This is my first fan fiction so please try to be kind.

I don't own twilight Stephanie Meyer does (just in case you didn't know lol)

Chapter 1- Bella POV

Bella tucked her chin neatly into her neck, her eyes downcast, focused intently on the 70's style brown and orange tiling as she prepared to stand up and walk passed him to get to the class room door.

'Deep breaths Bella' she reminded herself as she pushed her body reluctantly from her nice safe chair in the back of the room. Her knee's knocked hopelessly together for a few moments before she managed to gain enough power over herself to stand still.

'Now the hard part' she muttered under her breath as she tried to hoist her heavy backpack onto her shoulder and take a shaky step forward.

Small, quiet steps were the key. Just like on animal planet the prey must learn to be stealthy to avoid detection, avoid getting mauled, eaten, battered and basically suffering a horrible bloody pointless death at the hand's (or claws) of a pretty, popular, self indulgent lion.

She could hear his laugh, deep bass tone's echoed around the now almost empty class room.

As she had yet to raise her eye's from the horrible floor she wasn't sure if the joke was on her, but as she hadn't heard anyone catcalling or an avalanche of paper hadn't hit her head she guess that for once it was not.

She chanced a quick glance his way as she made her escape toward the nearest exit. He was sat surrounded by the whore brigade as per usual. Tanya was almost thrusting her large almost certainly silicone (I mean who grows 3 bra sizes over a 3 week school holiday) boobs into his direct line of vision.

Irina was stroking his left arm giggling inanely to herself (lets just say she wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed). As Kate flicked her bleach blond dried out and over ironed hair around like she was auditioning for shampoo commercial. All three vying for his attention.

Bella quickly focused back on the floor, fearing her gaze might draw their attention. Wondering what the whore's had said or done to illicit such a deep belly laugh from him. She had never heard them say anything approaching funny or clever, or even remotely interesting come to think of it.

But I suppose she thought bitterly if you're that pretty you don't need to be anything other than decorative and put out for people to think your all three.

She was within three steps of the door when suddenly Tanya's eye's snapped to her. Tanya was definitely the worst of the three, although she wasn't remotely clever she had a low cunning, a sort of animal indigence that made her all the more lethal.

"Hey there fuck-wit, where you think you're going" her unpleasant nasal voice called out.

Bella contemplated running for a few seconds as she was so close to freedom, but just as she was about to bolt forward Irina reached out and grabbed her arm instantly thwarting her plan.

"There's a toll you know fucktard" Tanya continued "for someone as pig-ugly, fashion challenged and retarded as you to be in my wondrous presents"

Irina and Kate burst into laughter at this and Bella detected his low bass laugh quietly joining theirs.

"So Smella" Tanya continued as she came to stand directly in front of Bella "I want you to get on your knees in front of me now and tell me how unworthy you are to be allowed in the same room as me"

Bella had been determinedly focused up until this point on not looking up, but at this announcement she let out a groan and stared up at Tanya's cruel beautiful face in disbelief. This was going to be embarrassing.

I don't own twilight Stephanie Meyer does

Chapter 2

"Come on then freak" Tanya barked as Bella stared at her in stunned silence "on your fucking knees"

Kate had move to the other side of Bella, grabbing her other arm roughly, her false hooker red nail's digging into Bella's flesh painfully as Irina tightened her grip on the other side. Trapping her neatly in place.

Bella took a quick inventory of the class room, most of the students had bolted as soon as the lunch bell had rang, only 3 still lingered there chatting to friends or gathering up their belongings besides the whore brigade and him.

Only 7 people to witness her humiliation if she did this now and quickly, Bella thought to herself. Of course the story would make its way around the whole school in lighting time. But at least only 7 people would have actually witnessed the humbling event.

If she stalled any more someone would have the time to think of whipping out their cell phones, texting friends to come witness the show or even videotaping it post on face book.

Bella looked up at Tanya's gloating face, noticing that it was caked in makeup. Tanya was stunning, always had been and probably always would be. But looking at her up close Bella couldn't help but think how cheap she looked; her eyelash's so thick with mascara they looked like creepy spiders legs sticking out in all directions, her pink blusher slashing across her face and an obvious orange tide mark around her neck where her foundation came to an end.

Tanya seemed to notice Bella's scrutiny and her eye's flashed for a second before Bella felt a burning at the side of her face as Tanya's hand made sharp contact with it.

Bella sucked in a sharp breath at the pain, as her eyes filled involuntary with water. 'o god' she thought to herself, 'please please don't cry, never let the bastards see you cry' she repeated the mantra over and over to herself until the stinging at the corner of her eye's faded and the urge to burst into tears was under control.

"Who the fuck said you could look me in the eye's freak?" Tanya asked in cold voice.

"Sorry" Bella stammered quietly.

"Well Smella" Tanya continued "just for that you now have to get on your knees and tell me how unworthy you are in front of the entire canteen. I was going to let this be private, but if you're going to provoke me then you deserve your punishment to be a little more public I think" she sneered, laughing at her own genius.

'O god' Bella thought this is gonna be bad.

"I...I...I'm sorry" Bella managed to stammer again "I'll do it now, here!" she offered quickly, trying to get to her knee's but Kate and Irina held her fast on each side, waiting for a signal from Tanya as how to proceed.

"If you want mercy freak" Tanya replied after a moment of thought "then you'll have to not only get on your knees and tell me how unworthy you are but also kiss my feet and ask for my forgiveness"

Bella thought she could almost hear the evil that lived in Tanya as she spoke in her shrill little girl voice. What kind of human being could or would do this to someone else.

She glanced at her four tormentors, even though He hadn't gotten involved He had still sat there watching, waiting and enjoying the show along with the whore's. All four were stunning, the kind of beauty you normally saw only in magazines, and Bella wondered to herself was the price of being so beautiful to be ugly on the inside. A black mess of rot and bile where a heart and a sole should live.

She sighed to herself as she nodded her consent to Tanya. Lowering her body onto the cold tiled floor, as whore 2 and 3 loosened their grip's so she could position herself directly in front of the number 1 whore.

Keeping her face passive, to try to hide the anger and hurt boiling inside Bella glance up at Tanya, before hesitantly beginning her grovelling.

"I Bella Marie Swan am totally and utterly unworthy of being in the presents of such a wonderful, beautiful and altogether magnificent individual such as yourself Tanya Denali." Bella said in her low clear voice "I am lucky to be allowed such an honour and thank you for graciously allowing me to be in the same room as you"

Bella wanted to gag on her own words and hated herself for being so weak as to give in and say them. She tried to pretend in her head that she was saying them sarcastically, but she couldn't fool herself, as her voice trembled as she finished.

Tanya looked down at her a smile spread across her thin lips.

"Very good Smella." Tanya praised her in a condescending voice making Bella cringe inwardly "now kiss my feet"

Bella had never felt so humiliated in her life but her urge to obey Tanya to avoid any more trouble was so ingrained after all these years of torment that she felt herself leaning forward toward Tanya's sandal encased feet almost automatically.

She hesitated for a few second's desperately trying to think of a way out of it. Until Tanya's load impatient cry of "do it now" pulled her out of her thoughts.

Giving in she lent further forward until she was within kissing distance from Tanya's feet before suddenly Tanya took a quick step backwards, raising her left foot and stomping down on the back of Bella's head. Driving her face hard and fast into the solid cold tile below.

As her face exploded in pain she could hear the whore's laughing loudly above her.

"like I'd let you dirty freak lips touch me retard" Tanya's voice mocked "but I'll be sure to warn everyone that you're a raging lesbo with a foot fetish, so they can be on their gard against you"

Tanya and her whore's continued to laugh as they made their way towards the exit with Him.

As Bella watched them go, blood running from her nose in a steady stream she caught his eye for a second. A strange look flashed across his face before a slow condescending smile fixed on his face and He turned his back and walked out.