Please Don't Remember Me by DD Agent

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Chapter Four

Leroy Jethro Gibbs hadn't slept very well. How could he, with images of him and Jenny Shepard making love on her bed running through his head? He'd spent most of the night walking across his room, softly padding in the boxers and t-shirt he had found in his duffel bag. His feelings had become more pronounced with every step, and at one point he had slowly opened his door and pushed open Jenny's to watch her sleep. She looked so calm.

He was now down in the kitchen making himself a cup of coffee. Jenny had bought his Jamaican blend, and the taste was incredible. He had missed coffee. Looking around the kitchen, he frowned. The place was all expensive, modern stuff. Not like his own basic kitchen. There weren't even any photographs on the refrigerator.

Jethro wondered if his own fridge still had the photo Pacci had taken of him and Jenny at her birthday party last year.

"But it wasn't last year," Jethro cursed, slamming his coffee mug down on the kitchen table. He had lost nine years of his life and only had one memory. Things still didn't make sense to him.

Moving up, he decided to check the fridge for anything he could cook for breakfast. It was four o'clock in the morning, but he figured Jenny would have to get up early for work. Or was it that he knew? While searching through piles of fruit and other healthy crap, Jethro realised something was ringing. After searching around, he finally found Jenny's mobile phone. Someone called Cynthia was calling.

"Hello?" he asked as he answered the phone.

"Hello? This is Cynthia Sumner, Director Shepard's assistant. Is she around?"

Cynthia was the one who had sprained her ankle and had been treated by the Frog's daughter. He was putting things together - he was proud of himself. He became more proud as a plan started to form in his mind about how to spend the day. "I'm afraid, Ms Sumner, that Director Shepard won't be coming in today."

"Special Agent Gibbs?"

Her harsh tone suggested a pretty volatile relationship. Jethro doubted that Jenny would let him date her assistant, so she must only know him from work. He had always tried to be nice to Tom Morrow's assistant; he didn't know why he would be so different for the person who worked for Jenny. Maybe over the nine years he'd become a bit more of a bastard.

"Yeah, it's me. Director Shepard is taking a personal day to help me regroup, see if I can remember a few things." He paused. "Thank you, Cynthia, for checking up on her. Is there a message that I can pass on?"

"Just that two of her meetings cancelled. I was calling to see if she wanted me to push things around so she could spend the day helping you out." He cursed. He heard chuckling on the other end of the phone. He could see why Jenny liked Cynthia. She was very much like her boss. "I think that's the first time you've ever said thank you to me, Special Agent Gibbs."

"First time for everything." He grinned, his mind drifting on how to spend his day with Jenny. On how to get close to her. "Enjoy your day, Cynthia."

"Enjoy yours, Special Agent Gibbs."

As he hung up on Cynthia, he grinned. Today would be the perfect day to start putting his plan into action. His plan to get Jenny to realise that whatever reason she was keeping their past from him was bogus and that she only wanted to be with him. Because he was pretty sure he only wanted to be with her.

At about half six, he heard padding on the stairs. Jenny soon came through the kitchen door and he watched as her breath caught. She smiled, wrapping the robe around herself, obviously forgetting that he was staying with her. In that moment, Jethro discovered that his partner liked wearing silk negligees to bed. He could get behind that.


"Morning," Jenny whispered, licking her lips and heading to the coffee pot. "Where did you get the paper?"

"Hector, your security detail, got it for me. I gave him ten dollars and he bought that and breakfast for the guys," Jethro admitted, before putting the paper down. "Cynthia called. Two of your meetings cancelled."

Jenny looked up sceptically from the coffee pot, her eyes narrowing. "What did you do?"

"I didn't do anything!" Jethro smiled. He could see a smirk forming on Jenny's lips, she knew him too well. God, how long were her legs? They seemed to go on forever. The pink silk and lace she was wearing barely covered her ass. Was she going to be wearing that stuff every day? He hoped so. "She's moved some things around so we can spend the day together."

Jenny walked over and hit him with the paper. Jethro just smiled. "Come on, I need new clothes! I was hoping we could go shopping." That brought a smile to her face. "After breakfast. What do you usually have for breakfast anyway?"

Jenny took a sip of her coffee. "Usually a slice of wholemeal toast, if I eat breakfast at all. At weekends I usually eat a fruit medley and some pro-biotic yoghurt."

Jethro snorted into his coffee, and Jenny hit him with the paper again. "Seriously? That's not food."

"It keeps me healthy, thank you very much. And it keeps my legs looking like they are, which you should appreciate," Jenny glared at him and Jethro shifted in his seat, realising she had noticed his staring. "So what would you count as breakfast?"

He grinned. "Pancakes. Bacon. Waffles. Enough syrup to drown in." He licked his lips at her and watched her blush. "Coffee. Cornerstone of a decent breakfast." Jethro stood up from his chair and moved next to hers. He put his hands on Jenny's shoulders and leaned down to smile at her. "How about you go jump in the shower, and I'll make breakfast?"

Jenny stood up, mere inches from him. He had to wait. Forcing his mouth on hers would satisfy his immediate urge but it wouldn't help her issues with their relationship. He had to play the long game, had to seduce her until it was her who was pushing him onto the kitchen table.

"Don't burn the house down."

He watched as Jenny walked out of the kitchen, and he got a great look at her ass. He was in dangerous territory, but he had known that from the start with Jenny Shepard.

Jethro put on another pot of coffee and started making the pancakes. He'd make them a great breakfast, then they'd go out shopping. By the time they went to bed, he would have set up the first of his Jenny ducks.

Hector, Jenny's chief security detail, had knocked on the door halfway into preparing breakfast, and the two had got talking about general NCIS business and gossip. It was only after he heard the smoke alarm and had to stop the detail from rushing the house that he realised that he had left the bacon cooking. Running in, he witnessed Jenny pulling the bacon out from under the grill and opening her kitchen door to let the smoke out.

"This is your idea of not burning the house down?"

She pushed him against the refrigerator, a glare he recognised as his own carved into her face. He looked down, the gaze still pretty effective considering Jenny was dripping wet and wearing only a towel. That covered even less than her robe.

"Did you even think when you went outside to talk to my security detail?"

Jenny moved to head slap him with the hand not holding her towel, but he just grabbed it in time and pulled her flush against him. It was then that Jenny swallowed and seemed to realise she was only in a towel.

He watched her process the scene, watched her lips open and close. "I better go get dressed."

So far living together was going well.


"We need to get proper pancake mix. And decent bacon. And bourbon. Do you have bourbon?"

"Of course I have bourbon. Don't be stupid," Jenny said, shaking her head at Jethro but smiling nevertheless.

So far, Ducky's attempts to get them back together were working well. Now Jethro seemed fairly settled, they were back to their flirty selves of '97, with the added sexual tension of living together. Jenny thought this was what Paris would have been like had they not slept together in Marseille. She needed to buy proper pyjamas - she couldn't keep running around in silk negligees. Or her towels. She had been so close to kissing Jethro twice already that morning. Not good.

"You wrote a list of what clothes you need?" Jenny asked as they walked down another DC street. After both of them had ate breakfast and dressed, they had decided to go shopping just the two of them. Well, nearly. Her security detail was keeping a close eye on her - especially since Jethro didn't have his gun. She knew he missed it.

Jethro raised his eyebrows at Jenny. "I'm a guy. I don't make lists. I guess I need some new underwear, new pyjama bottoms." He shrugged. "A new look. I'm not happy with these polo shirts. I miss my normal shirts."

Jenny nodded, thinking about where they could go. The perfect place struck her and she reached for his hand, dragging him along another street. Jenny tried not to let her emotions get ahead of her as they held hands. It had been too long since they had done that and she was enjoying it far too much.

Eventually they came in front of a men's clothing store. Jethro nodded his agreement and Jenny walked them into the shop, still holding hands. She knew he wouldn't want anything fancy, so this was perfect for him. They walked past shorts and various labelled t-shirts until they got to the suit department, reasonably priced but expertly stitched.

"I don't want to wear a monkey suit, Shepard," Jethro admitted. "I don't want to look like an FBI agent."

Jenny was still clinging to his hands, enjoying how it felt. "Do you trust me, Jethro?"

She could see him thinking it over in his head. "Yes. Mould me."

She loved bowling, sports and firing at the shooting range. But she also loved clothes, shoes and bags. Europe was a dream for her - she had brought back at least two extra bags filled with all the shopping she had done. Now she had a chance to dress Jethro and she knew exactly what to put him in. When they had been in Paris, Jethro had often worn shirts - she loved the way they rested on his shoulders. The polo shirts didn't have the same effect.

Jethro stood by the changing room doors as she handed him the clothes she thought would look good on him. He needed a look that clashed the two parts of him - his current self and the past life that he remembered. Once satisfied she had got it right, she sent Jethro to get changed. Jenny sat on one of the chairs provided near the dressing rooms and waited for him to come out. This felt too much like Paris, too much like they were a couple. But dammit she was enjoying it.

After a minute or so, he opened the changing room door and stood for her inspection. The simple black slacks were good, shaping his ass in a way that Jenny definitely approved of. He wore a black shirt on top, the cuffs rolled up to his elbows and showing off his watch, the same one she had bought him in Paris. She knew he hadn't worn it in years, and Jenny cursed Ducky's meddling. She needed to keep her head together, not drift off into a Parisian fantasy.

"Are you sure about this?" Jethro looked in the mirror, not sure at all. Jenny shook off her anger at Ducky and turned back to Jethro.

"Just needs the finishing touch."

He wore a simple charcoal t-shirt under his shirt, mixing his previous styles. Jenny then put a black tie around his neck, making sure it was loose. She stood close to his shoulder as they both looked in the mirror, and he put his hands in his pockets, awkwardly posing. Jethro grinned, and she smirked at him from over his shoulder.

"You look like batman."

He chuckled. "I can live with that."

They bought some more versions of each item, Jethro having enough outfits of his new style. He actually wore the first outfit out of the store, his bags collected in one hand. He put his free arm around Jenny as they continued to walk down the street, and she didn't move away. She loved being held by him, loved that they could slip in so easily to their patterns. Her head was yelling at her to stick to the plan but she didn't have the willpower too. She loved being with him too much.

"What do you need?" Jethro asked as they walked past a boutique. "Shoes?"

"Don't tempt me with shoes, Leroy Jethro Gibbs. As it is, I need to go see my dressmaker."


She didn't answer him until they walked a little further to a shop called 'Regents'. This was the store she bought most of her dresses from, except the one she had worn to the Marine Corps Birthday Ball. Jethro opened the door for her and they went inside. Jethro didn't look impressed.

"What sort of place is this?"

"It's a dress shop, they sell custom made dresses." Jenny went over and smiled at the clerk, stating in Italian that she'd like to try her dress on. "I've had a dress on order for a while here and they called yesterday to say it's finally ready."

One of the assistants came out and led them through into the dressing rooms. Jethro sat with his bags while she went into one of the curtained areas to try on the dress she still wasn't sure about. The colour, the style - if only she still had some female friends she could ask about it. Jethro would have to do.

"Why are you ordering a dress anyway?" Jethro asked from outside.

Jenny unbuttoned her shirt and slipped it over her shoulders. She had to unbuckle her bra too as it wouldn't go with the dress. She slipped her trousers down her legs and heard a gasp from outside. She debated taking her underwear off too, just to see what the little glimpse of lacy fabric at the bottom of the dressing room would do to Jethro. But she resisted the impulse. She wasn't supposed to be flirting with him; she was supposed to keep things platonic. Like that had gone well so far.

"SecNav is throwing a party to celebrate me being Director for a year."

"Is this a pineapple and cheese affair?"

The dress slipped over her body and she threw open the curtain. "Does it look like I'm going to a pineapple and cheese affair?"

She had her answer about the dress. She watched Jethro's face light up, watched his eyes follow the pale green silk all the way down to her ankles. The dress covered her collarbone, but as she turned around to look in the mirror, she could see Jethro staring at the bare back of it.

"You look beautiful, Jenny"

She couldn't stop blushing.


Jethro thought the day had gone brilliantly. After seeing her in that dress they had done some shoe shopping without any complaint from him. Then Jethro had been made to wait outside while she went in another tailored store, this one focussed on nightwear. Jethro was sure she was getting proper pyjamas to wear, but he didn't care. He had the image of her in that dress, making him realise that he was ever so slowly falling in love with her.

"Bourbon?" Jenny asked, disturbing his thoughts.

"Like I'd say no."

He watched her face light up as she poured them two glasses. He was upset that Jenny would be going into work tomorrow, even if it was only for one day. Jethro had already started brain storming ideas for how he could get closer to Jenny over the weekend, things like repairing the furniture in the garden and watching a few films Tony was bringing over. Simple, but potentially romantic.

"Here you go," Jenny passed him a drink and sat next to him on the sofa. They exchanged smiles. "I had a really good time today, Jethro. Really good."

He leaned back on the sofa, resting his arm next to hers. He ran a finger down her skin and watched her shiver, but she didn't move away. Jethro considered that to be a good sign.

"Well we're staying together for a while, it's a good thing we enjoy each other's company." He coughed, and decided to put some feelers out. "I won't need to clear out to give you some alone time, will I?"

He could see Jenny work things out in her head before shifting closer to him on the sofa. "Jethro, are you trying to ask me if I'm seeing anyone?"

He smirked. "Yeah, I guess I am." He ran a finger down her arm. "You know, I showed you everything I bought today. I even showed you that fancy suit jacket you made me buy."


He smirked. "So what's in here?"

Jethro grabbed one of her few bags and reached in to pull out the contents. Jenny leaned over and tried to get it out of his hands. "Jethro, give it back!"

Jenny was angry, but he continued on with his plan. He pulled out the top item, expecting to see pyjamas. Instead, he pulled out a lacy see through negligee that was definitely not meant for sleeping in. "Wow, Jen. You sure you're not seeing someone?"

She smacked him on the shoulder and shoved the negligee back into the bag. "I hate you, I really hate you."

He smirked. "No you don't." He smiled at her, resting one of his hands over hers. Two of his fingers trailed down to her pulse and felt how her heart was racing. For the moment he wasn't concerned about their past, just his present. With Jenny. "I will cook for the rest of the week if you try that on for me."

"No," Jenny flat out replied. She poked him in the chest. "No, no, and, surprisingly, no."

"I'll model the new underwear I bought."

He could see the walls he thought had been broken down start to go up again. She was trying to gather the strength to push him away and go upstairs to bed. But he couldn't let her do that; he wanted her to embrace the sexual frustration and lust that ran through them. Jethro started stroking her wrist, and he could see her start to smile.

"Red or black?"

Jethro looked down into the bag and realised there was a red one in there too. "Red, please."

Jenny poked him in the chest, before grabbing the bag and leaving her study. Jethro gulped back the rest of his bourbon and poured himself another glass. He'd have to model his new underwear, but he was okay with that. Anything to see her in that thin lace. He wasn't planning to jump her, but it would get them both worked up enough to start imagining every touch as an invitation to bed. All part of his plan.

After a few minutes, the door to the study opened again. Jethro watched as Jenny slowly walked in. It was a baby doll negligee, the lace cupping her breasts and barely grazing her thighs. She was wearing black underwear under the red lace, and Jethro gulped as she twirled. He had never seen anything sexier.


Jenny tossed him the packet of his new underwear. "Your turn. I'll get changed while you do."

He needed a better look at her; he couldn't let her walk out dressed like that. So he clutched his shoulder and groaned convincingly.


"Dammit," he pretended, trying to act like he was in pain. "I keep forgetting I'm not fully healed yet. I think a muscle in my neck is seizing up."

Jenny, concerned, sat behind him on the sofa. A quick glance told him that the negligee barely covered mid thigh when she was sitting. And that her nipples were pointing through the lace. "Let me see."

Once again, his plans went better than expected as Jenny started to massage his neck. She was good with her hands, her fingers and he could feel her breath on his skin as she tried to soothe the muscles in his neck and shoulders. She then moved down into his back as his cries of pain lessened, and he felt her pressed right up against him.

"You know what would help?"

"No," he moaned. "What would help?"

"I have a hot tub outside." He couldn't think. The long game was being ruined by thoughts of Jenny in a hot tub and in fewer clothes. Where was his brain right now? "It would certainly help your muscles. If you can manage, why don't you change and I'll go get the massage oil I have upstairs."

Jethro swallowed as she ran a finger down the centre of his back and moved out of the study. He started pulling off his shirt and heading towards the kitchen. It was cold outside, but he would soon heat up in the hot tub. He then heard something lock behind him, and Jethro remembered exactly who he was playing with.

Turning around he saw Jenny, back in her normal clothes, giggling through the kitchen window. "Shepard, its cold out here! Let me in!" He cursed as he wrapped his arms around himself. "Points deducted for such an obvious prank."

"Points deducted for falling for it! I was onto you from the moment you suggested I put on my negligee."

He smirked, remembering how she looked. "You could have said no."

Jenny looked down at the floor and then back up to his eyes. He could see the lust there, could see the want in them. She wanted him just as much as he wanted her and it scared Jenny to death. That was why she had turned it into a prank, to spare them both the embarrassment of the question of going to bed together.

After a couple of moments glaring at each other, Jenny unlocked the door and he ran in. She handed him what looked like a brand new dressing gown and he immediately slipped into it. The robe was warm, made of fleece. It felt good against his skin.

"Little house warming present from me, to say that I am really glad to have you here." Jenny beamed at him. "But no more pranks, okay? You need to heal properly." She ran a hand through her hair. "I'm going to head to bed. Goodnight, Jethro."

She kissed him on the cheek, smirking, although her hands gripped the lapels of his dressing gown too tight. He stroked her face before she pulled away and headed to the door.

"Night Jen."

He needed to get a better control of himself. He had almost ruined everything between them. He needed to focus less on the sex and more on the relationship. Because in all the time they had been partners, she had never once smiled at him like she had done when they were out shopping.

Tomorrow was another day, and he would make Jenny realise that what they had was too good to bury. No matter how long it took, he would make her realise what she was pushing away.