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"Fuck!" The Prussian yelled as he slammed his fist into the wall again.

"Amigo calm down.." The Spaniard tried to comfort his friend. " Just start over from the beginning "

Prussia sighed deeply before he spoke. "ok…fine. It all started when I was dissolved and force with Russia…"

-40 years ago at the meeting-

"Damn you Francis! How the fuck could you! You agreed to fucking kill me!" Gilbert yelled as he was being dragged away by Ivan while his best friend looked back down at the paper he just signed.

"mon ami please forgive me" the Frenchmen said softly.

Prussia growled darkly as his ruby eyes showed his rage fully. "I wish mein bruder took over France completely during the war, you fucking bastard!"

Spain watched as one of his best friends was dragged away cursing the day that his other best friend was ever founded.

"Come now, comrade. You will enjoy your new home~ Da. Kol kol kol" The Russian's laugh was all that could be heard as the Prussian yelled and cursed.

-End flash back-

Spain sighed as he remembered that meeting as well. "I told you before that Francis was sorry and that he was forced to sign that paper amigo."

"I know but…that's when it all started, when I started changing" Prussia said a bit sadly while he leaned his head against the wall.

Antonio looked at his friend with a worried look. "You mean about being a vampire."

"Ja, the blood, the sun, all that extra crap I don't need in my existence and now this blonde knows my secret." Gilbert said as he nipped at his bottom lip.

"Blonde? Who are you talking about? America and everyone left before you went to wash the blood of your face." Toni said looking confused.

"no I remember there being a blonde who saw me feeding off of Ivan in the bathroom…" the silverette said.

"You were drinking the Russian's blood!"The brunette gasped in shock.

"yes? He's the reason I'm like this." The Prussian said looking at the Spaniard.

Spain held his hands up in defeat. "Ok ok, understandable but what blonde and when are you going to tell Ludwig about this? What if you have to 'feed' again soon?"

"I wont, I can normally go a month without as long as I'm not being torched or in the sun for more that 5 hours a day." Gilbert said looking out the window and at the moon.

"Ok well that still doesn't answer the question about your brother." Antonio said gripping his friends shoulder.

"It took all I had to tell you, Antonio, I don't know how to tell my bruder that I'm not technically alive anymore." Prussia sighed.

"You will have to tell him eventually, he's family, he will understand." Spain said softly.

"I will, but…. Just promise me that you won't tell anyone about this…please. I already have to find this blonde who knows and explain it to him, I don't want to have to explain it to someone else for a bit." The ruby eyed ex-nation asked seriously.

The Spanish nation smiled. "Si amigo, I won't tell anyone."

"Slap swear?" The Prussian smiled showing the tips of his fang.

"Slap swear.." The duo smacked each others hands then slapped each other in the face …hard.

"Fuck!" the albino yelled as he held his face.

"Fusososo it seems we both haven't lost our touch." The Spaniard smiled as he rubbed his face.

" until tomorrow?" Prussia smiled.

"Si and we will find your mystery blonde tomorrow as well."Spain said as he left Prussia alone in his room.

The Silver haired male went back to looking out his window. "who are you, and are you going to expose me?"

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