"Wha—AH!" Sonic yells after turning around and seeing you come in through the door. With impossible speed, the hedgehog moves so that he's standing directly in front of a tall, cylinder-shaped object in the middle of the room, preventing you from seeing what it is.

You take a moment to look around. You have entered a small room, only slightly larger than the average walk-in closet. The walls and ceiling are painted white, the floor is tiled. A few knives and kitchen utensils are hanging on the far wall. A bit of water has been splashed on the floor. The air tastes of spices. You notice Sonic is holding a large spoon.

"What are you doing? You're not allowed in here!" he yells at you. You can see his fingers twitching, his eyes diluting. Perspiration drips down the side of his face. He is very nervous, very anxious, as if his mother has just caught him with his hand in the cookie jar. Actually, it's more as if his mother has just caught him with his hand in another boy's pants, you joke to yourself. You immediately try to block out the thought.

He continues yelling at you. "Didn't you read the sign?" Oh yes, now you remember. It said "Private — This room has been reserved. Do not enter." Well, who cares about that? It's a free country! you think, mimicking the voice of millions of American citizens. I can do what I want!

"Get out. Get out now," he growls threateningly. You ignore him and try to see what he's hiding by stepping around him. Unfortunately, he's able to copy your movements exactly, not letting you see anything. When you begin to get too close, he shoves you away with a good amount of force, causing you to stumble backward a bit. Just what is he hiding?

"Go away," he says, his voice a bit monotone, but forceful. You just stare at him, and he stares at you. You stare at each other for a good half-minute.

You now hear the sound of water boiling behind him. "Aw, dammit, it's burning," he murmurs. He breaks the staring contest and turns toward the object behind him. As he is no longer actively trying to conceal it from you, you can now see it's a large pot, thin but tall, and some sort of soup appears to be being cooked in it. You look down and see that it's positioned on top of a heat plate—you wonder why you didn't notice it before.

Sonic stirs the soup with his spoon while throwing in a few extra spices he grabs from the far wall. You wonder what it could be about this soup that Sonic's so nervous about. You now look closely at the water—which you now know is soup—you noticed earlier spilled on the tiled floor, seeing if you can tell what type of soup it is.

You now notice thin hairs coloured black and red mixed in with the water. At that same moment, out of the corner of your eye you see a black-coloured leg and foot momentarily emerge from the soup Sonic is mixing. Said feet are still wearing hover-skates.

You stare with wide eyes at the hedgehog.

He charges at you. "Get OUT!" You try to get out of the way, but you're too slowor rather, Sonic is way too fast. You are tackled out of the room, back into the main Sonic the Hedgehog fan fiction archive. You try to run back through the door leading to this fan fiction, but Sonic slams the door on you before you can make it in. You hear a loud and painful-sounding crunch as you impact the door. You stumble and fall back onto your rear end, accidentally landing right on the 'back' button.


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