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Damon held Bonnie, the smell of lavender wafting from her hair. This was probably how vampire heaven was like and he was going to enjoy every single moment. Seeing as he doubted he'd be headed to heaven, that place was for people like Stefan who ate bunnies and got euphoria from a good deed.

The music was crap which of course he wasn't surprised, one look at the peroxide dyed DJ and any hopes of good music playing during the dance had died. But he couldn't complain, Bonnie in his arms and not throwing any snide insults? If that wasn't having it good he didn't know what was.

"I had no idea you were such a good dancer," Bonnie mused in his ear. Compliments too?

He knew he was probably holding her too close to be seen as appropriate but come on if MFH was dishing out condoms at the drinks section he guessed they weren't exactly oblivious to what their students got up to at such events. Not that he thought Bonnie would sleep with him, she wasn't exactly that type of girl... still he grabbed some when they offered.

"Yeah well you are no slouch either," he said glad she was actually enjoying herself. He might even get a kiss without a slap and maybe even a hot make out session he'd already picked a spot for them too. Always a man with a plan.

So there he is, Bonnie in his arms thinking that this is probably how Stefan feels when he's holding Elena when he's eyes catch something. He blinked several times to make sure he was really seeing the advancing figure.

He couldn't believe it, "What the hell is Professor Xavier doing here?" he demanded his irritation evident.

"Who?" Bonnie asked trying to peer over his shoulder.

Damon glared at Tyler darkly, what more did he have to do for the guy to get the message? Throw him over a bridge? "There, the buffoon in the wheelchair making his way towards us," he snapped.

Bonnie turned to see and sure enough his one foot in a cask and rolling his wheelchair towards them was Tyler Lockwood.

What does a vampire have to do around here to get recognition, kick a dog when's its down? Damon thought with exasperation.

"Bonnie, sorry I'm late," Tyler said when he reached them, "Rolling in here isn't as easy as it looks,"

I bet it would have been a lot harder if I'd thought to break the wrists as well, instead of being charitable. Damon thought darkly.

Bonnie glanced between them and Damon gave her 'you aren't seriously thinking of ditching me for the jock in wheels' look but Bonnie only bit her lower lip brows furrowed. So Damon knew it was up to him to get rid of Professor X- go all Magneto on him.

"Sorry Lockwood but as you can see Bonnie is with me," Damon said and emphasized his point by draping his arm around her shoulders, "So why don't you be a good boy and go die somewhere," he added under his breath.

"You don't even go to this school!" Tyler exclaimed like Damon didn't already know that.

Ever since he'd walked in here, that weird guy who checked the so called list to that weird teacher from that Spanish class he might have insulted (He's pretty sure that with that mug she'd been called a lot worse things than ugly old hag before) he's been told that!

"Your point being?" he asked.

"Besides I asked Bonnie first," Tyler said stubbornly.

Was the kid serious? Damon shook his head, "So I'm guessing you're the only one in this school who doesn't know Bonnie and I are an item?" he'd known that that lie would come handy someday.

"We are?" Bonnie asked raising an eyebrow at him just as Tyler uttered the same.

"Of course, heck if you don't believe me ask Barbie over there," he said pointing to Forbes.

Tyler seemed hesitant as he turned to Bonnie, "Bonnie is that true?" he asked.

This was the moment he'd know for sure if Bonnie really did like him. He didn't even realize he was holding his breath until Bonnie spoke, "No," and Damon gawked at her, "But we are working on repairing it," and Damon was saved from making a scene.

So it would seem the witch really did like him, not that he'd ever doubted that for a second. Honest!

"So why don't you just roll off?" Damon suggested.

He'd always wanted a catch phrase and his first attempt he felt wasn't so bad.

Tyler really looked shattered, his face was even worse than when Damon had intentionally broken his foot. And Damon couldn't be happier in fact he felt his smile was probably blinding some students.

"Sorry Ty," Bonnie said and pent over him to place a chaste kiss on his cheek.

Damon concluded that they had a lot to discuss, she couldn't kiss guys no matter how sisterly it looked period. There was no way he was going to allow Lockwood to be his Damon! At least with him, when he was still vying for Elena's attention he'd been the better looking guy so it really would have made sense if Elena had chosen him.

Lockwood? It made absolutely no sense at all.

"I still can't believe you broke his foot," Bonnie said shaking her head as they watched Lockwood wheel himself slowly away. Damon had never seen something more entertaining in his life unless of course he fell…

"Believe me it was harder than it looks," he mused.

Bonnie slapped him playfully on the chest, "so you admit you had a hand in it!' she accused.

Damon held the hand on his chest in his, "You know if you're so wild outside the bedroom I can just imagine all the stuff we'll get up to," he teased causing Bonnie to mock glare at him, "and all I did was call that guy an ambulance after he tripped over the stairs,"

"How noble of you," Bonnie teased.

"That's just my cross to bear always putting other people's needs before my own, a real tragic saint," he said pulling her from the dance floor.

There was no way they were going to dance to Taylor Swift, he had a line and the DJ just crossed it.

"Hey I like this song," Bonnie said but she wasn't actually pulling away from him either, "Where are we going to anyways?"

"Somewhere Lockwood can't wheel himself to," he said over his shoulder as he ushered her out through the back doors.

Damon had to stifle the chuckle in his chest, he just didn't understand why he was so happy! It was unnatural, unDamon like!

He led her up a flight of stairs to an open area on the roof where someone who obviously didn't have a life was running some kind of florists/ garden thing.

"Wow this is beautiful," Bonnie said in awe.

He'd actually been looking for a secluded spot to be alone with her, hadn't really been thinking on the romantic expect of it. But that didn't mean he wasn't going to milk it…

"Sort of looks like that scene in High School Musical where Troy and Gabriella sang and danced just before it rained," the words slipped out of his mouth before he realized it, "I mean that's what I'd imagine those soapy teen fad movies would do, of course I've never watched it," he quickly added but by the look on Bonnie's face she didn't believe him one bit.

"Don't worry Damon it will be our secret to keep," Bonnie said grinning, "And mine to blackmail you with!"

Damon pulled her to him, "You wouldn't dare," he threatened softly.

"And who's going to stop me?"

He grinned evilly at her and before Bonnie knew what hit her, he had her in his arms tickling every sensitive spot he could find.

Another totally unDamon like moment! He better watch it, next he might find himself breaking into song.

Bonnie squealed, trying to struggle free but it was fruitless and he didn't stop until she was wheezing from laughter.

"You are so going to pay for that," Bonnie said when she'd managed to stifle the laughter.

"And who's going to stop me?" he asked using her words against her, "Vampires aren't ticklish,"

Bonnie moved closer to him, stepping in front of his face, "Who said anything about tickling you?" she asked in this husky sexy voice Damon hadn't even known she had.

"Careful Bon Bon you don't want to play with fire," he said his hands on her hips.

"Damon I start fires," she whispered against his lips.

Who would have thought that under all those camisoles and jeans Bonnie Bennett was such a vixen?

"I'm going to kiss you now," he told her leaning his head forward.

"Not if I beat you to it," she challenged with a grin.

It was a tie, but of course Damon reckons he beat her by a millisecond. For Bonnie's sake he'll keep it at a tie.

She's exceeded all his expectations, amazing, funny, sassy and of course that little bit of crazy that really gives him a run for his money. Contrary to Stefan's predications, he doesn't screw it up on their first date.

And for the record that fire that burnt down the restaurant where they might OR might not have been at (Investigation is still pending concerning suspects) could have been started by anything, what do you expect having so many candles in a bathroom?

What he wasn't expecting though was finding out Bonnie was not a virgin, she'd been wrong to make him believe otherwise. That's why he had had absolutely no choice but to rock her bed, remove whatever previous experiences she had right out the window.

He's taught her well which would explain why right now he's cuffed to her bed, surrounded by fuzzy toys while she stands over him in a sexy Victoria secret number he got her for Valentine's Day.

"Car, calm down what's wrong?"

Oh he forgot to mention the totally unsexy phone call she was having at the moment, "just drop the phone Barbie can find her own IQ!" he said and it was unfortunate he was handcuffed our he'd have ended that call for her.

Bonnie just shakes her head, "okay I'll be there in a moment," she said.

In a moment? What the hell did she think he had planned for them this evening? Spin the bottle?

He watched as Bonnie slid back on her dress, grabbing her shoes, "Er where are you going?" he asked knowing he'd be pissed if she ditched him for some blonde drama.

"I'm so sorry Damon, but I have to go!" she apologized slipping on her shoes, "Love you!" she added as she hurried out.

Damon pursed his lips and leaned back onto the bed, "She left me cuffed to her bed, how sick is that?" he mused to himself wondering if he could just break them.


"I can't believe you actually went through with it!" Caroline exclaimed when Bonnie walked up to her where she had been waiting for her.

"That'll teach him from feeding off me like some mosquito," Bonnie said, "I told him he could bite me once and Damon just takes everything,"

Caroline laughed, "So what if he breaks free?" she asked.

"He can't I may have put a tinsy spell on them," she said and she and Caroline exchanged High fives.

"You are so bad!"

Bonnie flicked her hair back, "That's just what happens when you start dating Mystic Fall's badass," she joked as she and Caroline got into the car.

She'd let Damon squirm for an hour or so then kiss all his frowns away. Honestly, she was just the best girlfriend ever.

The End

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