Hidden Within

Chapter One: Prologue

Jacob POV

Life was getting hard for me, literally and figuratively. I had imprinted, finally, but I imprinted on a baby girl. I loved Renesmee with all my heart—wanting to fulfill her every whim and childish desire, and I was truly happy to do so. But, damn it, I was also a sixteen-year-old, red-blooded teenager, and I had needs to take care of. I felt like I had a constant boner. And I had no one to relieve me, except myself.

Obviously, I never thought of Renesmee that way. She was my light and my life, but there were no sexual impulses in terms of her. Thank God. I had been scared at first, but those thoughts never entered my mind. When relieving the tension, I tried to help myself by thinking of the women I knew. Bella was over for me. Ever since she gave birth to Ness, she had absolutely zero pull for me. I had tried thinking of her a few times, but I always went soft, so I had given up after a while.

Next, I had tried thinking of Alice. She was cute and bubbly, but she was too much in the friend zone and, again, I'd deflate about halfway through my fantasies. Esme was a no go. As beautiful as she was, I never really had a mom figure in my life. That was what Esme had become to me, and the thought of beating off to her was just gross. Leah… forget about it. Ugh, the thought made me shudder.

That had left me with Rosalie. Thinking of her had worked for me. I hated her so much that my fantasies about her always involved me taking her forcefully—sometimes, against her will. While I had always cum that way, it disturbed me, so I tried not to do it much.

All I was left with was a hot, faceless body. It was a means to an end, but I was still beyond frustrated. My body was like a sparking live wire, and there wasn't much I could do about it until Nessie grew up, which would take years. I would probably end up spontaneously combusting…or choking on my backlog of semen. One way or the other, I was doomed.

I finished my shower, pulled on my cutoffs, and headed down to the Cullen living room. I pretty much lived here now, since it was so difficult to be apart from Renesmee. Yet another reason I was going to spontaneously combust. I constantly had to watch what I was thinking, lest Edward find out. I also had to take care not to feel lustful around Jasper. It had happened a few times and he'd teased me mercilessly, even intensified the feeling for me, which was really not cool. So, yeah, I was walking a tight rope.

Edward was in the living room, dancing in slow circles with Renesmee in his arms. He was singing her a lullaby to try to get her to fall asleep. It seemed to be working. I don't want to intrude, I thought to him. He shook his head and smiled, continuing his quiet song. Nessie's eyes were heavy, but she gave me a slight smile as well. I smiled back sweetly, blew her a kiss, and sat down on the couch, watching them. It was a really heart-warming picture. Edward was a great dad. He loved his girl so much. As I watched the two of them, my heart swelled.

Suddenly, I couldn't help but notice what Edward was wearing. He wore a tight, white wifebeater that looked a little too small for him. He wasn't as muscular as me, but his biceps were still really well defined, his arms lean and lithe. He wasn't much older than me when he had died, or whatever they wanted to call it, and he did look like a teenager, even though he was 90 or so. But he wasn't gangly or awkward-looking. He was really beautiful.

At that thought, his eyes connected with mine and he smiled, small and shy. Damn it. Of course he heard me comparing my arms to his and calling him beautiful. Stupid.

He turned so his back was toward me. I saw Ness had fallen asleep. Edward kept singing, probably to make sure she was deeply asleep, before putting her in her crib. My eyes raked down Edward's back to his pants. He had on these grey drawstring pajama pants that fit all too well. They clung to his ass like static - the curve of each cheek was really defined. Christ, even his ass was beautiful.

I gulped as an erection sprang to life, hard and heavy in the confines of my cutoffs. I was mildly horrified that I found Edward's ass arousing, but I couldn't tear my eyes away. He turned again to face me. I knew he could hear my thoughts, and I should have been embarrassed, but I couldn't look at his face or care what I was thinking when his bulge was staring me in the face. It was a pretty big bulge. Damn, my cock twitched.

Suddenly, Edward was gone. I guessed that he had gone upstairs to put Nessie down and probably to get away from my prying eyes and lustful thoughts. I sighed and leaned my head back against the couch. That was so wrong of me! I wasn't gay, was I? Why was my cock responding like that, and to Edward's body of all people? And the worst thing was, he knew. My mind was an idiot.

I was busy admonishing myself and trying to get my erection to fade, but I couldn't stop picturing Edward's arms, back, and ass behind my eyelids. I didn't even hear Edward return. He leaned over the back of the couch and whispered in my ear.

"Want to go for a hunt with me?"

Startled, I jumped a little. I regained a shred of composure, opened my eyes, and met his gaze. Alone? I thought.

He nodded once. Okay.

I followed him out the door, trying to keep my mind blank. I didn't want to imagine the possibilities—what this hunt really meant, what Edward wanted with me, what would happen—and have the thoughts picked from my brain. When we reached the tree line, I phased. We ran and ran, until we both smelled the herd of elk. Our instincts took over and we each took down a buck. As I tore into mine and started to eat, I watched him sucking his buck dry and easily reaching for another one. He bent over it to bite its neck, and the drawstring of his pants must have loosened a little with all the running. When he bent over, I could see the top of his hips and a peek at his crack. I couldn't help myself, I whined. If I had been in human form, it probably would have been a moan. Jesus, what was wrong with me?

Edward finished his doe and turned to me with a knowing look in his eye. He started to approach slowly. I rose from my mostly eaten buck and stared up at him through my wolf eyes.

Then he spoke. "Phase back."

I realized that in our haste to leave on the hunt I had forgotten to tie my cutoffs to my leg.

I have nothing to wear.

"That's okay. Nothing I haven't seen before."

True, I had phased in front of him a number of times, so yeah, he'd seen me naked before—briefly. But I had always pulled my cutoffs on really fast. And I never had a boner in front of him before.

He heard me thinking these things, of course. He smirked at the boner thought and looked me straight in the eye. Then he grasped his own crotch, making me look and focus on it. When I did, I saw he was at half-mast.

My God, was this really happening?