There were nights where he couldn't sleep.

Despite the medicine, despite wrapping himself around his dear Bruderlein, sometimes he would just lay there, staring at the ceiling, his mind tossed about in a painful storm of memories.

It was worst in the dead of winter. The world blanketed in white and all noises muffled. It made him feel isolated, locked away where no one could reach him. It sent him into a panic that Ludwig couldn't even stop, it trapped him in memories of blood red and dangerous purple.

But it was only those nights when it was the worst that he could get any semblance of relief in the end. For on those nights when tears marked his cheeks in his tormented half sleep, and his body writhed in pain that could never be unfelt, it was on those nights when those green eyes came to him. Warm eyes, kind eyes, comforting eyes; closing the memories that pained him so, just like they had been there at the end of those nights when they first happened.

It was on those nights when things were the worst, and he could feel every ounce of pain ever given to him by that man, it was on those nights when the sun began to rise again that he could feel the gentle touches of those hands soothing away the pain. He could feel the warmth of his caring touch, and as the tears slowly stopped, comfort began to flood the half conscious man.

And though the next morning he woke up to no pain in any part of his body, with the only evidence of his nightmares his puffed up eyes and his brothers worried face, those were the days he felt the emptiest. He would wander around in a stupor with a blank face. He would react to nothing, sitting in the corner and petting his bird as he watched people go about their lives. Nothing could raise that obnoxious smile those days; no one could provoke that laugh. But that's because no one knew what he needed.

In the end, he didn't even know what he needed. Those green eyes would simply haunt him. The gentle caresses like a phantom touch would ghost over his body, and he would be left wanting more.

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