This is a fan fiction about the eleventh doctor and Amelia Pond (Amy) and it is what i hope would have happened if there was no Rory, i hope you like it! I know most people write in the first person but i write mine in third person, i hope that you don't mind please Enjoy! :) I love doctor who! (if there are any mistakes i am really sorry i'm only younge, and not very got at spelling and grammer, if it is annoying you please tell ne what i spelt or wrote wrong, and i'll fix it right up.

Chapter 1.

As a tall girl with fiery red hair wondered though the long corridors, she came to a halt at a big TARIS coloured door, she loved the blue door and Dalek studded walls that where around her. She called this amazing time machine home now, she loves her family and wished she saw them more often but she spent her time running around and never really had time to miss them.

"Arr," Amy's voice softly echoing around her, she hadn't seen the doctor for a while, and she was a bit worried but she knew if something was wrong he'd get though, unless he locked himself in the bathroom and forgot his sonic screwdriver and Amy had to rescue him, again, she laughed as she turned the door knob.

She opened the door and to her surprise the room she was hoping to see wasn't there, it was the theatre, she frowned as she looked around at the empty sets but she smiled once she saw that familiar face sitting on the stage on a chair, out of all the chairs he had to pick a wooden chair and sat on the stage, she shook her head, still smiling.

Not seaming to notice that Amy had walked into the room, he kept swinging on the chair, he pushed off with the toe of this boots and as an answer the front chair legs went up. As he put his heels back on floor the chair legs when down, he still didn't notice as Amy made her way up the three stairs that lead to the stage, her eyes taking in the view. She had only been in her once, and she only came for some popcorn. She took in the rows of red velvet chairs and high ceiling, she looked back down to see a wooden floor boards and only a meter or so of stage before a red curtain that held another world behind, a world of your imagination, she took a few steps forward and was standing in front of the doctor. Still rocking on his chair, Amy could now see that he had totally zoned out and was now in his own world, his eyes were staring as if looking straight though Amy, unblinking.

"Doctor?" Amy asked softly, not to scare him too much, but she did because he almost fell of him chair, his eyes full of life again, even though he almost had a double heart attack. He brushed a hand though his hair trying to hide his embarrassment, Amy laughed so hard she took a few steps back and found herself falling off the edge of the stage.

"Amy!" Screamed the doctor, he ran the few paces and grabbed her hand, gasping from shock she was lightly pulled back onto the stage she fell to the ground only to be caught by the doctor again, he slowly lowered her to the ground and sat next to her and examining her with his sonic screwdriver.

"Thank... You... Doctor" She puffed though gasps.

"No problem pond, you'll be fine." He replied as he looked into his sonic, he looked at her and she looked back their eyes met for a second and she looked away, he gave her a small kiss on the forehead.

"That's for the shock." He whispered as he stood up, Amy stretched out her arm after him, he took a firm hold of her hand and as she started to put her feet on the floor she felt his grip loosen and she fell back to the ground with a thud. "And that's for scaring me." He laughed as she stood up again eyes narrowed and put on her Scottish angry face that was soon replaced with a small smile. "I see that smile, Pond, don't try and hide it from me." He said as he sat back down on his wooded chair.

"You're meant to be a doctor, someone who cures injury not someone who inflicts them!" She huffed; he gave off a sarcastic laugh.

"Now what did you want in the first place, Amelia." He asked as he began rocking on his chair again. Amy then remembered.

"I didn't want anything." She began "I was looking for my room and I went to my normal door and I followed the right corridor and everything but when I came in it was, well, the theatre." She explained, the doctor nodded, he smiled as she hid her face in embarrassment.

"Don't worry Pond." She smiled and so did he, they started to laugh. "Try down the hall on the left that should be your room."

The moment passed. "Thanks." She was about to leave when she remembered. "Hey doctor, when I came in and you were swinging on your chair, you didn't even know I was there, wha..." He cut her off before she could even finish her sentence.

"Nothing..." He said and looked away from her.

"How did you even know what I was going to say?" She asked and walked up to him.

"I just did ok, you were going to ask me what I was thinking about, weren't you?" He asked not wanting to make eyes contact.

"Yes." She narrowed her eyes, there's still so much I don't know about him. She thought to herself "Tell me, please." She asked eyes searching his face as he turned to her.

"No." He whispered as she looked into his eyes. She gave him that look as if to say, please. He seemed to snap and yelled "NO!" Amy tried not to flinch but she did, she turned around and walked down the steps, a tear formed in her eye as she walked to the door, she blinked it away.

"Amy, wait!" He whispered after her, regretting yelling at her. She didn't turn around she kept walking, the door seemed to be miles away. "AMELIA POND!" He called, she turned around an angry look on her face she put her hands and her hips. "You..." He said. Amy looked at him, expression blank.

"Me, what?" She said angrily, and turned around to keep walking to the door.

"You, I was thinking about you." He confessed, looking away, she stopped walking and turned around, a smile on her face, she felt her heart beating fast, trying to pump all the blood to her cheeks as they went red.

"AW." She looked at the doctor, but he was still looking away, all her anger had melted as she saw how embarrassed he was.

"Well, you'd better go, do that humanie stuff, you humans do." He said as he straitened his bow tie. Amy smiled and she turned the door handle and walked out into the corridor, she walked down the hall all the way to the end, she turned left as the doctor said and turned the handle. As she walked into the pitch black room she put hand on the wall where the light switch should have been, she couldn't find it as she brushed her hand up and down the wall, she shrugged and walked forward with her hands outstretched, careful not to walk into anything. Her hands brushed something soft, she pulled it back and was blinded by a bright light, as her eyes adjusted she saw an outline of a man swinging on a chair.

"Doctor?" She asked, as she looked around at the rows of red velvet chairs, wooden floor boards and high ceiling, this time the doctor wasn't as scared as last time, he just jumped up and turned to look at Amy.

"Amy, I thought you were going to your room." He said as he ran a hand though his hair, Amy looked confused.

"I was, I walked down the hall and turned left, but I ended up here again." She replied, he looked as confused as she did.

"Hmm, try and go right this time." She nodded and walked out the way she came, once she came out the hall stretched in front of her what seemed like miles, Hmm, that's funny I swear I went all the way to the end of the corridor before. She thought to herself, she walked all the way to the end and turned right, she turned the handle and wasn't surprised when her hand brushed a straight wall, no switch. She walked forward and as before her hand brushed the soft curtain, she pulled it back her eyes weren't as stunned as before but it still stung. She was surprised when she saw an empty chair, no doctor swinging, she was disappointed not to see his face, and she walked back out and made her way to the control room. She acutely found it, she smiled as she looked around the TARDIS, as she walked to the controls, something seemed to happen and the TARDIS shock vigorously and Amy began to fall only to be caught in strong arms, she looked up to see the doctor holding her in his arms.

"Amy, are you ok?" He asked, she nodded and she helped her up, he smiled and she hugged him, in a tight embrace.

"Thanks." She said as he hugged her back. He pulled away.

"where do you want to go?" He asked her as he ran around the consoles

"Hmm, Gliese!" She pulled the word from her memory, He nodded.

"I always wanted to go there." He said as he put in the co-ordinates "What time, past, present or the future?" He asked her as she sat in the swivel chair watching him run around.

"Now." She said as he came over and swivelled her around, she grinned.

"Alrightly then, off we go." they spun around as the TARDIS took off in the direction of Gliese. They landed with a crash, as always, the doctor never made a soft landing. He flung open the doors to be welcomed by a very unwelcome guest, his expression changed from happy to angry. "They always, stuff up the best moments." He said as he stared right into the face of an angle.

Just to let you know Gliese is a real planet! it is not made up it is meant to be the same as earth (well not exactly the same but close, it could support life!) it is in another galaxy :) please REVIEW!