Me: I'm a bit peppy due to this cause It was like my most best idea on Storm and Cathy so...characters bleong to me since I made them. Specter, who is co hosting here, belongs to Sony.

Specter:*opens journal* Takes place between Dawn of the immortals and Midnight of the underlings. So that's pretty much it and enjoy this prologue!


It was a dark midnight, six monkeys dressed in coats and hood with their own individual colors, walked in the fields of sunflowers. They come into an abandoned warehouse, walking into the dark room and sees a female monkey sitting on a machine, waiting. She had short red hair and red fur with a bang on the side of her head, her topaz eyes staring at the monkeys. She wore a gray jacket, a light blue top with silver edge on the top and black skirt, light blue yet silver boots that's heeled. She had long light blue gloves, wore a silver diamond shaped hair clip on the side of her head and the other on the opposite side.

" You've come. Your thoughts on our deal?" a male monkey asked in a red coat like robe with the hood, covering his face in the shadows. The female monkey nodded." I know. I know where your missing gang memeber went..." she said, throwing a file at the leader. The mokey looks in the folder, showing a picture of a female monkey married to a black male monkey with amber eyes." Cathern is at Hearth city and in return, you help me get rid of that monkey and another person..." she said as the six muttered to each other, thinking a bit on the deal.

" Who is the second victim you want murdered?" a female monkey in orange coat like the red one, The female monkey landed on her feet with a fiery glare." Someone who...relates to the other. I want them dead, both of them! I want to reclaim my rightful place with those two out of the way!" she replied harshly as they flinched, but stayed calm and leaves. The female was all alone, pacing around as angry thoughts rifled, visions of fighting someone over a pearl." Those two keep haunting me in my sleep, the reason of my position now!" she growled before punching a box filled with confettei. She sighed and looks at the ceiling." Yes...reclaim my honor, my people, and revenge all those who forgotten me. For that reason, I must get rid of them. If only those two were born one year late or early...instead of that year..." she whispered.
In the side of the large windows, a male light blue colored monkey sat near the edge. He had long light steel blue hair with a mini ponytail, white ends on it. The mokey wore a gray coat, no shirt which shows his chest, black pants with brown boots. His scarlet eyes took one glance before sliding off the edge and lands on a motorcycle." Not if I join the party!" he snickered as he drove off in the midnight fields.

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