Disclaimer: I don't own the Kalix MacRinalch series, Martin Millar does and I bow down to his skill

Summary: Kalix is really playful as a werewolf and Daniel test his luck

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Thud, Thud Thud…Thud, Thud, Thud…Thud, thud, thud… Daniel wals down the stairs trying to figure out what the rhythmic thudding is to find Kalix in her werewolf form bouncing a tennis ball against the ceiling, wall and floor.

"Moonglow will be annoyed if you damage the ceiling or walls" says Daniel, Kalix turns to look at him "play with me, I'm bored, there's no Sabrina on tonight" pleads Kalix bouncing on the balls of her feet. Even after living with Kalix for so long Daniel is still surprised by how much her personality changes when she becomes a werewolf. He nods only to duck as Kalix tosses the ball at him. He picks it up and the two of them start playing catch in the little living room. Daniel tosses a particularly high ball, which sails over Kalix's head, she runs after it grabbing the ball in her mouth. She walks over and drops the ball at Daniels feet. Daniel tosses it again and watches Kalix run and fetch it before returning it to him.

"Daniel!" cries Moonglow "why are you playing fetch with Kalix?" Daniel stiffens as he turns to see a very very annoyed werewolf girl glaring at him.

"Its not what it looks like, its just a misunderstanding" he mumbles as Kalix advances on him.

Daniel learnt a very important lesson that day; werewolves really hate being treated like dogs or pets.

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Heya readers

This was inspired by a scene in lonely werewolf girl where Kalix was bouncing a tennis ball outside Moonglow and Daniel's apartment one night.

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