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Bella POV

She was still in a daze as she followed a chattering Alice down the corridor, weaving her way through the sea of students on auto pilot.

She swiped her tongue across her lips and tasted Edward on them. A strange heady mix of mint and spice, she sucked her bottom lip into her mouth desperate for more.

"UH! Bella" Alice chirped calling her attention, when the hell had they gotten to English? She was sitting at her usual desk except Alice was sitting besides her and the whole class seemed to be staring at her expectantly.

"Yes?" she croaked self consciously.

A giggle erupted from some of the students quelled quickly by the teacher.

"Well Isabella what is your opinion of Mrs Rochester's portrayal in Jane Eyre?"

It was luckily one of her favourite books so she easily rattled off a competent enough answer to satisfy the teacher. She had always found the character of Mrs Rochester kinda sympathetic I mean it was hardly her fault she was crazier than a bag of squirrel's wielding toothpick swards. This probably said more about her mental state than she cared to examine.

Her class passed quickly, and before she knew it Bio was upon her and she had to face up to Edward and their kiss.

She walked quickly to the back of the room and sat down at hers and Edwards desk, Tanya entered the room minutes later making her glad she arrived when she did as one look at her face told her walking passed her would not have gone well.

Tanya's face was red and blotchy, she'd obviously been crying, but instead of looking sad she look fucking angry and pissed off. Edwards's words had definitely had an effect, and the repercussions were doubtfully going to be good.

She readjusted in her seat and glanced again to the door, waiting for him to appear. Almost everyone else had arrived and taken their seats. She had expected him to arrive early, so that maybe they could talk for a few minutes before class could begin. A horrible thought struck her that maybe that's why he was late, so that he didn't have to talk to her. Did he perhaps regret their kiss?

Class started and he still hadn't arrived. She slumped in her seat. Fuck!


Jesus fucking Christ!

That was without a doubt the best fucking kiss he had ever had, and he they hadn't even opened their mouths.

Her lips were so soft, he couldn't resist running his tongue softly along them to taste them fully, he'd been desperate to suck her lower lip into his mouth and gently ease her mouth open.

Fuck! He had to stop thinking about this, students were filing into the room for the next lesson and he was still stood in the middle of the room, like a dumb ass sprouting a very big hard on. He lowered his book in front of his penis like some pre-pubescent 13 year old who gets a stiffy every 30 seconds.

He walked quickly towards the janitor's closet on the 2nd floor. He had some fond memories of this place. Many a girl had got down on their knees and sucked him off over the past few years, he grinned at the memory. He knew that he should regret it, or feel guilty or some such shit but he honestly didn't. I mean what kind of guy regretted getting head.

No skanky girl was joining him in here today, and if things went well with Bella he realised no girl would be joining him in here ever again.

He grabbed the mop and wedged it between the door and the wall, stopping anyone from opening the door.

He reached quickly for the fly of his jeans releasing his aching cock, letting out a revealed breath when it was free of its tight denim prison.

Bella's presence was enough to give him a hard on, her body pressed tightly to his was almost enough to have him jizz in his pants. Only Alice's interruption had prevented that, as a couple of more seconds of tasting her divine mouth would have been enough to finish him off.

He spat into his palm to compensate for the lack of lube and began to stroke his aching cock.

He grunted at the sensation and closed his eyes resting the back of his head on the door.

He was kissing Bella's divine mouth, hot, wet passion filled kisses. She pulled away from him, a knowing smile on her face as he stared longingly at her damp, moist lips. Her shirt was hanging open around her creamy white tits, two round glorious globes covered in a semi transparent silk bra. The dark outline of her nipples was viable as they strained against the fabric he felt his breathing speed up and could resist leaning forwards to suck one into his mouth.

His lip's met her left breast and he sucked her whole nipple into his mouth through the silky fabric. She yelped at the contact. He pulled back and grinned at the wet patch on her bra, tented by her now rock solid nipple.

He reached forward and eased her left breast out of her bra, running his little finger around the circumference of her coffee coloured nipple. Pinching it between two fingers, he used his other hand to release her other breast, palming it hungrily. It felt heavy and solidly soft in his hand, he stopped playing with Bella's nipple and took a boob into each hand, pushing them enticingly together, taking one then the other into his mouth in quick succession.

Bella smiled up at him, then slowly lowered herself to her knees. She looked up at him and grinned, licking her luscious lips, before reaching up to undo his belt. She easily released his cock and kissed the head of his cock, before taking her heavenly boob's in her hands and placing them around his dick.

Achingly slowly she moved, squeezing her tits around his cock so they were encased in hot soft flesh as she moved back and forth, sliding his dick in and out of heaven.

He tried to hold back but after a few minutes of enjoying her leisurely pace he couldn't resist taking control. He began to thrust his hips, watching his cock move between her tits as she held them for him to fuck, UG! Yeah that felt good. He looked at her face and saw her watching his cock sliding up towards her face, a look of lust on her beautiful face.

It drove him to thrust faster and faster before pulling his cock from between her tit's to cum all over them. Watching his cum drip down between the two mounds and over the peak of her hard nipples.

Back in the janitors closet he moved swiftly to the mop bucket and finished himself off swiftly, aiming his cum downwards to land in the rancid water.

He collapsed against the door after the last stream of cum stopped his leg's no longer able to support him.

Best kiss and best wank in one day, he smiled to himself, who would have thought it.

He cleaned himself off with a tissue and tucked his cock back into his jeans. Taking the mop from the door, he cautiously stuck his head out the door, making sure no one was in the halls.

Normally after a trip in there he didn't try to hide his exit, in fact it added more to his rep if her was caught ducking out as everyone knew he had been getting some. But if anyone saw him today and it got back to Bella it might ruin everything, and if it got back to Alice his nut's would be in a vice grip before he could explain the truth.

He slipped into the deserted hallway and pulled his phone out of his pocket. Shit where the hell had the time gone, he had been in their well over an hour and Bio had already started.

He contemplated going to class, at least he would get to see Bella, but he knew it would mean a shit storm of questions about why he was late and they'd find out he had skipped PE too and call Esme about his attendance.

He had to meet Bella and take her to lunch so he hovered near the door, keeping a check out for any teachers on the prowl.

Time dragged as he waited, but finally when the bell rang his heart jumped into his throat in anticipation of seeing her again. Finally he saw her glumly slinging her bag over her shoulder, head down, walking swiftly out the door in the opposite direction to the canteen.

"Bella" he called out trying to get her attention, she didn't look around but he knew she had heard him, as her shoulders stiffened at the sound of his voice and her pace sped up noticeably.

"Bella" he called again racing behind her, his long legs ate up the floor much faster than her short ones and he was soon by her side. "Bella" he said again, slightly out of breath this time.

She finally came to a stop, staring intently at her feet as she shifted uncomfortably from one foot to the other.

"UM" he said rather lamely, unable to think now he had caught her "the...Um...the canteen is that way" he pointed in the opposite direction.

She looked up finally, but levied a scathing look at him. "Thank you Edward" she replied cuttingly "all these years here and I had yet to find the canteen, I mean look at me" she gestured down to her luscious ripe chunky body "I'm clearly wasting away."

He took his time looking up and down her body in those clothes he had yet to thank Alice into talking her into wearing, taking full advantage of the pseudo invitation to look. A blush quickly spread across her cheeks and down into the neckline of her t-shirt as she noticed his rapt attention.

"Well whatever you're doing" he gulped "it's certainly working well for you. But since we agreed to meet Alice and the gang it might be bad manner's to stand them up."

Bella stared at him in shock for a few seconds before shaking herself and turning around to stomp towards the canteen.

He followed behind her leaving a few pace's between them, she obviously needed space, and to be honest he really enjoyed the view of her ass in those jeans.

He spotted his friends in their usual seats, already eating and chatting. Alice looked relived as she spotted him and Bella enter her eye's following them as they joined the lunch line.

He plopped his tray down besides hers and lent down to bring his face closer to her ears, a waft of strawberry's permeating his nostrils.

"Sorry I didn't make it to Bio I got held up" he whispered softly to her, noticing the goose bumps spring up over her smooth skin as he spoke.

She didn't reply, or look around but continued to shuffle forwards in the queue, grabbing random objects from the shelves of food in front of them.

"Did I miss anything?" he asked determined to hear her voice.

"No" she finally replied, a bite of annoyance marring her soft voice. "Same old, same old. Still this project nonsense."

"Yeah" he agreed grabbing onto any conversational thread she offered "we really gotta get moving on that. Things went, well shit last time" she nodded along with him to that one but still didn't turn around. "Maybe we should go to mine next time, have some more privacy. Although knowing how nosy my mom is I'm not entirely sure that statement is true, she'll probably be interrupting us every half hour with drinks or baked good." Bella finally turned around to look at him a giggle escaping from her luscious lips as he rolled his eyes in exasperation.

He tried not to recall his vivid fantasy as this was definitely not the time or the place to be sprouting wood.

"Nice choice of lunch you have their" he gestured to her tray of food in an attempt to take his mind off his dick. A banana, a tub of grated cheese, a crusty roll and diet soda sat on her tray as they approached the till. She looked down at it with a shocked expression before handing over some cash at the register. He laughed slightly at her apparent confusion. He paid for his own food and directed her towards his usual table.

Emmett and Rosalie were sat pressed tightly together at one side of the table, Alice and Jazz were sat the other side leaving two seats open facing each other on either side of the table. He walked around and sat besides Emmett, figuring she'd probably be more comfortable sitting beside Alice rather than Emmett.

"BBBBBBBBB BEE Baby" Emmett barked out as Bella sat self consciously in her seat, drawing the attention of most of the canteen towards her.

"Ass" I punched Emmett in the arm for his bad timing.

But the big lunk barely seemed to feel it was he grinned widely at Bella.

She nervously smiled back at him, causing Emmett's face to nearly split in two with glee.

"So Bee, on behalf of us all" he said pompously, gesturing around the table "welcome to our little lunch time gang. As the newest member, I have to warn you that terrible, heart wrenchingly dangerous subject are discussed at this table and you need to be prepared to face them."

Bella gulped nervously at Emmett's solemn tone, he was such a convincing shit when he wanted to be.

"So on that note" he continued now grinning "what are we gonna watch on movie night" he turned to Jazz and Edward looking for support "because if we allow Ali and Rose to talk us all into Legally Blond again I'm going to have to put my head in the oven."

Everyone burst out laughing, including Bella, who seemed to be looking at Emmett a lot more favourably.

"Oh please Emmett" Alice piped in, "we all know you love it despite the protests, when Elle kicks ass in court you practically teared up."

Emmett puffed his large chest out in indignation "Take that back" he pointed a thick finger in Alice's direction as everyone giggled again.

"It's OK baby" Rosalie said soothingly rubbing her nails against his chest "it's manly and brave to be able to be able to cry."

"Yeah Em" he couldn't resist taking a few jab's at his softy of a brother "it takes a real man to cry, the pain of having your cock lopped off and stuck in Rosalie's back pocket is enough to make any guy tear up."

Emmett punched him in the shoulder nearly sending him flying to the floor.

He righted himself and gazed at Bella who was laughing with abandonment, her small hand clamped to her mouth trying to stifle the sound. His revenge to inflict pain on Emmett was immediately forgotten at the beautiful sight before him, their eye's met sharing the moment together.

"What do you suggest as a good movie Bella?" Alice asked, drawing her attention away from him.

"Well it depends what you're in the mood for I guess" she replied.

"Well we have a standing movie night every second Friday" Emmett explained "and we each get to pick a movie in turn. Except Alice and Rosalie here are such cunning little minx's and Jazz and I are so pussy whipped"

"And proud of it" Jazz interrupted, grinning at Alice.

"Damn straight" Emmett did the same to a gooey eyed Rosalie.

He felt like he should be taking notes of this crap for future reference with Bella. His usual idea of romancing the ladies was to actually bother to remember their names.

"What was I saying" Emmett emerged from his Rosalie induced stupor.

"Something about minxes, movie night and being pussy whipped" Edward was shocked as all hell that Bella was the one to answer, and hearing her say pussy had his trousers twitching.

"Oh yeah" Emmett hit himself on the forehead "well they manage to talk me and Jazz into watching any movie they want, which is usually some chick flick shot we've seen like a million times before. So it's only once every 5 movie night's we get to watch something different when Eddie here gets his pick."

"Hey" Rosalie complained once Emmett finished "there's nothing wrong with pretty woman or wild child."

"And we haven't watched Pride and Prejudice in a while" Alice agreed.

Emmett and Jazz shook their head in resignation.

"Yeah" Rose agreed looking at Alice "we should put those on the list for the next few weeks"

"See what I mean" Emmett turned back to Bella. "Please tell me you don't watch that chick flick crap too?"

Edward turned his full attention back to her, hoping to god she said no.

"Well" Bella looked nervously from Emmett to Rosalie and Alice, obviously nervous about voicing an opinion "I don't hate them and Pride and Prejudice is actually one of my favourites but usually my tastes are a bit less fluffy in nature."

"I'll tell you what" Alice grinned at her "how about this Friday you come to move night and bring a movie of your own choice."

His breath caught in his throat. Fuck yeah! Bella at his house, in a darkened room.

"I wouldn't want to interrupt anything and take anyone's turn" Bella said softly.

"Nonsense" Alice brushed her objection aside. "You've got to be added to the rotation anyway since you're going to be joining us from now on." The bell rang signalling the end of lunch Alice jumped up pecking Jazz on the cheek before grabbing Bella's hand and towing her along "We've got Spanish so we can talk about plan's for Friday whilst Ms Geoff natters on"

With that she pulled her out the door.

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