Author's note: I know starting a story while busy with another is a huge no-no, but I just had to write this or go mad! The idea just kept ebbing on my conscious and I finally gave in. It's an AU-fic basically consisting of interconnecting one-shots told in Damon's POV

To orchestrate the perfect plan one first needs the perfect cast.

No plot can be carried out without the right characters. First were the two tragic lovers, Elena and his own dear brother, Stefan.

Then was the oblivious characters whose role came much later in the play, like Caroline Forbes, she was just stupid and smart enough to play the part beautifully without even knowing she was playing right into Damon's trap.

Then there was the sweet leading actress, the martyr of all things good and fucking-holy, Bonnie Bennett.

Last but not least was his own part in the whole thing, the perfect villain and antagonist of the play, whose part was to stand back and watch the whole thing play out only to come in the end to sweep the girl.

He needed a setting, nothing like a high school infested with young hormonal and backstabbing teenagers to set the perfect atmosphere for his diabolical plan.

And this of course was the most vital part of the plan, the trust between friends. Without it, his whole plan would be a waste. He was counting on that insufferable die-hard-girl bond that existed between Mystic Fall's inseparable trio.

Damon grinned, his eyes landing on his lead star, the witch Bonnie Bennett. Moving through the throng of students he walked up to her just as she was turning to close her locker.


"Damon," she greeted back coolly, arms crossed over her chest eyeing him suspiciously.

"Don't get your candles burning I just want to talk," Damon said rolling his eyes at her guarded posture.

Bonnie gave him a look, studying him as if checking for any foul play, finally coinciding defeat she sighed and closed her locker.

"Fine but make it quick," she said

"Well not here, it's a private matter,"

Her eyes narrowed and she chewed on her bottom lip, contemplating whether to trust him or not.

"Okay let's go outside,"

"Lead the way Ave Marie," Damon said with a smirk.

Bonnie huffed but nevertheless led the way outside.


"You want to do what?" Bonnie exclaimed her eyes widening in shock. Damon pulled her behind a tree, checking to see if no one heard her outburst. Satisfied he had no eavesdroppers he turned back to her.

"You make it sound like I'm asking you to commit murder," He said dryly.

Bonnie shoved away from him, eyes gleaming.

"You are more crazy then I thought if you think for even one second I'll help you break Stefan and Elena up!" she snapped angrily.

Damon rolled his eyes, he'd expected as much and hence why he came prepared.

"Calm down and listen," He started, using a softer voice.

Bonnie shook her head vehemently.

"Forget it Damon, I won't help you. Whatever gave you the idea that I'd actually even consider your plan I'll never know. Goodbye Damon," Bonnie huffed then turned to leave.

Damon waited till she'd walked a short distance before pulling out the big guns.

"I know you have feelings for Stefan," the words froze Bonnie's walk and she slowly turned towards him.


She hurried back to him, glaring at him all the while.

"Damon, don't speak of something you know nothing about!" she snapped shoving a finger at his chest.

"Really Bonnie, you mean to tell me all those longing glances you give him mean nothing? You don't ever wish it was you instead of Elena?" Damon stepped forward wanting the words to sink in.

He could see the inner conflict in Bonnie. She wanted Stefan for herself but she was also compelled to do the right thing as Elena's bestfriend.

"Bonnie don't you deserve to be happy?" He stressed cupping her chin in his palm and looking deeply into her eyes.

Bonnie was wavering, uncertainty marring her face. Before she could start refusing him again Damon leaned into her ear,

"You see over there?" he asked mentioning to Stefan and Elena holding hands and laughing. Bonnie nodded slowly.

"It could be you Bonnie, it should be you," The words though whispered hit home.

He didn't overdo it just watered a seed he knew to be already planted in the young witch's mind.

Bonnie was still not convinced the last strings of loyalty still attached.

"If only you had the nerve," Damon sighed stepping from Bonnie and nailing the last nail on the coffin.

Bonnie glared at him. No one could resist a challenge and beneath the Saint Maria act, he knew that the witch had a bit of rebel in her. He was counting on it in fact.

"I have the nerve," she stated and Damon had to hide his smirk.

"Really, to break up Mystic Fall's sweethearts?" Damon asked then shook his head slightly, almost as if he hadn't been the one to come up with the idea.

The trick was to make the Bennett witch believe she'd come up with the idea, make her forget he'd twisted her arm and baited her.

"Yes and I can prove it too," She said with conviction.

"I'm not sure Bennett, Elena is your best friend," Damon said still acting as if unconvinced.

A look of pain flickered over her face, but the desire to finally have Stefan as her own was too great. Sometimes when people have their first fall, they fall hard. The Bennett witch was no different now that he'd unearthed her secret longing to the surface.

"She'll understand," Bonnie said firmly.

"Now that's a girl who knows what she wants!" Damon exclaimed looping an arm over her shoulders.

"Don't worry Bennett, this plan is completely fail proof. As long as you play your part well, you'll be arriving at the spring dance with Stefan's arm looped with yours," Damon promised.

And he'd finally have Elena; everything with the world will be as it should be.

"But that's a week from now! How can we break them up within a week?" Bonnie exclaimed doubt marring her features again.

"Just trust me, it will all workout perfectly," Damon said leaving no room for doubt.

He glanced one more time at the unsuspecting couple and for once his lip didn't curl into a sneer, but instead lifted at the corners into a smile.

I get the girl this time, Stefan.

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