It was a chilly winter's night. Luna, a bright, sky blue she-wolf, was sitting down on a rock, gazing at the moon. She perked her ears at the sound behind her. She was in a strange territory and she had no pack. Basically, if you still haven't figured it out, she's a loner. Luna stood up on her feet and turned around slowly, she had expected that one day she would have to fight the dark wolf of shadows but she was getting kind of nervous because she didn't expect it to be today. She hadn't put on her make-up and she still hadn't teased her scene hair up—I mean, she still hasn't went for a hunt and she was getting hungry. Lunda was afraid that her hunger might have made her weak and that she might fail this fight. But despite that fact, she was still brave and would never back away from a fight. She thought about all of this while turning around to see what had threatened her and what she saw surprised her. Behind her.. Behind her there was nothing.

I must be getting really jumpy lately. Damn, shouldn't have listened to that stupid elder and her prophecies. But nevermind that. When the day comes, then it comes. I'll be always.. ALWAYS ready for it. Luna thought to herself while trotting back into the forest, she was planning to have a small night hunt. Luna started searching for elk scent and when she finally found a small trace, she calculated that the elk must be 15 mintues away from her. She bursted into a sprint, it felt like all the spirits of her ancestors were running beside her in the forest, she could hear their footsteps behind her and when she looked back, she noticed a pack of black and brown wolves.

From where the hell did they come from? She thought as she started running faster just to avoid one of the brown wolves fangs tearing her tail apart. She jumped over a rock that was in her way only to land in a herd of elk.

This might be my chance to escape! I could make the elk scatter and confuse my enemy – the commies! Luna was proud of her plan and she stood up to scatter the elk but my oh my.. She was too late! The brown wolf had already grabbed her by her neck and pinned her down to the ground. She could absolutely not move. Damn it, he's strong! I have absolutely no chance of winning! WINNING!

„Yo, Chillfang, whatcha got there?" A dark brown wolf walked up. He had a clich- a horrible scar over his left eye. And a bunch of X shaped scars on his shoulders and back. He must've experienced a loto f fights. But he's kind of handsome in a way. Luna thought but once she realized what she said, she shook her head to forget it but only to realizē she can't move at all. The male wolf still had her pinned down.

„Itfa female, dwood!" The male answered. What was his name? Chillfang? Yeah, it must be.

„Well, I think we should wait for the alpha. I saw him a few seconds ago but I think he went to hunt for an elk, I think he saw an injured one." The scarred wolf answered. „You just keep for down and don't let her escape, okay? She might be a spy from Clearwater Caves pack." The wolf who had pinned her down nodded and the scarred one walked off.

Clearwater what? What kind of a pack are they talking about? This seems interesting. Luna closed her eyes and fell asleep. She was really tired from the small distance she had run and plus she was extremely tired. She haven't eaten anything in a while. Well, 2 hours to be precise, but it kind of kills the dramatic feeling so let's say she hasn't eaten for 2 months.

When Luna next woke up, she was in a den, though, it reminded more of a prison cell. It was made of stone and of wooden sticks to imitate hurdle. Eveni f it looked really weakly built it was strong enough to hold such a strong wolf as Luna down. She couldn't break out. Or more like, she didn't want to. She somehow felt a connection with this mysterious pack filled with brown and black wolves. It doesn't matter that her pelt was in not so ordinary colors but somehow she felt liek that was her home. Suddenly, Chillfang stepped up on her cell and yelled: „YO, GUISE. She's awake. Tell the alpha, we will have a pack meeting now."

Pack meeting? Alpha? This is getting more and more interesting every second! It doesn't matter that I fell asleep at the most important part, I can still make up with this, I mean, I'll ahve like 3-5 chapters to run up with what I just missed. But more importantly.. Why haven't they killed me yet? Do they find me somewhat special because of my fur color? Or is it my red eyes? I want to know faster!