New story, man! Im going away next week, hate flying, but, ya' know, getting forced by your family is not fair! Had a horrible dream last night! That the plane crashed and I was stranded on an island with this horrible - but hot - boy... Got me inspired to write this next story. I have no idea where this is going but, hey we shall see, wont we? ;) Also, I dont know whether or not to have it just E's POV or both, E & B. Im thinking both...

There is language in this, by the way. Just a little heads up. DirtyMindedEdward too ;D Well, here goes nothing...

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The flight attendant stood at the top of the plane, in the middle isle, demonstrating on how to apply the life jacket quickly, but properly and where to find the nearest exit. I ignored her instructions, as I always did on any other flight. I already knew what to do. Years and years of knowlegde with Jasper and his air force teams teaching me a few things when I dropped by to see Jazz. He planned to follow in his dad's footsteps and join the air force. And it wasn't like we were going to crash and burn. . . Who knew, I was so wrong?

"Flight 102 to Germany is now ready for boarding. Flight 102 to Germany is now ready for boarding"

The intercom sounded and a squeaky woman was behind the speaker, repeating the words, even though practically everyone in the airport had heard her the first time. God, I hate this airport. I would have stayed with Alice and Jasper, gladly, to escape having to return to another nine hour flight back to Ireland.

I'm actaully having second thoughts on whether or not to go travelling with Jazz. I had turned down his offer as soon as he spoke the words. I couldn't leave Emmett to deal with my mother. When dad had left for the airforce with Jaspers father, Ma had gone crazy with worry and has been drinking alot lately. Dad has tried to calm her down, but things didn't really get better with them having conversations over the phone. But maybe getting away from all of that would be better for me. . .

My phone buzzed in my pocket, and I quickly went to retrieve it from my jeans pocket. I look at the caller ID and sighed. Emmett again. I pressed the answer button and placed the phone against my ear.

"Hello" I said, annoyed. This had been his third call since this morning. Which was only four hours ago.

"Heya, Edward. Shit, sorry for calling again, but Ma just wanted to know when you would be landing? I know I already asked you that in the last call, but I forgot - again"

I shook my head and sighed once more. Emmett and his brain. . .

"Yeah, alright Em. My flight got delayed for another hour, so. . ."

"Alright, I hear ye'. Thanks again. Just an hour. Okay, good" Emmett sounded nervous and that deffinitely had me worried.

"Everything alright, Em?" I asked.

"Yeah! Yeah, Edward, Im good. See ya' soon, okay?" he replied, much too quickly.

"Okay, then. Yeah, see you soon - Hey, how is Ma doing?" I said, just before the phone call cut off.

I grumbled into the phone then placed it back in my pocket.

"Another one, sir?" a woman asked.

I looked up and saw the very kind bar tender, smiling at me, much too friendly, playing with my glass on the counter.

I sat in one of the many pubs here, in Sea - Tac Airport. The newspaper I had in my hands was crumpled and torn, as I found it when I had first walked into the bar. The bar was practically empty, except for the small family sitting in the corner of the room. The bar tender was still waiting for my answer.

"Eh, no, its alright - thanks, though" I said, looking away from her light blue eyes.

"Oh, Irish are we?" she said, smiling hugely.

She seemed nice, but also very clingy. Clingy never works out for a man who just wants to fuck.

Her dark brown hair was almost to her shoulders, her round face too eager to please. She was tall, almost my height. That wouldn't work either. I liked them small. Her breast we way to big to be called normal. Wasn't gonna work out. I like the boobs, small, round and defind. What a shame.

"Yeah, im Irish." I nodded, trying to ignore her and her large tits, practically in my face!

"Can I get your name?" she asked me. "Im Jessica, by the way"

I rolled my eyes.

Listen, love, it isn't gonna happen for you, sorry.

Let her down easy, Edward. What? I dont even know her!

"My name is Edward, and I have to go. Nice meetin' ye', love"

Shit! I shouldn't have called her 'love'. Meh, I call everyone 'love'. Its all good.

I stood, placing the newspaper back down where I found it, walking out.

Leaving my glass and the girl name Jessica behind me.

. . . . . . . . *BPOV* . . . . . . . . . .

The cab pulled up to the side of Sea Tac Airport and I hopped out.

"Angela, come on, were going to miss our flight!" I yelled, pulling my bags out of the car.

The driver got out, too, opening up the booth of the car, pulling out Angela's and I suitcases. Angela was bent down on the ground, tying her shoelace, her light brown hair falling in ringlets around her face.

"Im coming, Bella. Relax yourself." Angela moaned.

I knew I was being pushy, but I had a thing about being late. Angela stood, taking her suitcases and bags in her hand, walking to the entrance of the airport, while I payed the driver.

"Thanks" I said to him and he nodded, getting back into the cab and speeding off down the road.

I turned to look at Angela and smiled, sheepishly, as she lit up a smoke for herself.

"I cant believe your smoking right now" I grumbled, pulling my suitcase along with me, towards where she stood.

"What?" Angela said, innocently. "If Im gonna sit through a nine hour flight with you, I need some kind of release"

I laughed and shook my head. Angela and her snarky comments.

After a few moer puffs, she threw the ciggerette butt into the nearby trash and we walked on into the airport.

After saying goodbye to our luggage and stepping through the body scans and metal detecters, we sat in one of the thousands of metal chairs by the terminals.

"Hey, Bella, guess what?" Angela said, after a moment of silence between us both. Everyone else around us were talking loudly.

"What?" I replied to her.

"Were going to Ireland!" she squealed, clapping her hands in excitement.

I couldn't contain my smile. I grinned, broadly, giggling at both of our reactions. Gosh, we were such children.

"And - and", Angela was saying, "We are travelling Europe together. How amazing is this, Bella?" I shook my head, unable to find the words.

We had talked about travelling together, for as long as I could remember! Since we came out of our mothers 'vajayjay', as Angela put it sometimes. Angela was still clapping when I stood up and stretched.

"Okay, Im going to eat something before we have to board. Is that alright?" I said, looking down at her. Angela calmed down at my words, and nodded seriously.

"Yeah, sure. Could you get me a snack? Im famished!"

I smiled and walked away, towards the many shops they had here at Sea Tac. I always remmebered coming here as a child, and getting lost in the bathrooms on the middle floor, as there was two exits. I haven't made that mistake in a long time!

I chose a shop and picked out a chocolate bar and a bag of crisps for Angela, and a bottle of water and a sandwitch for me. I stood in line and waited. Once the food was payed for, I made my way back to Angela.

I rounded the corner to where she waited and ploughed straight into a tall and hard man, sending the food flying out of my arms and onto the floor.

"Oh, gosh, Im sorry!" I shouted, bending down to pick up the food and bottle of water from the floor.

"Its alright, love. Calm yourself. Im grand. I'm the one who is sorry. I wasn't watching where I was going. This feckin' suitcase keeps tripping me over" the man replied, in a husky tone. I laughed at his words.

Well, if it isn't an Irishman. What a coincidence!

Once I had everything gathered in my arms, I stood to look at him.

Hello, Mister hottie! Well, if he wasn't something to look at.

The tall, buff man would have to be the most beautiful man, I had ever seen! He had bronze, messy hair, that was twisted, as if windblown. He had intense, green eyes, that smoldered as they bore into mine. His perfect, smooth lips were flawless, full and just perfect. I imagined them on mine, moulding together - I shook the thoughts from my head, not wanting to think these things right now. It was too much. But, God, was he something!

"Uh, yeah. So, Im just gonna..." Great. Now I couldn't form a coherent sentence. Prefect.

"Sorry again!" I said, and walked on passed him, towards Angela and the eager expression on her skinny face.

"What was that about?" she asked me, standing up to meet me, taking her food from my hands.

"Ugh, I walked straight into him. Honestly, I need to watch where I walk" -

"No, I meant after that. The whole intense stare thing. It was strange to watch!" Angela explained, her eyebrows raising. I stared at her, confused. What was she talking about?

Then, the intercoms above us squawked and a woman came over the intercom.

"Flight 789 to Ireland is now boarding. Flight 789 to Ireland is now boarding"

Angela and I stared at eachother for a moment and then looked away.

"Come on, we wouldn't want to miss our flight to Ireland, now, would we?" I teased, smiling at her. Angela giggled and nodded, as we both picked up our food and tossed it into the trash, knowing that we didn't have time to eat it, and we walked to our terminal, waiting to board.


I boarded the plane, taking my seat and fastening my belt. It was going to be a long journey back home. I pulled out my book and started to read, ignoring the others loud voices on the plane with me. I sat by the window on the left side, an empty seat beside me, for which I was grateful. I hated sitting with strangers. I either got the dirty, smelly men, or the old and angry women sitting beside me. I was surprised that the seat had not been occupied yet. A old man passed me and I prayed he wasn't taking my seat. Thankfully, he walked on by, taking the seat behind me. I relaxed in my seat, trying to focus on the words on the page.

Until I heard her speak.

"Angela you dont do it like that. Give me the damn thing. Your so stupid sometimes"

My head snapped up and was met with a pair of light, hazel eyes. The eyes belinged to the girl, who I suppose was Angela. She stood beside the girl. The girl who had ploughed into me in the airport.

The one with the beautiful, big brown eyes, brown hair, almost to her waist and rocking body you know will do you right! I watched her struggle, like the dope I am, for a little longer, watching how her body moved with the bag.

I started from the feet. She wore a pair of red converse, the tops covered by her tight, skinny jeans. Her legs were fucking amazing! I followed the trail of her jeans all the way up to her thighs. She strecthed on her toes, and that made her legs look tall, lean and just about good enough to suck on! I could just imagine them wrapping around my waist, while I fucked her into oblivion. . . Her skinny waiste, her breasts! Perfect size. No more. No less. And her neck, her fuck awesome neck! God, I can just imagine sucking on her, bitting her, marking her... She was just. . . Perfection. Every part of her body was perfection. No, that isn't the right word. Damn it, I cant even find and adequate word to descirbe her!

Shit! I could feel myself getting hard. Great. Just what I need, to get a boner on a plane.

"Who is stupid now?" Angela said, raising her eyebrows at her.

"Shut up", she replied, hitting the bag, still trying to make it fit.

I was about to stand when a blonde man came to her resque, suddenly. Smiling politely, but you could see that all he wanted was to get a good fuck and be done with them. No. No fucking way.

"Well, can I help you two, ladies?"

Well, fuck me. He was from the UK - Well, Scotland, to be exact. I expected him to be another American tourist, just like the two lovely ladies standing next to him seemed to be.

"Oh, please, if you dont mind", Angela said, smiling back at the man, a little too friendly. The girl nudged Angela in the ribs, an angry look coming on her face. I smiled. At least she knew what this man was all about.

The man took the bag and shoved it up into the compartment with ease and shut the door, and we all heard the click when it sealed shut.

"There you go, lassies", the man said and I scoffed at his words.

Trying to charm the ladies with your accent is not going to work. Trust me, I've tried it many times. Though, I did get the woman in my bed, it wasn't from where I came from. Apparently, I was good looking. Who knew?

"Thanks, we appreciate it", Angela said, though not with a smile this time. Maybe she had decided to listen to her friend after all.

"Im Mikey, by the way", he said.

Both girls rolled their eyes.

"Listen, Mikey, it isn't gonna happen for you. But thanks for the help." she said, scornfully and I smiled.

Fiesty. I like it. Rawr!

"Now, if you excuse me, I have to find my seat" and with that, she said goodbye to her friend, and walked on up the isle, not looking back at the shocked expression on the man named, Mikey's face.

I saw her walk towards me, still continueing down the isle and I began to breath much more quickly. I closed my eyes and began to pray - something I hardly, ever did -

'Oh, God, please, please let this fuck hot girl sit beside me, please, please, please...'

"Excuse me?"

My eyes snapped open and I looked to the side and saw her standing, with her own bag in hand and staring down at me, biting her lip.

Fuck me.

"Is this seat number 23K?" she asked me. I looked up and behind me to where the numbers were bolted into the headrest. 23K it is. I turned back and nodded to her.

"Well, yes it is."

She smiled and nodded back taking a seat next to me.

I swear, my cock was gonna burst out of my jeans, I was that hard.

"What, are you, like, stalking me now?" she asked, playfully, smirking at me.


I laughed - well, tried to laugh - Fuck, why was I so nervous?

"I was here first. I think you kind of mixed up the situation. I think its you who is stalking me"

The fuck hot girl giggled, muffling her laughs with her hand and I couldn't help but smile back.

When she got over her laughing fit, she held out her hand for me to shake.

"Im Bella", she said, biting that fucking bottom lip of hers again.

Thank you, Jesus. I got her name - finally!

I took her hand and shook it, debating on whether or not to kiss it... No, too cheesy.

"Pleased to meet you, Bella. Im Edward"

Bella nodded, repeating my name, whilst smiling a half smile.

Then, the stupid fucking speakers came on and the pilot came over the intercom.

"Well, this is your captain speaking. We will be taking off in just a few minutes and have a long journey ahead of us, so sit back, relax, fasten your seatbelts and watch the instructions of our flight attendant, Victoria, on what to do in case of emergencies"

Bella and I were still holding hands, so I released hers and coughed, going back to reading my book, but, as usual, did not see the words on the page.

The flight attendant, Victoria, stood at the top of the plane, in the middle isle, demonstrating on how to apply the life jacket quickly, but properly and where to find the nearest exit. I ignored her instructions, as I always did on any other flight. I already knew what to do. Years and years of knowlegde with Jasper and his air force teams teaching me a few things when I dropped by to see Jazz. He planned to follow in his dad's footsteps and join the air force. And it wasn't like we were going to crash and burn. . . Who knew, I was so wrong?

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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