The Density of Lawolves: The Tale of a Stupid Puppy
Chapter Eight

. . .

"I…" he started, closing his eyes. I could tell he was lost, confused, and unsure of himself—he didn't know what to do, and I couldn't help him. I'd never intended to put him into a situation like this; I knew it would hurt him. But the Coquette had left me no choice; she had brought this pain upon him like she always did.

And now, because of her, he was to choose between a friend and a lover.

I left my head bowed and waited for the apology before the strike. I would gladly give myself to end his pain. Surely, she would love him then, and he would be happy.

But no apology came, nor a strike. Actually, something happened that I'd never expected to ever hear at a moment like that; the puppy started laughing. It started as a chuckle and seemed to ride up his belly into a full out laughter. He leaned against the wall of her den for support, eyes brimming with tears from laughing so hard.

The Coquette, however, looked confused as ever. She'd backed away to stare at him with arched eyebrows, chewing on her bottom lip. "What's so funny?" she hissed, obviously a little ticked at the scene.

"Y-you!" he managed before breaking into another fit, almost sliding entirely onto the floor.

"Puppy, are you alright?" I inquired, taking a step towards him.

The second he seemed to notice me step towards him his laughter came to an abrupt stop. He regained composure immediately and faced the Coquette.

"Sorry, but, you're hilarious," he said to her, straight faced and serious looking, with a stare that seemed to go right through her.

"Whatever do you mean, Wolfie?" she tried to coo, but with no avail. Something was different about the puppy. Something seemed to have snapped within him; something way past due.

"You!" he mocked, "You honestly looked like you believed I would attack her! That I would choose you over her." His back was towards me but I knew he would be smirking.

"You-you wouldn't?" she stammered, shocked by his words.

"Surely you don't think I believe someone who would have me choose between a lover and a friend would care for me at all, do you?"

My heart felt as if it had grown wings at the sound of his words. He wasn't as stupid as he looked after all!

"But, Wolfie… I was doing it for your own good. She's a horrid Lawolf who's putting ideas into your head! Your laughter should be proof enough. You're confused, my poor Wolfie, here," she walked up to him, slowly, attempting to nestle into him and soothe his invisible problems away. "I'll make you feel better," she said, leaning her head into his neck but found only air; the puppy had moved away from her.

"No," he stated coldly. "I'll not fall for your tricks any longer. My laughter was at my own stupidity for ever believing you cared," he sighed; I assume to gather the courage needed to express his next statement: "I loved you, but no longer."

I knew then that I had won—I'd freed the puppy from her lusty grasp and made her look like a fool. And the best part was she knew she'd been beaten. The look on her face was priceless at that moment. Open jawed and wide eyed—I would have killed for a picture of it.

And then the anger started to take over the shock, no Lawolf liked to lose, let alone a Coquette. "I'll kill you for this!" she hissed, arching her back and narrowing her brows to a deadly stare.

"Death threats, huh?" I inquired, taking a step towards her, making sure to show my fangs with each syllable. "I should believe the pack leaders would understand if I had to plead self defense…"

And with that she fled with her tail between her legs. She flew from her own den like a bat out of hell, knowing full well that I wasn't bluffing and that her 'Wolfie' wouldn't stop me this time should she provoke me further. And I couldn't help but laugh at the sight. I had won. I'd beaten the whore at her own mind games.

"So…" the puppy started, looking over at me with an amused glare, "what are we to do now?"

"Move on," I shrugged. "We'll find you a decent dame eventually."

"And if she returns?" he inquired further, half smiling, knowing full well what my response would be.

"I'll claw her eyes out," I grinned. "No one hurts my Puppy."