This is what happenes when I have a major writers block, a video game console and an idea for a new series...xD! This is my first samurai warriors fic so give me a break if the characters are off (I've only played the first one so idk how Mitsu, and Kane act)

So! to tell characters apart!



~PeaceMaker~/Italic= Kanetsugu


Disclaimer: im only a fan ;)

Mitsunari dropped his new game into the open disc slot with a smile plastered on his face. He heard everyone talk about this game and it sounded like fun. Of course Left 4 Dead 2 is popular…even for a PC.

"Oh look! Mitsunari's gonna play the game with us!" A prompt Kanetsugu stated. He invited him to the game along with Keji and Masamune. Now they won't have to worry about any computers completely fucking the game up.

"Ew…I don't wanna play with girly man."

"Well too bad shrimp! I call dibs on Nick!"

"NO! I wanna play as Nick…"

"Fine! But I get Ellis!"

"Come on guys…It's just a bunch of characters…"

A few minutes later

"How did I end up as Rochelle?" After a long debate on who played what, they all finally made an agreement. Mitsunari got Nick, Masamune claimed Ellis, Keji got Coach…and you can see what Kanetsugu got. The only reason Kanetsugu agreed to this was if he got to choose the level.

"Now let's see…"

"Will you choose anytime today?"

"Shut up Masamune."

"Hard Rain? Is that difficult?"

"OMG! That's the best level! But not on easy Kanetsugu you noob! Let's make it Expert!"

"Nooooooo! Keji!" Too late…Without warning he set it on expert and hit start game before anyone even had the chance to change it back. Kanetsugu offered to change it to easy since this was Mitsunari's first time playing. But the damage has already been done. Mitsunari wasn't going to back down from a challenge. After explaining how to play, Masamune opened the door to the safe house and the game began.

"Ok..So we go this way…NO MASAUNE! Don't run towards the hunter!"

"Why not? You are such a pussy Kanetsugu I sw-AHHH."

AzureDragon was incapped by Hunter

~PeaceMaker~ killed Hunter

"That's why…Are you sure you've played this before?"

"Of c-course I have stupid. It's been while that's all."

"Hmm…what do you think Mitsunari?"

"I think my bull shit meter is going off the charts."


"If there really was a zombie apocalypse, which zombie would you be?" As usual Keji stops the fight by asking the right question to change the subject completely.

"I think Keji would be a Charger."

"Especially with those monster hugs you have. Those are considered tackles."

"Sweet! I think Masamune would be a hunter since those are really short!"

"No more like those head humpers."

"….You mean Jockeys?"

"That's what I said…head humpers."

"FUCK YOU MITSUNARI!...I think Mitsunari would be the bi-I mean witch(1)" Keji felt that another fight was going to brew from his two short yet evil friends. Thankfully they were talking on msg, so the best those two can do is spit insults at one another. Those two never stop bickering, especially over Yukimura. That was when a question popped in his head.

"What about Yukimura?"

"What about him?" Kanetsugu felt Mitsunari silence himself quickly at the mention of his name. Upon closer inspection you can notice a small tint of pink dashed on his cheeks. What was he embarrassed about?

"DUH KANETSUGU! Which zombie would he be…?"

"Boomer/Boomer/Boomer." Surprisingly all three said at the same exact time. That would be a big insult on Yukimura's behalf.

"I'M NOT FAT!" Everyone glanced at Mitsunari and speak of the devil. Yukimura was standing right behind the Tsundere. Even Mitsunari himself didn't see him come in.

"Great…now I have to get him to stop crying…brb."

DarkKing is now idle

"…So which for Sakon?"

"A tank most likely."

"Hey, you know I haven't been given a zombie yet."

DarkKing is no longer idle

"Welcome back Mitsu-Chan."

"I will ignore that."

"Wow that was fast…How did you get him to stop?"

"Easy…I gave him chocolate. He cheered up really fast."

"…Isn't that-

"I know…but you know he's an idiot so just let him go."

"Ok! We still need a zombie for Kanetsugu."

"That's easy."

"It is?"

"A spitter." Silence.

Cue ultimate laughter mode!

"What the hell Mitsunari…spitters are all FEMALE zombies."


"You know what…screw you guys."

"hehehe…OMG IT'S A TANK RUN!"


VagabondMeida startled the witch

Tank killed ~PeaceMaker~

Hunter killed AzureDragon

Witch killed VagabondMeida

Tank killed DarkKing

"…fuck this game."

And that's the end for chapter 1 xD! I intend to make it into a small series of LFD pranks and sillyness...And sorry if my comedy is really dry e.e...

(1) Bayonetta achievement titles FTW?