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My first Teen Wolf story. Hope I did it justice!

"Why can't I drive your car? I'm a good driver- look at my baby! She's in perfect condition!" Stiles whined.

"Your car is a piece of crap," Derek said bluntly, not stopping his exercise routine. Stiles looked insulted. Derek rolled his eyes as he did another chin up. He had hoped his working out routine would have been enough to distract the teenager from the thought of driving his Camaro.

"She is not!" Stiles protested.

And the boy's ADD kicked in, Derek thought wryly as he finished his last chin up and dropped to the ground.

"Come on, Derek! Scott's driven your Camaro!" Stiles said.

"Scott has enhanced senses," Derek said.

"You like him better than me, don't you?" Stiles pouted.

"Well I don't know, whose ass is it I'm slamming into every night?" Derek asked dryly. Stiles blushed and looked away. Derek smirked as he started his sit ups, hoping that was enough to make the teenager change the topic. "Where does your dad think you are?"

"Sitting with a suspected murderer, of course," Stiles said and Derek shot him a glare. "Okay, he thinks I'm at Scott's."

"And Scott thinks you are where?"

"Sitting with a suspected murderer," Stiles said. Derek rolled his eyes. If he kept doing that, his eyes just might do that all the time, Derek thought darkly. But at least the boy had stopped-

"So can I drive your Camaro?"

"No!" Derek snapped.

"How about now?" Stiles asked.

"Stiles…" Derek growled.

"Come on!" Stiles said. "Please?"

"No. End of discussion," Derek said.

"But you know I'm a safe driver! Why won't you let me drive?" Stiles said. "I've driven with you in the car!"

"What part of 'end of discussion' don't you understand?" Derek growled.

"The end part," Stiles said before carrying on. "I drive better than Scott. Scott doesn't even have a car-"

"What's going to make you shut up?" Derek demanded. Stiles opened his mouth with a grin. "Not driving the Camaro." The grin disappeared.

"Derek!" Stiles whined.

"No," Derek said, walking into what had once been the kitchen.

"You don't even know what I was-"

"Yes I do,"

"Fine. What was I going to ask?" Stiles crossed his arms.

"You were going to ask if you could drive my Camaro," Derek said.

"So can I?"

"No!" Derek snapped. "Give me your phone."

"What? Why?" Stiles asked, handing the phone over anyways. Derek didn't bother answering him as he hit the speed dial.


"Scott. Come pick him up," Derek growled.

"Pick who up?" Scott asked.

"Scott? You're calling Scott?" Stiles asked.

"Who do you think?" Derek asked.

"Stiles?" Scott sighed. "Why is he over there?"

"Okay, great, hi Scott!" Stiles said, trying to grab the phone from Derek who dodged easily. "Don't listen to him! Don't come and get me!"

"Tell him he doesn't have to shout," Scott said. "Just let him drive the Camaro."


"He's not going to shut up until you do," Scott said.

"Not. An. Option," Derek growled, grabbing onto Stiles' waist and holding him to his hip and giving him a warning stare.

"Alright. Hey, ask him how much Adderall he's had today," Scott said.

"Why?" Derek grunted.

"Just do it," Scott huffed.

"How much Adderall have you had today?" Derek asked.

"I don't know. Some. A lot. Why?" Stiles said.

"A lot," Derek translated over to Scott.

"Sorry, you're on your own. Just let him drive the Camaro," Scott said.

"Scott, don't hang up on me- Scott!" Derek snapped.

"Derek!" Stiles whined, trying to get Derek's attention.


"Can I-"


"I can't have a kiss?" Stiles pouted. Derek rolled his eyes and pressed his lips gently to Stiles. He was about to pull away and keep the kiss short and sweet but Stiles put a hand on the back of Derek's neck, kissing him longer and harder. Derek pulled Stiles closer to him, engaged in the kiss.

"Derek?" Stiles asked when they pulled apart.


"Can I drive the Camaro?"

"Maybe," Derek acquiesced and Stiles grinned, bringing him down for another kiss.

"How about now?"


"What? Why not?"