The Density of Lawolves: The Tale of a Stupid Puppy

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I wrote this story about 6 years ago, and just happened to stumble upon it while browsing the world wide web. I'd thought this story had been lost! It's not that great, but it's not horrible, either. I'm not going to edit it or re-write it because it's one of those sentimental things where I want to leave it as it was. The story takes characters from the beginning world in a game called FlyFF (Fly For Fun). I'm posting it here so I don't lose it again, but for those who do gander a read, I hope you enjoy, but keep in mind this is one of the first stories I'd ever written.

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Part One
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*Sigh* Ok, first off, Why Are Males So Stupid? I mean, seriously. If a female doesn't like you, get the hint. If a female dumps you, get the hint. An ex is an EX for a reason, you know? OBVIOUSLY things didn't work out, they're not going to work out, and NO, you're not an exception. Things are over; done with, get over it.

This is what my story is about. The stupidity of the Lawolf species. Why can't we just kill, eat, and move on? Why must love be a factor? You'd think the dames were the ones who obsessed over love but they're not alone. There are a certain number of the males, as well. These kind are so dense!

But of course, male Lawolves are all dense to a certain degree. You can sort them in to various kinds of density, depending on their attitudes towards love. There are the brutes who take what they want. They see a pretty dame, the take advantage of her right away, mount her, and move on. Then there's the regular mutts who just do what it takes to get by… they figure love will happen eventually and though they don't ignore it, they don't go looking for it either. Then, of course, there are puppies. Puppies are the simplest of all because you scratch them behind the ear the right way and they'll love you for life. Sure, you can toss them down a mossy hill or kick them in the head... but as long as you give them a treat every once in a while, a good little scratch somewhere they like, they're yours forever.

This kind of Lawolf is easy prey for the most sinister of all the female lawolves, the Coquette. The Coquette likes to capture male lawolves and enrapture then in their flirtatious ways. Then, they show off their collection of puppies to the other sirens, who all poke and prod at the collection while nibbling on Vagrant bones at massacre parties. The more male lawolves they entice, the more powerful they are in the pack.

And being that puppies are the simplest, they're the easiest to catch. And as an added benefit they're extremely low maintenance. A simple sexual twist of the tail is the bait, and a sensual night to close the deal. After that a kind word every once in a while with the hint of "maybe we'll get back together.." and they're strung along for as long as it takes for either the puppy to drown himself in the river or to grow up. And neither is more likely than the other.

So, being the nice dame I am, I want to save the puppy from his eventual demise. I'm the daughter of the leader of a small pack of dames. I'm young, yes, but I have learned a lot about the males and am not the angel my mother thinks I am. I've dated many a puppy and I'd learned how to let them go the right way. I've also seen what happens to the poor little guys when the 'grow up' option is the second choice.

I wanted to save the puppy. I'd seen him with a sad face by the broken bridge, looking down at the river below and I knew he had been tempted by a Coquette. I took pity on the poor thing; he was but a young pup with his whole life ahead of him. But I myself wasn't sure how to start a conversation so bluntly, as the already tempted puppies are very vulnerable. Having him already sitting so closely to the broken boards of the bridge, I didn't want to frighten him into jumping.

So I decided I would just walk up nonchalantly and ask how the day was. As I started towards him, a small Mothbee flew by. It buzzed around the pup's head, and at first he didn't notice. After a moment though, a sudden jolt of anger seemed to surge through him as the little guy snapped up and clamped his jaws around the belly of the Mothbee. He then shook his head violently, tearing at the small sinews of body before releasing it's corpse through the broken boards of the bridge into the river below.

This one had signs of a great Lawolf in him; jaw strength and reflexes like none I'd seen in a pup before. More than ever I felt I needed to save him from the Coquette. His energy gave me the courage I needed to help him.

Sitting down behind him quietly I leaned down on my front paws and stared at him. He was flicking his tongue at the remains that were caught in his teeth; with such a strange expression on his face it was hard for me to keep quiet. "Mothbees are quite the nuisance," I said, "too annoying not to kill but even more annoying when they're caught in your teeth."

A grumble was his response, but I saw a hint of a smirk. There was hope. We talked about everything but Coquettes that day. From the strange Mage who'd run around naked from time to time to which part of a Vagrant tasted better. We became friends in a short time, and I knew I'd gotten enough trust to try and free him from the Coquette's lure.