am a witch." Luka stared carefully at the young femme in front of her, pausing for a moment before continuing. "But I did not under any circumstance put a spell on the Prince."

Miku raised a delicate brow at the girl before her, crossing her arms over her chest. "Then explain how it is that Prince Gakupo fell in love with you, a witch, in a matter of two weeks," she requested flatly.

The blue-eyed woman licked her chapped lips as a small scowl contorted her elegant facial features. How the hell was she supposed to explain how she and the Prince had gone from acquaintances to something more within the time span of two weeks? All she knew was that she had grown to love him wholeheartedly as they encountered each other more and more; he had loved her the same way. Well, until yesterday, that is.

Thinking for a moment longer, Luka let out a light exhale before staring Miku straight in the eyes and revealing her answer. "He was meant for me as I am meant for him. We are tied by the bonds of Fate; we had no control over falling in love with one another. It simply happened," she spoke sincerely, her gaze never leaving the teal-haired priestess as a frown washed over her developing features.


Luka look at the girl dumbfounded. What? Luka questioned herself as she watched the priestess turn her back to the pink-haired witch, her hands tightly clenched into fists. From what her blue eyes could pick up with the assistance of the little light coming from the window above them, the teal-haired girl's knuckles were bright white. "But, I'm not-" she began before Miku cut her off.

"Liar!" The younger girl screamed, turning around to face the disheveled witch with a deep scowl covering her features. "Prince Gakupo told me himself that he felt unusual around you since the very moment you two met!" she exclaimed as she flailed around her arms.

"I believe it's called lo-"

"Silence, you witch!" By this time, Miku was panting heavily from the anger she suddenly felt, leaving Luka with a bemused expression. Why was the priestess so angry at her? She could understand if the tealnette was angry at her for being a witch, but why was Miku focusing so much on calling the love she and Gakupo had nothing but lies created by magic? It didn't make much sense to her…

"It's high time you repent for your sins," the cyan-eyed girl stated calmly, a scowl still marring her young face.

"I have nothing to repent for," Luka solemnly said, closing her eyes as she rested her head on the wall behind her.

"I suppose after spending so much time with those spells of yours, you would want to stay as a whore to the devil himself."

At this, Luka snapped open her eyes and bitterly glared at the girl. How dare this little bitch speak to me like this? She asked herself mentally before quietly responding. "I need not be a consort to anyone if I have love. And I do believe I have love; it's a love that runs through my very soul. Though, I doubt you could ever understand it."

The teal-haired girl's eyes flared with anger at her statement from what the pinkette could tell; but there was something else swirling in those pretty eyes of hers. Luka couldn't put her finger on it, but it almost seemed like jealousy. A smile then graced Luka's face when she was struck with an epiphany; the young priestess was in love with the Prince.

"I suppose there is no reason to try saving your soul; once you are damned, you will always be damned," Miku declared haughtily as she quickly walked towards the door. She couldn't stand being in the same room as this whore who stole her love away. A small feeling of pleasure coursed through her body at the thought of seeing the pink-haired witch burn at the stake.

Staring at retreating form of the priestess, Luka let out a small sigh. "I may be damned, but you will never get what you covet most: Prince Gakupo's love."

This managed to stop the younger girl in her tracks, her face in utter shock as she turned her gaze to the shackled witch. How? The young priestess asked herself. How does she know? She questioned again as she slowly recovered from her shock, a wary feeling washing over her as she bit down on her lip. The tealnette's heart felt heavy with caution, fear and anger. "I don't know what you're talking about."

Luka could see it in the young priestess' eyes; she was trying to protect herself. She was trying to push away the feelings that popped up when the witch had mentioned what she had desired most. "If you do not know what I speak of, then I am not a witch. And we both know the latter to be true, so the former must be true as well; you want the Prince's attention."

Instantly, Miku threw a small tantrum as she refrained herself from throwing the bible at the young witch. "Stop spouting blasphemies, you wretched she-devil!" The tealette's face was red with fury while her eyes danced with malice and jealousy. "I don't know what His Majesty thought when he first laid eyes on you, but I'm utterly glad that he knows what sort of demon you are now!"

The pink-haired woman eyebrows furrowed ever so slightly as she watched Miku's heated glare, her voice cool and collected as she spoke. "It seems that the beloved 'saint' of the town is no more than a jealous child who throws a fit when someone has something she so desires. But as I recall, Envy is a horrid sin and you seem to withhold a lot of envy for me over Prince Gakupo." For a moment, Luka paused as she watched Miku's anger increase in her aqua-colored eyes. "And who told him I was a witch?"

A hint of a smirk danced over Miku's face as she opened the cell door, looking at the shackled witch over her shoulder. "That is none of your concern. You'll be gone from the world of the living come sunset, so I suggest you savor your last hours." With that, the priestess walked out the door to leave Luka alone once more.

Blue-eyes stared at the door, before closing as Luka drifted off into her thoughts. I am going to die for being a witch, she thought. And it seems that Gakupo will not have me because of my abilities. Tears slowly strolled down her face at the heart wrenching thought while various memories flashed before her eyes. She loved him, but it wasn't enough. She bit down harshly on her quivering lip to keep a sob from escaping, lowering her head as she quietly began to hum to herself.

Lacrimosa dies illa
Qua resurget ex favilla…

A sudden pound on the wall startled a few servants passing by, their eyes traveling to the door of the Prince's chambers. Everyone within the town had known since yesterday afternoon that the woman that the Prince had fallen so deeply in love with had turned out to be a witch. The town was abuzz with various rumors and excitement of the burning of a witch that was going to occur; even rumors about another witch in a far off place killing a king who had loved her had started flying about. The castle staff, however, remained quiet on the matter. They knew how heartbroken the Prince had been since yesterday; the fact that he had locked himself within his bed chambers since yesterday and had yet to come out supported the thought.

Just then, the slamming of a door rang throughout the corridors as a disheveled purple-haired Prince emerged from the room. This, of course, caught the attention of all the servants nearby. His eyes were red and worn; he almost looked sickly with his oddly pale complexion. He, however, was finely dressed as he was everyday; almost like nothing was wrong save for his skin and eyes. But then again, there were such sorrowful emotions swimming in those eyes of his. He was an emotional wreck.

Purple oculars slightly glared at the bemused staff who kept gawking at him until a young maid approached him with a weary expression staining her face. The Prince's gaze immediately softened when he laid eyes on the green-haired girl, his tense stance slackening quite a bit. "Gumi."

At the call of her name, the green-haired maid bowed lowly before raising her gaze to Gakupo. "My Lord, the Priestess Miku is requests an audience with you. She is currently waiting in the throne room." Emerald orbs swirled with anxiety and apprehension as she took a moment to pause. "It is about the execution that is to occur later today."

Not even skipping a beat, the Prince made off towards the throne chamber with great haste, leaving the young Gumi to look after him. She bit her lip lightly as she wrung her hands. "May all things go well, my friend," she whispered quietly as she turned on her heel and walked away, returning to her chores as her thoughts kept swimming.

May the sunset bring you happiness instead of madness, dear Gakupo.

The young aqua-haired priestess walked to and fro in the throne room as she awaited her dear friend. Her thoughts were swarming around the fact that the pink-haired witch even accused her of harboring affections for Gakupo; it was the fact that the enchantress wasn't wrong that she was focusing on. How the hell did she even know? No one in the whole town knew, yet this woman was able to figure it out just by being around her. Perhaps it had been her behavior around the blue-eyed woman.

The sudden opening of the doors forced her out of her train of thought as her wary eyes fell upon the purple-haired prince. He didn't seem to be in the best of shape from what she could make out; he was trying not to show it though. Putting a warm smile on her young face, she curtsied as he approached her. "Prince Gakupo."

In return, the Prince gave her a mechanical smile of his own as he nodded at her in acknowledgement. "So what brings you here, my dear friend?" he asked tenderly, trying to keep his composure as his thoughts kept trailing back to a certain pink-haired woman.

A tiny blush made its way on Miku's cheeks; his sweet voice had always made her feel giddy since they were little children. She took a deep breath, calming herself enough to speak and think clearly. "I've come to tell you that the accused has in fact admitted to being a witch." She paused, staring at his sullen face before she continued. "She, however, refuses to admit that she has casted a spell on you so that you would fall in love with her."

At this news, Gakupo moved a bit away from Miku as he stared out of a window in the throne chamber. He had hoped that his beloved Luka would be found innocent and that perhaps they could be together. But now… Now that chance was utterly shot down because of her admittance. He surely couldn't be with her now. Though, I do love her, he told himself as Miku began to speak once again. He couldn't bring himself to look at her though; he felt like crying right now.

"The witch has accepted her fate, so we shall execute her promptly at sunset." That being said, Miku walked up to Gakupo and embraced him from the back while she buried her face in his back. He smelled so sweet and he was so strong. She smiled to herself as he squeezed her hand in acceptance, quickly looking up at him adoringly; he didn't look at her much to her chagrin.

Sighing slightly annoyed, she pulled away as she turned him around to face her. Miku then slowly grasped his face in her hands, her aqua eyes softening as she gazed at him. "I'm sorry that the woman you thought you loved has turned out to be nothing but a witch who cast a spell on you to fall in love with her."

Gakupo solemnly smiled at her, nodding as he pulled her hands away from his face. "Thank you, Miku. I appreciate your concern." He glumly sighed as he slowly retreated towards the door; the heartbreak he felt was far too much right now. He needed some time to himself again.

"I'm sorry to cut this meeting short, Miku. But I… need some time to collect myself before sunset."

The priestess nodded, looking at him sweetly as she offered him a tender smile in understanding. "It's alright, Your Majesty. It's understandable." She turned on her heel to leave, but stood still for a moment as she thought for a moment. "I shall see you at the execution."

Looking at him from the corner of her eyes, Miku watched the Prince glumly nod as he walked out of the throne room. A saddened sigh escaped her pale lips as she walked out of the chamber and out of the castle. That damned witch has enchanted him more than I thought, she said mentally as she headed into town. After she's gone, he'll be mine again. Because he belongs to me and only to me. I will not be beaten.

A wicked smirk danced across her face as she finally made it to the church. She couldn't wait until sunset; it was only half a day away now.

So there's the first part of the two-shot; the final part should be longer and should arrive within two weeks.

I know that this is pretty warped for those of you who know the song; this is my interpretation of it after all. Miku never seemed like a nice priestess in the video to me, so might as well keep something true other than the ending to this tale.

For anyone who wants to know what song Luka-chan is singing, it's ララの子守唄- Lala no Komori Uta (Lala's Lullaby). I don't know why I pictured her singing a song from D. Gray-Man, but then again, it's so heart wrenching. If you haven't heard it, I suggest you do; Eri Kawai (may she rest in peace) did a wonderful job with it.

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