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Judy awoke with a start. Something pulled her from her endless drifting dream. She frowned, rubbing her sore neck as she leaned against Bumblebee's chassis, his hand draped over her protectively. She turned her head, looking at the bloody stains that congealed in the cracks and crevices of the plates that made his humanlike hands. She closed her eyes, willing the image to go away and nestled her head against the yellow chassis that had protected her during the night. She sighed, feeling as if something was off, but not quite figuring out what. A minute passed, her groggy mind trying to put reality together and wake her fully into the world. She fought against the tide, wanting to go back into the peace of sleep, but something bothered her. A frown creased her brow as she snuggled tighter into the warmth o Bumblebee's chassis.

As she moved away from her haven, she felt the distinct cold of metal greet her sleepy, inquisitive touch. She frowned and the out of place sensation. Hoping to understand the phenomena when she was more awake, Judy pressed her ear to the chassis.

And found silence.

A frown deepened as her eyes fluttered open, her brow knitting in worry. She withdrew from the warm embrace the Camaro had bestowed upon her in the night.

Bees face was lax, not signaling a return to consciousness.

"Bee?" Judy asked in a hushed tone, giving a little push against the metal giant to rouse him.

The metal was cool to the touch. Judy pressed her hands and her ear against the yellow chassis, right above his spark chamber.

A stillness met her inquiry. No hum of drowsy systems. There was no pulse of life beating against its casing. Judy gasped, her hand covering her mouth as she pulled herself away, staring at the peaceful visage of the mech who had protected her son. Grey crawled along the yellow plating, signaling the loss of vibrant life within. Judy let out a choked sob, realizing the broken soul had succumbed to its grief.

"Bee! No!" Judy screamed, feeling around the immobile, expressionless face, searching for some kind of recognition. "Oh god, Bee. No!"

Judy's' yells startled Sunstreaker, who had drifted into a light charge outside of the cell. He threw the door open, and found Judy frantically touching Bumblebee's face, her words running together in an incoherent babble. Sunstreaker ran to Bumblebee's side, his limited scanners confirming the human's anguished declarations.

Silence greeted his inquiring pings and scanners.

Sunstreaker rocked back on his haunches, stupefied at what he was witnessing. He opened a comm., his internal voice slow, confused, tortured.

'Prime… Bumblebee's…. gone.'

'What do you mean, he's gone?' Prime asked, thinking the scout had slipped away undetected. He was trained that way. He could do it when he set his processor to it.

'Terminated,' Sunstreaker said, opening the comms for everyone to hear. He didn't want to repeat the news. It was hurting bad enough the first time. 'Bumblebee's spark has extinguished. He's gone.'

'What!?' cried the shouting of Cybertronian voices.

Without word Prime, Prowl, Ironhide and Ratchet left the conference, much to the collected humans' confusion. Lennox hopped out of his chair and followed the mechs out. Secretary Keller and his aides following behind. The chief of police was the last to leave, his face turning ruddy from the venomous expressions from the military personal who overheard the conversation.

Prime was first into the cell. Ratchet came thundering like the Pit maker right behind.

Judy was laying across Bumblebee's face, her hands stroking in a pattern she used to employ when Sam was fevered. Her tears fell onto the lax face as she caressed the plates, muttering to the lifeless form that he was loved. She stroked along the side of Bee's helm, over his optic shutters and along his cheeks. Her hands shook as she whispered, dropping kisses to the cooling metal and rubbing her cheek against the plates.

Prime touched the woman on the shoulder to gain her attention. With a sob she turned, wrapping her arms around the bulky hulk of a metal hand. Unsure what to do, Prime knelt immobile, allowing the woman to find what comfort she could in his presence. He stared at Bumblebee's lifeless form and felt his own spark wither.

Ratchet stepped around the two and employed his scanners, though he knew the diagnosis at first sight. Sunstreaker stayed knelt by Bumblebee's helm, his expression blank. He looked like he had locked up.

Sideswipe knew that wasn't the case.

The humans gathered to the entrance of the door, looking into the cold isolated cell and finding Bumblebee's fading form on the floor. Prime and Sunstreaker kneeling beside of the body, and Judy Witwicky clutching the Prime's massive hand against her body as she cried.

"He's gone!" Judy cried, burying her face against the warm metal of the protecting hand that offered her shelter from the torment. Judy's grief-stricken sobs filled the stunned silent room, her grief speaking for both races.

Captain Lennox entered the room and halted just inside, not wanting to intrude upon the moment. Judy's words filled the room, going straight into the military man's heart. He pressed his hand against his chest, feeling the woman's anguish speak to him on a parental level. It was a voice that called to every parent and invaded their very soul with a ghostly touch.

"Who's gone?" the chief of police asked when he joined Secretary Keller and his two aides at the threshold of the cell.

The four humans could see the legs of a grayed body lying on the floor. A deep golden mech was knelt by the downed Autobot's head and Optimus Prime was knelt in front of the body, blocking most of the view. A thin woman was weeping on Prime's hand and the flamed leader looked terrified and skittish with the contact. It was clear, he wasn't used to dealing with such emotional tides of the female persuasion. Not to mention what his own spark, and his warriors were feeling having one of their own lying cold upon the ground.

"Bumblebee is gone,' Ratchet announced from where he stood behind Prime. There was something in his voice that made the other Autobots turn away, unable to look at one another.

"Bumblebee? The one responsible for this whole mess?" the chief of police asked, still not clear on the alien designations. He realized his blunder when the woman's crying halted and her reddened face glare at him from across the room. Suddenly, the room was a lot smaller and oppressing.

"You pompous asshole!" Judy shouted, her face contorted in sadness and rage. She removed herself from Prime's hand, which he gratefully retracted from the human's reach, and stalked over to the decorated man. "All of this started because people like you overlook idiocy! Had you done your job and upheld the law, none of this would have happened!"

"He killed three innocent boys!" the chief snapped, riled that this woman would treat him so callously.

Judy glared, her body seeming to swell in outrage as every fiber in her skinny body primed for a good tirade. Tears sparkled in her eyes, making them look like emeralds. Her lips were drawn back, showing her teeth in a snarl. Her bony fists were curled at her side.

Captain Lennox took a step away. If the woman was about to erupt, he was not going to get caught in the explosion.

"Those innocent boys killed my son!" Judy spat, her voice cracking at the mention of Sam. "They got drunk and drove their car into Bumblebee. Not only did he have to suffer injuries that nearly killed him, but he had to endure having my Sammie to die in his interior!" Her face shone with anguish as she stared at the chief of police, her gaze going to Secretary Keller and his two aides, looking for help they were unwilling to give.

Judy's voice was raw and violent, her words cutting deeper than any blade. "His interior is stained with the blood of my little boy."

Sideswipe felt a chill sweep through his frame. He looked inside the room and saw his twin still kneeling unmoving next to Bumblebee's helm. Prime and Ratchet were standing in front of the golden mech, keeping vigil over the human confrontation. Sideswipe wanted to get his brother away from the emotional battlefield but with the humans currently blocking the doorway, he couldn't risk it.

The Chief of Police steeled himself, squaring his shoulders and giving the grieving woman a cold look. "The boys were on probation."

"It's because of pricks like you that allow murderers to get a slap on the wrist," Judy snarled. She took a step toward the man. Had her baseball bat been in her hand, she would have been swinging. She'd show them the true meaning of justice. "My son was killed because of someone else's recklessness. And when Bumblebee realized the culprits were going to do it again, he took action. He punished those who had taken a life that was precious to him." The Chief made to speak but Judy raised her voice, cutting off any verbal commentary from the officer. "And to his mother and father, who had to put their baby boy in the ground because someone thought it would be a good idea to drive drunk. They took my Sammie away from me and from my husband. Away from Bee." Her gaze locked onto the Chief of Police as she added, "Imagine what it would be like holding the one you love in your arms as they die."

Will Lennox looked away, tears threatening to overwhelm him. He'd be lost if something like that happened to his little Annabelle. He couldn't fathom holding her tiny body as she bled out and he was unable to stop it. If that happened… he'd be a mad demon, destroying anything in his path to see his little girl avenged. It was a basic instinct of parents to protect their young, at whatever cost.

Judy's voice lost its vehemence. She deflated before the collected group, her voice cracking. "I lost one son, and now I've lost another. There is no worse pain than the loss of a child, regardless of their planet of origin."

Prime, ever the leader, though at the moment he wanted nothing more than the pass the burden on to someone else, cleared his vents. The pain and suffering was too much to bear, for human mother and Cybertronian friend. He looked to the stunned Chief of police and to Keller, who had remained silent through the emotional display, though his face quirked in suppressed anguish as he put himself in place of the grieving.

"The one you wished to punish is now gone,' Prime said, his voice even though he felt like howling his torment. "He has allowed his own life to expire in penance."

The Chief of Police looked to Secretary Keller, hoping the man would take lead in the situation. Much to his surprise, Keller's face was ruddy, his lips pursed tight. He offered a curt nod to the alien leader.

"You have my condolences," Keller said before turning on his heel and leaving, his two aides bustling behind.

"I suggest you take your leave," Sideswipe said to the Chief of Police. His blades extended and retracted with a soft whooshing sound, his optics staring unblinkingly into the human's eyes. Sideswipe added a swick! of his blades to hurry the man's retreat.

Chastised by an angry mother and dismissed by the robotic aliens, the Chief gave a nod and took his leave. They may have been two different species, but they were united in their grief.

When the officer left, Sideswipe pushed his way inside the cell. He nudged Prime aside, earning rumbling threat of protest from the much bigger mech. But Prime's rebuke went unnoticed.

"Come on, Sunny," Sideswipe said, standing behind his brother and hoisting him to his pedes.

Sunstreaker sat on his haunches, staring at the lifeless husk of the young scout. He had liked Bumblebee. He was a bright spark in a world full of darkness and ugliness.

His optics were transfixed on the wet spots upon the gray armor, Judy's grief painting the shell with her tears of sorrow. Sunstreaker allowed himself to be hoisted up by his brother and escorted from the room. His processor looped the strange, emotional display from the human woman, her voice mirroring his own grief. And oh, how he envied the woman's tears.

Captain Lennox went to the sniffling, shaking woman and held out his arms in silent permission. Bonelessly, she fell against the military man, allowing him to encompass her in a hug that not only offered solace from the pain, but protection from further heartache.

And together, two parents mourned the loss of yet another child.

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