*quietly opens door and pokes head in*

Please, please stop throwing things at me. Yes, I am aware that I suck big ones. Do I now? Am I that horrible? I agree.

Alright, alright. Hello, lovelies. Hate me? You probably should. I know it has been so blasted long since I started writing this bloody story. Yet I assure you, it wasn't due to lazyiness. I was going through a rough bit, see. And though I would occasionally come and read your comments, reread what I wrote, I simply couldn't bring myself to type because I knew that whatever I wrote wouldn't be up to key, and after waiting so long, you wouldn't want the next chapter to be crud, would you?

I feel as if I owe you an explanation. You see, after about a week after my last chapter, I do believe, I met someone, and we started dating. It was a rather restrictive relationship, and they didn't approve of my fandoms... When it got abusive, I lost everything; big in trouble with my folks, they took my belongings, computer, phone, door, all of them. And even if I had them, I probably would not have updated. I simply couldn't put anything out. Although it's been four months since the end of that "relationship", I still can't talk about it. I hope you understand. I love you all dearly, and I haven't been neglecting you. The Batflash fandom needs more dedicated authors, and when I tried, I clearly failed.

Yet, I have plans to finish this story off, and maybe write more. I have some writings that I've done, which I will be uploading. The aren't in connection with this story, but I wasn't in the heart to touch this piece until I was a clear mind. Regards, with love.