Zed an Advocate for World War to end

Zed in his ideals brought forth things realizable in the context of friendship and laying down for one's service, it is a reality that he faces it head on where no one seems to break free his guts to stand out.

Noa seems to be insecure how Zed was able to overcome such things which is worth the time and it is instill the possibility that we can hold oneself for others to cling on, which Roya seems to be back where Zed needed the most.

Zed constant struggle to gain recognition is really far different yet becoming to his comrades and enemies, eventually taming his Key Spirit Amil Gaoul. The key spirit chose Zed because what lies within their hearts and minds are similar which is constantly robbed out from him but the friendship between them is totally expected due to same thinking.

Zed indeed triumphs amidst trials and tribulations, to end the war are heart of his very soul.