On Sunshine Kindergarten's Graduation day...

The little graduands were busy taking pictures on a newly-built unique merry-go-round in the middle of the school's playground. These children were all smiles and enjoying the most memorable moments of their early schoolyears. Even Mrs Kim, Yan Xi and Xiao 8 attended the special occasion as guests.

One of the kids who was overly curious asked their current handsome Mr Principal why he made and fashioned those carousel seats out of parts of a broken wooden electrical cable pole.

In tackling such question, Chun and Rainie cast tacit knowing glances at each other...Before they replied simultaneously, flashbacks to that eventful day played dearly in both their heart and mind...

"Ahhh..." Rainie has to rub her ear to counter the deafening thud emanated from the phone.

In no time, she spotted someone dressed impeccably neat in a suit appearing out of the school's back door and now marching quickly towards the gate.

She was utterly blurred while squinting her eyes to catch a better view of that person, "Huh? Is he a new staff?"

Next minute, she noticed that he slowed his pace and stopped in his track. Wondering why so, she got to observe him standing there about a metre away and then placing his hands on his waist to obviously calm down and better decipher what was going on.

Having his shades on, Rainie could not make out if she has ever seen him before. Such ambiguous outlook on an undesignated chance meeting.

Seconds ticked by without them being aware of so, not until a thundering, ear-splitting collapse of the cables' wooden pole onto the rigid ground inches away from them captured their momentarily-numbed senses.


They smiled upon recalling, attracting puzzled looks by Xiao Xun and all other teachers. However, what caught everyone's attention next was even more wonderment.

As they got off the car and walked up towards them hand in hand, all was greatly surprised.

"Jiro?" They exclaimed in unison. Beside this long-not-seen ex-principal stood a graceful-looking elegant lady, who then bowed and greeted everyone pleasantly.

He was thrilled to see every familiar faces once more and introduced his charming beloved by his side to them all.

Joining Chun and Rainie, the couple was also delighted to know they have also turned into another pair of lovebirds. Everyone began chatting and laughing excitedly throughout this deeply-treasured reunion. This day came as if it was so sudden but filled with utter bliss for Rainie. She almost found it so hard to contain all her gladness that tears secretly welled up in her pair of beaming eyes. This time that her once much-admired Mr Principal returned, she could face up to him with courage satisfyingly releasing a heavy burdensome past, now that Chun was her source of comfort and strength.

Not long again indeed, another cab drove by and stopped to drop off yet another pair of unexpected visitors.

As Rainie turned to look, teeming surprise overtook every bit of her senses. "Mom...Dad...You both are finally back...?" She gasped in stupefying disbelief.