Episode 5: The Elder Wand of Hogwarts, Part I

After much debate and convincing, Roderich finally agreed to let his cousins go with Sonic and the others to hunt the thirteen demons and trap them back in the Chest. Konrad wanted to go, too, but Roderich objected to that for an obvious reason.

"But why can't I go, bro?" Konrad asked in dismay.

"Because you're still grounded," Roderich firmly explained to his little brother. "You still need to think about your actions at school, young man."

"Aw, man!" Konrad whined, then pouted. "Verdammt."

"Konrad Frederick Edelstein, you watch your mouth!" Roderich scolded.

After a long-ass argument with Roderich, Konrad angrily marched up to his room and slammed the door.

Meanwhile, Liesel was Skyping with a friend of hers from Brooklyn, New York, while most of the other guys were packing for the trip. She herself had just finished packing her stuff.

"Demon hunting?" Liesel's friend, Jakob Cohen, asked with excitement.

"Yup," Liesel said with a grin.

"Sounds dangerous," Jakob commented. "And fun, too! Hey, do you think you and the others will make a stop in Tel Aviv while on your adventures? I'm visiting my cousin Rebekah there right now."

"Dunno," said Liesel. "I hope so; I'd like to see you soon."

"Is Mudgig—Ludwig—whatever his name is still stupid?" Jakob asked Liesel.

"Oh, yeah," Liesel replied and started laughing hard. "You know what he did in Ikebukuro to try and earn money? He kept on trying to pass junk off as antique artifacts and tried selling them! Pretty stupid, huh?"

Jakob laughed just as hard as Liesel. "Yeah, pretty dumb."

Both Liesel and Jakob continued laughing and making fun of Ludwig.

Gilbert was done packing his Pikachu backpack. He saw Liesel on her laptop—which Izaya had bought her back in Ikebukuro—and, carrying Prussia, sidled up to her.

"What'cha doin'?" Gilbert asked, looking over his big sister's shoulder.

"Just talking with my friend Jakob," said Liesel.

"Oh," Gilbert said. Then he got a closer look, saw Liesel's friend on the screen, and waved. "Hi, Jakob!"

Jakob smiled at Gilbert and waved back. "Aw, hi, Gilbo."

Ludwig was finished packing his stuff as well. He saw Liesel on her laptop. Gilbert was next to her and waving at the screen. Lui went over to his sibs and saw what his sister was doing.

"Oh, you're talking to that stupid American again?" Ludwig asked in annoyance; he always hated it when Liesel hit it off with boys who weren't German. He especially hated it when his big sister started taking an interest in American boys. He didn't have anything against Americans in general; he just found the American boys Liesel's age to be very annoying.

"American?" Gilbert asked in confusion. "I thought he was from Israel."

"Well, actually, Jakob's parents are from Israel, but he was born in New York," Liesel explained.

"You think I'm stupid, Mudgig?" an insulted Jakob asked. "Why?"

"It's because you American boys are all the same with your small brains, and your baggy pants that show your underwear, and your—" Ludwig rambled on, but was cut off by Jakob.

"I find that racist!" said Jakob. "Besides, I don't have a small brain, and I don't wear pants that show my underwear!"

"Uh…oh…um, uh…sorry about that…" Ludwig said in embarrassment. His face turned red, and he hid his head in his shirt.

"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!" Gilbert screamed when he saw Ludwig with his head in his shirt. "West's head is gone! WAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" He started crying and held on tight to Prussia.

Izaya, who was also finished packing, rushed up to Gilbert once he heard his cries. He picked Gilbert up and tried making him feel better.

"It's alright, Little Prussia, it's alright," Izaya said. "I'm sure Lui's head will be right back."

"You don't think the Headless Horseman took it, do you?" Gilbert asked the guy who was teaching him to be awesome.

"Nah, why would the Headless Horseman take Lui's head?" Izaya said with a laugh. "Seriously, Lui isn't awesome. Not like yours truly."

Ludwig emerged from inside his shirt, insulted by what Izaya said about him. "HEY!"

"West, your head's back!" Gilbert said happily. "The Headless Horseman didn't take it!"

"See?" Izaya said. "I told you his head would be back, and it is."

"Guys, we're ready to go," Tails announced. "Shizuo got a car for us."

"Okay, come on, you three," said Izaya. He was still carrying Gilbert, who was now wearing his Pikachu backpack.

"Jakob, I've gotta go now," Liesel told her friend. "I'll talk to you when we get to wherever we are."

"Okay, Liesel," said Jakob. "Talk to you soon. Bye."

Both Liesel and Jakob signed off, and Liesel shut her laptop down. She put her backpack on her back, picked up her laptop, and followed Izaya and her brothers to the car.

Everyone loaded their stuff into a van that Shizuo had brought, and then they hit the road. They decided that their first stop should be England, because the Beilschmidt siblings mentioned that they had a friend in England who told them about a wizard school called Hogwarts. They thought that the place would be a good start to their search, because, according to the Beilschmidt sibs' friend, Arthur Kirkland, the school had a lot of powerful magical artifacts.

Kid decided to call Lord Death to notify him about their first destination, and, just their luck, Lord Death had some information for them.

"You're in luck, everyone," said the symmetry freak's father. "Hogwarts is exactly where you'll find one of the thirteen demons."

"Is he symmetrical?" Kid asked.

"Who cares about that?" Liz yelled.

"Yeah, Kid," said Patty. "We have to stop this demon, silly!"

"What's this particular demon like?" Izaya asked.

"Is he scary?" Gilbert asked, clinging to Ludwig.

"He might be, Gilbo," Lord Death replied. "Anyway, his name is Naraku. Normally, he wears a white cloak, complete with the mask of a baboon. According to some information I got from Arthur, he recently attacked Hogwarts. The entire school had to be evacuated. The teachers, students, and other staff will not be there."

"That doesn't explain what he's doing in Hogwarts," said Anri.

"He's at Hogwarts because he seeks the Elder Wand," said Lord Death.

"What's the Elder Wand?" Tails asked.

"It's a legendary wand made over a hundred years ago," Lord Death explained. "Legend says that it's the most powerful wand in the world. If Naraku gets his hands on that wand, the results would be disastrous!"

"So, what do we do? Retrieve the wand and stuff Naraku in the Chest?" asked a bored Chris. He yawned rather loudly, which irked everyone, even Lord Death.

"Uh, actually, you do have to get Naraku into the Chest, however you can," said Lord Death. "But you must leave the Elder Wand at Hogwarts."

"What?" Chris whined. "We don't get to keep it?"

"That's right, Chris Whiney Dork," said Lord Death. "It's not only powerful, it's also very dangerous."

"Say, Lord Death, are we going to get some assistance for this?" asked Sonic. "'Cause this sounds like a tough job."

"Well, I did send Miroku and Keiko's cousins there earlier, but I haven't heard back from them in a while," said Lord Death. "I also sent Celty ahead to meet you, so she'll be able to assist you."

"That's great!" Mikado exclaimed. "We're gonna see Celty again!"

"Oh, and one more thing," Lord Death said. "The next time you call, you might hear me screaming in the background."

"Why?" asked a puzzled Knuckles.

"Because Miroku and Keiko didn't know I sent their cousins Yoshimori and Tokine," said Lord Death. "When they find out, they're gonna kill me, I just know it!"

"Oh," everyone said in scared voices.

"Well…goodbye," Lord Death said. Then he signed off, leaving Chris and the others to their journey to England.

"Uh, let's keep going," Shizuo said, trying to forget about what Lord Death had just said about Miroku and Keiko unleashing their wrath upon him.

"Right," Myung agreed.

"England, here we come!" said an excited Masaomi.

Author's Note: Verdammt- Damn (German)

P.S.: For anyone who doesn't know, Tel Aviv is in Israel.

P.P.S.: Jakob's cousin Rebekah is my Israel OC, Rebekah Novak.