Free from one hell and into another

~disclaimer….the awesomeness that is me does not own Hetalia…. At all….. if I did -smirks- well lets just say a certain Russian would be six feet under for what he did to my home land when the Berlin wall was up…kesesese

''The wall!" many people yelled from the west side of Germany as the Berlin Wall fell.

Many of these people were waiting for family members to return to them. The nation of Germany personified was no exception.

"bruder" Ludwig muttered as he looked for his brother, Gilbert, thru the sea of people that began to appear from the other side of the wall.

The meetings that were held in Canada seemed to have paid off as Germany made his way through the crowds of happy civilians to see his brother leaning against one side of the fallen wall.

"West…" The Prussian mumbled before straining to hold himself up and look his younger brother in the eyes.

The German was saddened by his older brother's condition as he went and helped him to the car that was waiting.

Gilbert winced as his bruder helped him walk from the shadows and into the sun. "Kesese never though I would be glad to see the big light in the sky again" Prussia snickered weakly. After forty years of being in Russia's basement the albino assumed he wouldn't live to get out. Though truth be told, he technically wasn't alive and when he was going to explain that to his little bruder he didn't know. As a small, sad smile caressed the silverette's beaten and messed up face he felt the prick of one of his elongated canines on the corner of his lip.

"As soon as we get home you can rest, bruder" Ludwig said a bit depressed at how weak his brother was.

Prussia nodded a bit and struggled to get into the passenger side of the car and snap the seat belt into place before Germany got in and drove them home.

with shifting skies and silvery winds
who would have thought i would live again

the shining sun and the glimmering moon
if i never saw him again it would be to soon

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*bruder is German for brother for all those unawesome people who don't know kesesesese