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Amy sat down in the study and looked through her photo albums reminiscing about their past:

For their honeymoon the doctor had taken Amy to a planet that was like a winter wonderland, but it wasn't cold it was perfect always about 20 degrees it would snow but it would melt it was just the perfect and Romanic place for a honeymoon, Amy mentioned about kids and the doctor said he had always wanted them.

After weeks turned to months Amy and the doctor had been on many new adventures, confronting old enemies and finding new ones, saving distant planets and falling deeper in love as they did so, but after a year, they decided it was time for them to try and have children. After a few months Amy had a little baby bump. After a long talk they decided to settle down, build their dream house and raise their kids in a safe environment, not always moving around saving everyone. Amy thought back to the day before her wedding and the house she stayed in, and she knew right then that, that house was hers.

They had gone back in time a two years and build their dream house, with the help of the TARDIS it was done in a less than a year it had everything they ever wanted and needed, and exactly the same as when Amy had been there. They went thought time to two days before her wedding and set up the beach for them, all the seats and everything, like it had been when they were there getting married, they then went to the day after their wedding and packed up, and moved into their house.

After 9 months Amy gave birth to a little girl. "What should we name her?" Amy had asked.

"Whatever you like." The doctor had said back, after a while Amy knew and nothing would change her mind.

"Miranda, Lily, Pond." The doctor asked if she really wanted their Childs middle name to be Lily, but she insisted and they did, when Miranda was one they decided it was time for another addition to their family, and after 10 months a young boy was born Alexander, Chase, Pond. They had many adventures going around the universe.

21 years later Miranda was 23 and Alex 22.

Miranda had always wanted to be a doctor and when she turned 21 her dream came true she was a time lord doctor, going around to different planets and healing people and a part time social worker, helping mentally ill children, While Alex had always fascinated by the universe and solving crimes and both his dreams came true, he was a time lord police man, solving crimes and locking people up in the stormcage, with meant he spent a lot of time with River, always having little chats a lunch break, and he was a part time cosmologist, studding even more about the universe, he knew almost the whole lot but he wanted to know everything. Amy and the doctor were so proud of their children.

Amy looked out the window the sea rolling up the beach and then rolling back again, she heard the noise of Miranda's TARDIS, soon followed by Alex's, she remembered when the doctor had helped build their own time machines. Amy ran out the back door to see all three TARDIS' in a row, and smiled as the doors opened and her children came out.

"Mum, how have you been?" Miranda asked running out of the TARDIS and hugging her.

"Great thanks, how are you?" she asked, as Alex came out of the TARDIS, and hugged her too.

"How about dad?" Alex asked.

"Fine too, how about you?" Amy asked.

"Great, River's sentence is almost up, so she should be out of the stormcage soon." He smiled and Amy lead them back into the house.

"So, Miranda how's work?" The doctor asked as he came into the room.

"Great, really great, I saved a Sontaran the other day." She smiled.

"Cool sis, what happened, was their blood?" Alex asked.

"You can be so immature you know, but yeah there was blood, he had a heart attack on the battle field and they called me to go and save him." Alex smiled.

"How's Josh?" Amy asked.

"He is great, he could make it, he had to work." Miranda frowned.

"Let me see the ring again." The doctor pulled Miranda's left hand up to him and looked at the engagement ring that shone like millions of time stars. "He is a good man, you did a great job." He added, and she blushed.

"I know." She smiled.

"Now, Alex are you still going out with Allison?" Amy asked, and he nodded.

They sat for hours just chatting about their lives, and Amy thought about how happy she was and wouldn't change a thing.

The end!

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